HIOC BBS is operated by Father Paul, S.S.B. (address E Mail to SysOp@reu.org or frpaul@reu.org), SysOp, in conjunction with Holy Innocents Orthodox Church, 25401 Lorin Wall Ra., Holden, Louisiana 70744, and The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil (The Basilian Fathers). Voice support at Holy Innocents rectory at (504) 298-3867. Please do not call the rectory for BBS voice support until you have tried all other remedies, including reading this entire Bulletin and all the Help files - and call between 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM for BBS assistance. Of course, if you need a priest, call right away.


This is a religiously oriented BBS, in conformity with The Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, (sometimes called The Holy Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church, The Orthodox Catholic Church, The Holy Orthodox Church of the East, etc.) Proper morality is expected, required, and demanded, at all times, but we do not guarantee it to our users - just that we will try our best to keep this BBS moral.

We can not be and will not be responsible for anything untoward which happens in any manner associated with use of this BBS.

We can be brutally frank and honest, but we do seek reunification of the Church, Orthodox and Roman, and all the others which have slipped away.


R E M E M B E R:

DO NOT upload commercial or copyrighted software.

DO NOT upload registered versions of Shareware Programs.

DO NOT upload or quote copyrighted material unless you have permission of the copyright holder, or unless you are quoting in a manner accepted by law.


FILE UPLOADS: We request all uploaded files (not messages or mail, but files) be uploaded archived, preferably using pkzip. If you do not have pkzip/pkunzip, it is available on HIOC BBS. Text files especially, MUST be uploaded archived with pkzip. This is to save hard drive space. If there is a text file you wish to upload, and are unable to use pkzip or an archiver on your computer (we have several people with older systems), please first check your system, for pkzip can be used on such systems. If it is impossible, leave a message to Sysop in Private E Mail (Conference 0) explaining your situation, and that the file has been uploaded uncompressed. We will then compress it and reload it if it is to remain in the files.


InterNet e-mail access is provided to those who upgrade beyond Visitor. It is very important that this privilege not be abused. Every message you send from our system carries the notation it is being sent from a system operated by The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil, and Holy Innocents Orthodox Church. We insist you NOT use our system to send unsolicited mail in mailing list format, or send e-mail to lists generated from other lists where the recipient(s) have not requested the mailing(s). Such activities border on "spamming", if they do not actually constitute "spamming", and we will not be party to transmitting of unwanted e-mail.

You may NOT solicit through our system, and are to avoid even the appearance of "spamming" through our system.

This does not mean you can not use our system to send e-mail to persons whom you do not know, nor does it mean you can not use it for mailing lists or for other, similar activities. Just use common sense.

When you upload more than 25 e-mail messages at one time, do not loggoff from the QWK door quickly. If you logoff too quickly, the e-mail is sent to the SMPT system too fast and the e-mail is not sent until the system is manually reset. The extra one or two seconds you wait in logging off properly saves us a lot of work, and also makes us inclined to continue to allow you to use our system.

If you ignore this request you will be locked out of the system.

Feel free to leave a message or a comment for the Sysop. An occasional pat on the back, or compliment is fine, but please also tell us about a problems with the BBS or matters which need attention.

YOUR NAME: You must use your real name on this BBS. However, Aliases are allowed, even required in Conference 230 FidoNet RECOVERY (12 Step Recovery from Alcoholism - substance abuse). If you need assistance in setting up an alias, please contact Fr. Paul in Conference 0 since it is the most secure conference we have on the board.

When entering your name, use periods (or commas) in your name if appropriate. If the programs (usually InterNet e-mail) have problems with the name punctuation, we will try to work it out.

This system is set up to handle persons with the same name by asking what City they are from. Hopefully, we will not have too many people with the same name from the same area.

YOUR PASSWORD: Pick one you can and will remember. Write it down somewhere. Often your communications software will have a place for you to enter your password, but remember if others can find and use your password, and do in conjunction with your name, they will be deemed as being you, and anything they enter will be considered as you entering it, anything they order will be considered as you ordering it. We very strongly suggest you use a combination of letters and numbers in your password, and that you use at least a five place entry password (don't use password - that is one of the first things hackers use when they try to break your code).



New users to HIOC BBS are called VISITORS. You were presented with a brief questionnaire as you logged on for the first time. You have restricted privileges. You may logon for an hour each day, you can read messages in most of the local conferences, and have some access to ReunionNetwork (ReunionNet, ReuNet). You have access to the conferences or echoes which we carry which originate outside of our own network system (i.e.: FidoNet echoes).

You also have access to the most of the public files we carry.

You _may_ be deleted from the users list after approximately 30 days if you do not upgrade your user status (this is an "iffy" situation/desicion). You do not have access to Netmail or e-mail.


FULLUSER status on HIOC BBS is classed as PUBLIC: If you wish to be upgraded to PUBLIC status, you must complete the questionnaire in the main menu and leave a message to the Sysop in the Private BBS Mail conference (Conference 0) requesting upgrade in status and agreeing to the terms of the User Agreement in BULLETIN 1. You _DO NOT_ have to download BULLETIN 1 and _DO NOT_ have to sign the agreement on paper.

If you do not know how to leave a message to SysOp, read on.

PUBLIC user status, like VISITOR status, gives you access to most of the files and conferences which originate on HIOC BBS, with the addition of access to e-mail and Netmail. Your time online is one hour per day. You also have access to most of the conferences or echoes which we carry which do not originate within our own network system (i.e.: you DO have access to most of the FidoNet echoes we carry).

Your PUBLIC user status _may_ expire after approximately six months to one year of non use (another one of those "iffy" situation).

PARISHIONER is the next upgrade in status. It is reserved for Parishioners of Holy Innocents Orthodox Church, and Orthodox Laity and Priests. PARISHIONERS have access to all of the file areas and conference areas on HIOC BBS, except those used for administrative purposes, plus access to FidoNet Netmail and to InterNet uucp e-mail. Their access time is increased to one hour per day, meaning they can log on to the BBS as often as they desire each day but the total cumulative daily time can not exceed one hour. They also have access to some additional conferences or echoes which we carry which originate within of our own network system (i.e.: PARISHIONERS have access to virtually all of the echoes we carry).

The remaining user classifications are tied to Church administration and inter Jurisdictional matters.


Go to the Main Menu, type the letter Q to enter the questionnaire section, complete the questionnaire, then when completed (follow the instructions - it helps) go back to Main Menu. From Main Menu change to Message Menu. You do this by typing M from the Main Menu. If you have gotten into another menu section, READ the menu to ascertain the proper command to enter the message menu. Once in the Message Menu, press the letter J to join a conference. You will see the following

Join conference [0-12], [L]ist, [H]elp? [ ]

enter 0

and the screen will tell you

Changed conference to INTERNET PRIVATE E MAIL.

Press [ENTER] to continue.

so go ahead and press ENTER. Look at the menu on the left. One of

the commands is

E Enter New Msg

Go ahead and press E. The command will say

Enter conf, [L]ist, or [ENTER] = "PRIVATE E MAIL"? [ ]

Press enter

The command will ask you who you want to enter a message to, just put in Sysop, and follow the remainder of the instructions. In this message ask the Sysop to upgrade you to Full User.

If you are new to using BBS's you will note a tendency to compress words in this form of communication. As a result, words such as new user are often written newuser, log on as logon, etc.


Fee free to look around, make suggestions, enter into conversations and discussions, but try to use common sense. If there is an echo you wish to follow which comes from another system or network, we probably will try to obtain it for you. We have been nodes and HUBs with many different networks, carried many different mailing lists and newsgroups, and decided most of them were not worth carrying and the few which were worth while did not justify the expense of obtaining them. We regretted disassociating ourselves from some of the Networks, but it had to be done.

Anything you post on HIOC BBS may be reprinted in REUNION (a paper print Church publication). You will be given credit for such works, but no compensation. If you do not agree to this, then do not post here. That is simple.

Messages / New Mail: If you have new mail you will be notified at logon.

Do not type everything in upper case. It is considered shouting, and it hurts my eyes.

All programs and file uploads (other than messages) are made into the upload file area (check the files menu). Do not upload pirated software. Every user is responsible for what he uploads, so know what you are doing, know what you are uploading. A log is kept of who uploads what.

Neither HIOC nor the SysOp nor anyone associated with HIOC BBS is responsible for viruses, Trojan programs, etc., nor is there any guarantee of any type from HIOC BBS, any Sysop, or anyone associated therewith, regarding any program on this BBS. You upload and download at your own risk. We have some virus checkers available as Shareware in the Files, which you may find of assistance, and various virus checkers may have come with your equipment. We also have virus detection programs in operation for all file uploads - but remember no virus checking program is perfect and skuzz-bucket programers who like to harm people are all over the place.

If you are seeing everything twice, turn off Echo or Local Echo in your communications program.

Commercial messages and advertisements are NOT allowed unless posted by someone for themselves and that person MUST be at user status PUBLIC or greater. Visitors are not allowed to post advertisements of any nature. Look at the various conference rules to determine where this IS allowed as well as appropriate. No guarantee or warranty is made or to be inferred from the fact that something is advertised on HIOC. There is no fee for the permitted advertising.

Illegal activity is not allowed. Anyone who is found to have engaged in illegal activity may just find the BBS logs and any other material on hand have been turned over to what we deem to be the proper authorities - probably the police or someone like them.


There are no fees for use of HIOC BBS. However, if by your use or abuse of this system, we incur expense of any kind, such expense, with an override of up to 100%, may be charged or back charged to the one(s) who caused the expense to be incurred.


If you wish to make a donation to assist with the operations of HIOC BBS, you may send it to:

Holy Innocents Orthodox Church
25401 Lorin Wall Road
Holden, Louisiana 70744
(Voice phone 504 298-3867)

Donations are tax deductible, Holy Innocents being under the 501(c)(3) status of The Orthodox Catholic Diocese of Louisiana, Employer Identification Number for the Diocese being 58-1914238.


If the phone line you are using to call this BBS has the "Call Waiting" feature, then disable it when calling. (Put "*70," or "1170," immediately in front of the phone number or add it to your dialing prefix.)

You have access to this BBS solely at the pleasure of the SysOp.


All information obtained from this BBS is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and that the entire risk of acting on information obtained from this BBS, including the entire costs of all necessary remedies, is with those who choose to act on such information and not the Sysop of this BBS, Holy Innocents Orthodox Church, or any person or entity associated therewith.

Furthermore, all messages and files sent to this BBS are to be considered public, even though the user may mark them private, as there is no guarantee of continued privacy due to human error, human frailty, system failure, or other cause.


In consideration for the privilege of having access to HIOC BBS, you hereby release HIOC BBS and it's operator(s), and Holy Innocents Orthodox Church, the Sysop(s), and all associated therewith, whether real or legal persons, or otherwise, from any and all claims of any nature arising from the use of this bulletin board system.

The operator(s) of HIOC BBS does not warrant that any function of this system will meet your specific expectations, nor that it will be free of errors, nor shall HIOC BBS and/or it's operators, or Holy Innocents Orthodox Church, or anyone associated therewith, be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, loss of data, information, or profits sustained or incurred with the use, operation, or inability to use this system.

All users who enter a name into this system do hereby consent to be bound by the terms contained herein and assume all risks of whatever nature or kind that may arise through the use hereof and agree to hold harmless the System Operator, his associates, and all associated with HIOC BBS in any manner, for any and all activities regarding the use of this Electronic Bulletin Board System, including but not limited to as is defined under the Public Laws of the USA.

The System Operator (SysOp or Sysop), and those associated with this BBS shall NOT be responsible for the content of this Bulletin Board System. The views expressed within this board are those of the Registered Users and are NOT necessarily that of the System Operator, his associates or the organizations he represents.

Users of this BBS acknowledge that if they choose to use this BBS they do so voluntarily and at their own risk. Users may be removed from the system at anytime if in the SysOp's opinion the user has in any way abused the bulletin board. All users who register agree to keep abreast of any additional rules as they may arise.

Further, every user explicitly acknowledges that all information obtained from HIOC BBS is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and that the entire risk of acting on information obtained from HIOC BBS, including the entire costs of all necessary remedies, is with those who choose to act on such information and not the operator of HIOC BBS or anyone associated therewith.


Despite the use of sender/receiver security on the message system, there are no FOOLPROOF facilities provided by this system for sending or receiving private or confidential electronic communications! Under certain circumstances ALL messages could be made readily accessible to the general public. DO NOT use this system for ANY communication which is truly confidential!


There is No Guarantee of Privacy within this system and all communications are subject to review and possible censorship by the System Operator.

Pursuant to the Electronic and Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (18 USC 2510 et. seq.), notice is hereby given that there are no secure facilities provided by this system for sending or receiving private or confidential electronic communications!! ALL messages shall be deemed to be readily accessible to the general public! DO NOT use this system for ANY communication for which the sender intends only the sender and the intended recipient(s) to read! At the very least, the operators of this system can and often do review all communications transmitted herein!


A "virus" is a computer program which is deliberately engineered to corrupt or hinder operations of a computer system. Such malicious programs are occasionally written for unknown purposes. The criminal codes of virtually all states specifically prohibit the creation or distribution of malicious computer programs.

HIOC BBS's system is designed to examine all files prior to their posting for access and download by use of various methods. Although we believe these methods are accepted within the expertise of the computer community, it is possible that despite the proper use of the techniques described above that a program which contains malicious code may escape detection. Users are encouraged to make regular back ups and use such virus detection software as they may feel is appropriate.

Normally, programs are contributed by users. Accordingly, programs are not "beta tested" and the description, which is normally provided by the person contributing the file, may be inaccurate. Accordingly, programs fail to operate due to hardware/software interaction or programming decisions (sometimes known as "bugs.")

HIOC BBS will not willfully distribute viruses or other malicious programs, and will attempt to report to proper authority users who attempt to do so. If a user of this system believes that a file which they obtained through this system is a virus or malicious program, a private message to the SYSOP should be left as soon as possible. If any program is proven to contain malicious code or a virus, it will be deleted from the system.



We actively encourage and promote the free exchange and discussion of information, ideas and opinions, except when the content is immoral, would compromise the national security of the United States; violate proprietary rights, personal privacy, or applicable state/federal/local laws and regulations affecting telecommunications; or constitute a crime or libel.

Pirated software found on this system will be promptly deleted, and the user uploading such software will be removed and locked out from the system.

Please feel free to upload files that you think are relevant...however, please do not upload any games or other programs that are not in the public domain, shareware programs, or demo programs, and please do not upload any bloody, violent, dirty, pornographic, licentious, smut or games.

Our file compression method is Phil Katz's ZIP using PKZ204G.EXE, which can be downloaded from the file area for Archivers. Uploads are accepted archived using many of the popular archiving utilities. We are in the process of programing to then have the non ZIP files transformed to the ZIP format (we probably will be using the TranScan v4.07 virus scanning and archive transforming utility).

Of necessity, support for computers other than IBM or IBM clones is limited. We will accommodate users to the extent that our resources allow in providing compatible formats for information exchange. Anyone wishing to upload files and programs for computers other than IBM compatibles is welcome to do so. Please leave the SYSOP a message about the file, and I will create a file area for programs for that type of computer.

Vulgar language in the message base is cause for immediate termination of all access to this system. Remember that the use of obscene language over the phone system may be illegal, but moreover, it is immoral, and we will not put up with that kind of garbage.

The operator(s) reserves the right to terminate this service for any reason deemed reasonable without notice or obligation to the users of this system. This system is maintained on a regular basis and may be "off-line" at any time for maintenance - advance notice is NOT always provided!

Please don't ask questions about the operation of this system until you have read all the available information given in the help files and bulletins. There are a significant number of help files on this system. Use some common sense when you ask your questions. The person who said "There's no such thing as a stupid question" must never have operated a BBS. However, if you have any questions which are not covered in the help menus, OR WHICH YOU CAN NOT FIGURE OUT, please leave me a message, and I'll get you an answer as soon as I can. If you feel the need to ask a question, then I won't consider it stupid - I promise!

Don't page the Sysop unless you really have some clear cut notion of what you want to say and why. Due to constraints on my time, I am unable to answer pages quite a bit of the time, however, I will try to have the page function active whenever I am within earshot of the computer. The SysOp is more than happy to answer questions or offer help concerning this system but would rather do it in a message. If you have a question or statement to make and expect the Sysop to respond to it, it should be addressed as a comment.

However, paging the sysop is permitted for the purpose of chatting (so I like to "talk", and lots of you are very interesting to talk with.)

Observe the time limit. Don't tie up a system until the point where the Sysop has to ask you to log off - remember, there are other callers trying to get on the board. Especially don't make a lot of transfers of large files during the busiest hours for the board you're using. All users may use their entire daily time limit in one call if they so desire, and in fact, that may be necessary to download some of the larger files available on the BBS.

If you need additional time to up or down load a file or program, leave the Sysop a message in Private E Mail, and he will make those arrangements with you.

If you wish to 'experiment' or 'learn ' the system, do so at hours that are outside of the peak activity on the board. You can check the Bulletins for the times the board is normally very active. The least busy time is usually between 2 am and 5 am Wednesdays.

If you are sending long messages, or a large number of messages, please do so by using an offline mail reader such as BlueWave, Offline Express by MSI, P-QWK, etc., and then making use of the wcMAIL (TomCat) Mail Door. This will allow you more time to use other areas of the BBS and this will be easier for you as well as saving a lot of time typing online to the BBS.

When leaving messages, stop and ask yourself whether it is necessary to make it a private message. Unless there is some particular reason that everyone shouldn't know what you're saying, don't make it private. As much as possible, please make your mail 'public' (having no security). In this way other people will be able to 'participate' in your conversations, and perhaps give valuable input or opinion. It's very irritating to other callers when there are huge blank spots in the messages that they can't read and it stifles interaction between callers.

Don't go out of your way to make rude observations like "Gee, this system is slow". Every BBS is a tradeoff of features. Constructive criticism is more than welcome. If you have an alternative method that seems to make good sense then tell it to the SysOp.

Pay attention to what passes in front of your eyes. For example, when the BBS displays your name and asks "Is this you?", don't say yes when it is obviously misspelled!

Please, don't do dumb things like leave yourself a message that says "Just testing to see if this thing works". Also, don't leave whiney messages that say "Please leave me a message". If ever there was a person to ignore, it's the one who begs someone to leave him a message. If you want to get messages, start by reading the ones that are already online and getting involved in the conversations that exist, or leave a new message about some topic to start a new conversation.

Remember that you are a guest on this BBS. Don't think that using this system is one of your basic human rights. Every person that has ever put a computer system online for the use of other people has invested a lot of time and money in it. While we don't expect non-stop pats on the back, we at least expect fair and decent treatment from our callers.

Don't habitually hang up on the system without logging off. Use the G (goodbye) command. Every Sysop is aware that accidental disconnects happen once in a while but we get annoyed with people who hang up every time they call. "Call Waiting" is not an acceptable excuse anymore. If you have it and intend to use the line to call BBS systems, you should either have it disconnected or find some way to disable it. Some file transfer programs will hang up without logging off after the transfer is complete. This is OK, and the Wildcat! software takes this in stride. I do not worry about hang-ups, but the BBS takes longer to reset if you just hang up on it, so I prefer if you use the[G]oodbye command instead of just hanging up.

In summary, be polite, be courteous, be patient, and be good. In return, we will do our best to serve you. Follow the Ten Commandments and the Two Great Commandments, and forgive the Dodos that mess things up, whether on purpose, out of ignorance, or out of discourtesy.

God Bless,

Fr. Paul, S.S.B. Sysop

19 September 2011 A.D.