(This is a page of links to various photographs of Saint Joseph's and the facilities founded by Archbishop Andres Geron, S.S.B. We will add text files and additional explanatory material at a later date.)

Guatemala March 2006 A.D., Consecration of Bishop Fernando Castellanos, and visits to numerous Parishes, congregations, Myan ruins, and aviaries.
Four rolls of film (February, 2000 A.D.), and only these pictures were of quality sufficient to use - a new camers has been obtained.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture, and on the links at the end very large pictures

Archbishop Andres, S.S.B., in New Orleans for consecration of Metropolitan Archbishop Paul, S.S.B. larger pix

Walter and Archbishop Andres, at the Guatemala airport - as young men they were brothers in the same order, went through severe hardships taking care of the people of Guatemala, and until February, 2000, had not seen each other in about 20 years. larger pix

The new Church at Saint Joseph's. larger pix

The old Church at Saint Josephs. larger pix

This is a view of the rear of the old church, with the new church in the frame at the back left. One of the children is on the right. larger pix

This is the Seminary house, Archbishop Andres' residence and that of some of the Priests and Seminarians. larger pix

The "front porch" - patio of the house. A place to gather in the morning and evening, and where one can sit, pray, read, and contemplate. larger pix

The old school buildings on main grounds of the Seminary. No HV/AC, chalkboards are black paint on a plaster wall, as is the school and most of the the faclities. There is a greater interest in learning and service, than there is in creature comforts. The main house is behind the school, and the old and new Church buildings are to the left rear of the photographer. larger pix

This is a view of the grounds - the drive which passes the Seminary house and goes past the sisters residence and the staff housing on to the farm area. There is a beautiful stream down the road, but the pix did not come out. Next time!. larger pix

This is the road which is between the Seminary house and the Church. Church is on the left, house on the right, old seminary and school buildings on the right (all being mostly out of the frame). larger pix

One of the parish churches and its interior. larger exterior pix and larger interior pix

Another parish church. larger pix The "you know whos" are buinding a new church virtually around the corner, but as of the year 2000 A.S. they still have not created even one farm. In 1998-1998 A.D., Archbishop Andres, S.S.B., amassed enough good land for between 800 and 1,000 farms, and then gave the land to the poor for farms - no strings attached. These are good farms, large enough to provide for large, extended families, with a surplus for commerce.

The new Church [ extrerior and ] interior, the "you know whos" are building. larger exterior pix and interior pix

The school; to the right are service buildings. The buildings in the foreground are classrooms - open walled and filled with children learning, and in the background to the right are some administration buildings. The grounds are most beautiful - the building hidden in the background the length of both pictures is a series of classrooms on the grounds opposite the open walled class rooms. This is a closeup of the line of open walled "service" building. There even is a sign designating the School, and an official government plaque. On the opposite side of the school grounds is a building similar to the old school building on the main seminary grounds - this is the building hidden in the prior pictures. No utilities, blackboard is black paint on the wall, and the students learn and live Christ's Love. Larger, more detailed pictures, in order pix1 pix2 pix3 pix4 pix5 pix6 pix7 pix8

+ Paul's Guatemalan Guardian Angel, who the Sisters nicknamed El Diablo [because he is 100% eight year old boy]. On the stage platform erected for the ordinatioin liturgy in February, 2000 A.D. larger solo pix and on stage pix


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