Volume 10 No. 4 OF THE CHURCH OF MAN WITH GOD November 1, 2000 A.D.

Why Is It That Pro-Abortionists are not Concerned About Gore's former Pro-Life Position
Morality of Al Gore and The Union Label
Major Drug Companies Are Stealing Patents On Natural Cures and Medicines
Prostitution of the Presidency
Children's Pages
How A Misleading Sermon, Writing or Other Teaching Must Result in Error in Dogma - in Truth
Apocalypse Ch 18, Is This The United States of America?
Seeking Knowledge Versus Presumption
Purgatory and Prostitutes
Sin Corrupts Man and All of Nature
Our Task And Our Struggle (constant spiritual exercise is the only means of obtaining spiritual strength)
Letters (none) (should be sent to Metropolitan Archbishop Paul, S.S.B. at <abp@reu.org>)
Remember the Dead
The Simple And True Reasons for Being Good are in God, Not in History
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Russian Tax Police Invade Jesuit Inigo Center in Novosibirsk

Russia Church's Rift With Pope
Vertically Challenged Red Riding Hood
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From + Paul, S.S.B.
To the flock entrusted into my care:
Tradition and Love have directed the Christian community, the Communion of Saints on Earth, to pray for the dead, especially at this time of the Liturgical year. All Souls Day, and All Saints Day have special meanings for those who live in the tradition of the Church, for these are days upon which we pray for our dead, and upon which we honor those who have been purified and now reside with Our Lord in eternal happiness.
This year we urge you to remember those babies who have been killed in abortion, for while many of us think of them as martyrs for Our Lord, we also know they have died without the Sacrament of Baptism, and may need our prayers to assist them in what ever it is Our Lord may request of them.
We should also pray for those who have killed their own souls, particularly those who have done so through obtaining, performing, permitting, promoting, endorsing, or allowing abortion.
When you visit the grave sites of your loved ones, remember those little ones who have died, who have no grave sites, and who have no one else to mourn for them.
+ Paul, S.S.B. return to contents
This story was sent to us as something which we might wish to include or otherwise use in REUNION - particularly in the Children's Pages. It is a very nice story, but as you will see, it has serious flaws which teach serious error, and one who believes a thing false to be truth and who attempts to act on the truth will ace falsely.
The Story:
There once was a man named George Thomas, a pastor in a small New England town. One Easter Sunday morning he came to the Church carrying a rusty, bent, old bird cage, and set it by the pulpit. Several eyebrows were raised and, as if in response, Pastor Thomas began to speak...
"I was walking through town yesterday when I saw a young boy coming toward me swinging this bird cage. On the bottom of the cage were three little wild birds, shivering with cold and fright. I stopped the lad and asked, 'What you got there son?'
"Just some old birds," came the reply.
"What are you gonna do with them?" I asked.
"Take 'em home and have fun with 'em," he answered. "I'm gonna tease'em and pull out their feathers to make 'em fight. I'm gonna have a real good time."
"But you'll get tired of those birds sooner or later. What will you do?"
"Oh, I got some cats," said the little boy. "They like birds. I 'll take'em to them."
The pastor was silent for a moment. "How much do you want for those birds, son?"
"Huh?? !!! Why, you don't want them birds, mister. They're just plain old field birds. They don't sing - they ain't even pretty!"
"How much?" the pastor asked again. The boy sized up the pastor as if he were crazy and said,
The pastor reached in his pocket and took out a ten dollar bill. He placed it in the boy's hand. In a flash, the boy was gone. The pastor picked up the cage and gently carried it to the end of the alley where there was a tree and a grassy spot. Setting the cage down, he opened the door, and by softly tapping the bars persuaded the birds out, setting them free. Well, that explained the empty bird cage on the pulpit, and then the pastor began to tell this story...
One day Satan and Jesus were having a conversation. Satan had just come from the Garden of Eden, and he was gloating and boasting.
"Yes, sir, I just caught the world full of people down there. Set me a trap, used bait I knew they couldn't resist. Got 'em all!"
"What are you going to do with them?" Jesus asked.
Satan replied, "Oh, I'm gonna have fun! I'm gonna teach them how to marry and divorce each other, how to hate and abuse each other, how to drink and smoke and curse. I'm gonna teach them how to invent guns and bombs and kill each other. I'm really gonna have fun!"
"And what will you do when you get done with them?" Jesus asked.
"Oh, I'll kill 'em," Satan glared proudly.
"How much do you want for them?" Jesus asked.
"Oh, you don't want those people. They ain't no good. Why, you'll take them and they'll just hate you. They'll spit on you, curse you and kill you!! You don't want those people!!"
"How much?" He asked again.
Satan looked at Jesus and sneered, "All your tears, and all your blood."
Jesus said, "DONE!" Then He paid the price.
The pastor picked up the cage he opened the door and he walked from the pulpit.
Isn't it funny how simple it is for people to trash God and then wonder why the world's going to hell. Isn't it funny how someone can say "I believe in God" but still follow Satan (who, by the way, also "believes" in God). Isn't it funny how you can send a thousand jokes through e-mail and they spread like wildfire, but when you start sending messages regarding the Lord, people think twice about sharing. Isn't it funny how when you go to forward this message, you will not send it to many on your address list because you're not sure what they believe, or what they will think of you for sending it to them. Isn't it funny how I can be more worried about what other people think of me than what God thinks of me.
There is only one, tiny, little bitty problem with this story - it is totally, completely, without exception or redeeming characteristic, dogmatically incorrect.
It feels nice, looks nice, but is nothing more than a somewhat successful attempt by Satan to appear to be more important.
Christ did not shed one tear, one drop of blood, for anything other than to make atonement to the Father, and thereby make it possible for us to have an eternal relationship living in God. He did not shed one tear, one drop of blood, to "rescue" us from Satan, and the proof of that is in His kicking down the doors of Hell after His death and before His resurrection, and at that time making Satan bow to Him in every manner possible.
It was not a rescue, it was a sacrifice of atonement, reparation, and opening of the potential for relationship with the Father.
There is a multitude of, presumably, well meaning "preachers" who teach this kind of drivel in their protestations. Protestations? Yes, protestations - for they protest against the truth.
In teaching through the "feel good" method, and in teaching in a manner which does not require thought, but rather teaches as though it were a "forced feeding" process, these preachers "feed" unwholesome food. They "feed" that which does not nourish, but, rather, that which poisons, that which depletes what little spiritual nourishment remains, and opens the spirit to disease and weakness, - to sin.
Spiritual teaching and learning require the same process as any other teaching and learning process. There must be a basis, a foundation, upon which the subject is founded. Absolutes must be ascertained, defined so-as-to provide a common reference, and maintained not for their own sake but for the sake of truth. The foundations must be taught by the teacher and learned by the student. This requires the teacher learn the foundations prior to teaching - and while the teacher can learn the foundation self taught, such a teacher can not be sure of his foundation until he has been tested.
That which is taught and the methods of teaching must constantly be compared with those models which are known to be accurate, and if they do not meet the standards, they must be abandoned before being used to teach.
Union with or separation from God will be a union or separation of the entire individual human - including intellect, as well as emotion. Teaching also must include the intellectual, for without the intellectual there is only the animalistic response to stimuli.
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Al Gore said his Mom would sing "Look For The Union Label" to him as a lullaby. That song was created for The Women's Garment Worker's Union (not sure if the name is 100% correct), when Al Gore was about 27 years of age.
We must therefore presume that all Al Gore supporters, and those who vote for him, believe that when Gore was age 27 years, his Mom would go to his house every night, pick him up and put him into a 6' 2" long cradle, tuck his "binkey blankey" around his "wittle" chin, and softly sing, "Look f_o_r, the union label . . ." as Gore slowly drifted off to sleep. Wonder what Tipper tought of this.
It seems more likely that anyone who sang The Women's Garment Worker's Union song around ANY Gore household, would be summarily tossed out onto the street for subversive activities contrary to the best interests of the Libertine Elite.
Those able to vote have a moral obligation to vote and to vote in a moral manner. Voting for a candidate who can not even get his lies straight does not seem to be a moral manner in which to exercise the vote. Gore is not even good at lying.

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In the innate evil of the murder of children, and those who support this revolting evil, is the source of lack of concern. On June 26, 1984, Al Gore voted for the Siljander Amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which stated "For the purpose of this Act, the term person shall include unborn children from the moment of conception." Since entering the national stage Gore has denied making this vote, and has denied the Siljander Amendment would have established "personhood" for unborn children.
Why does this not bother abortionists? Because abortionists are innately evil, and pro-abolitionists are innately evil, and those who support the "right" to chose weather or not a woman will kill her unborn child support an innately evil position and innately evil action and therefore have made innate evil a part of themselves (and have become innately evil), and innately evil people revel in new acquisitions to the eternal damnation in hell which they themselves will receive as their reward.
In the very fact that Gore continues to lie about his former position on abortion, the abortionists find great joy, for Gore's lie about his former position is a sin, and meshes very well with the sinful corruption of the soul of those who wish to kill the unborn. Sin loves company, just as virtue loves company; each desiring the company of that which is like unto itself. So, the more Gore lies, the more the murderers like him, because there is more sin for them to experience.

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+ Paul, S.S.B.
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+ The Basilians - The Basilian Fathers +

(The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil)
Most Rev. Andres Giron, S.S.B.
Parcela # B 105, Calle del Banco
Nueva Concepcion, Escuintla
Guatemala CA
Archbishop Andres has established a Seminary, regular schools, convents, and in 1998-99 alone, created between 800 and 1,000 family farms which support the extended family.
The family farms Archbishop Andres created are not "share cropper" farms - Archbishop Andres fully turned each farm over to the people who live on them.
You never have to wonder if your charitable donations are being properly used. You can SEE their use.
Archbishop Andres has been the one of the leaders of those who seek moral treatment of the Mayan People in Guatemala, even leading a march seeking promise the Mayans will no longer be killed at whim. For this Guatemalans call him "The Martin Luther King of Guatemala".

Your assistance is desperately needed for these good works to continue.
Saint Basil Orthodox Church
Very Rev. Fr. James (George Bowles), S.S.B.
512 A Sydney Road
Coburg, Melburn 3058

Archpriest James has been the leader of all the religious communities in Melburn, in providing food and the necessities of life to the poor. He established the first food kitchen, and operates on a "shoe string budget" that should make most Americans ashamed of purchasing an extra order of French fries.
Holy Innocents Orthodox Church
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The Church (Chapel) is usually open from 9:00 AM to Noon Sundays, 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday - Friday, as schedules permit, closed Saturdays except for special occasions like weddings. Saturday Vespers are usually at St. Mary Madgalene.
These schedules are kept unless something extraordinary occurs. Last minute notices are posted on the marque by the front door.
9:30 AM - 9:45 AM, Confessions
9:45 AM Prothesis
10:00 AM Divine Liturgy (Mass)
Western Rite
11:00 AM - Noon, Coffee - Fellowship Hour
All who have been Baptized and Chrismated (Confirmed) are encouraged to receive The Eucharist (Holy Communion).
Weekday Divine Liturgy is at 8:00 AM. Some days we do not have weekday Divine Liturgy due to scheduling problems. Check the Bulletin
When we have weekday Divine Liturgy, Confessions are available immediately before Divine Liturgy, from 7:30 AM - 7:45 AM.
There is no socializing after weekday Divine Liturgy. Social telephone calls should be limited to between 6:30 PM and 8:30 PM.
Copies of Holy Innocents weekly parish bulletin can be FAXed to you (local calls only). Just send us a FAX request. You can also obtain a copy on HIOC BBS or at the chapel, or on our web site.
Holy Innocents is a Western Rite Orthodox Church affiliated with The Orthodox Catholic Archdiocese of Louisiana, and the Archdiocese of Orleans, of the Orthodox Catholic Church of the Americas operated by the Basilian Fathers. Its lineage is Russian Orthodox, and Eastern Rite Liturgy is observed in special schedules as an accommodation.
Most Rev. John (John J. Lehman), S.S.B., (Retired)
Most Rev. Paul (Lee S. McColloster), S.S.B., Metropolitan Archbishop of Orleans.
Baptisms and Chrismation (Confirmat-ion) may be scheduled two or more weeks in advance, for children and adults who have never received these Sacraments, and who desire to join the Church.
Reception of Converts, for those who have been Baptized and Confirmed in another Jurisdiction of The Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, may be scheduled two or more weeks in advance.
Holy Matrimony should be scheduled at least three months in advance, but may be arranged in less time depending on the circumstances. We are not a marriage mill, and will not marry just anyone - interviews are required for those with whom we are not very familiar.
Absolution/Confession, is available from 9:30 AM to 9:45 AM, Sundays, and on request at virtually all times.
Anointing of the Sick (Extreme Unction, Holy Anointing) is available after Sunday Divine Liturgy, and with visitation of the sick, is available on request. Please notify us if you, family, or a friend, become ill, are hospitalized, or desire a visit. You need not be ill to request a visit.
Blessing of a Home is usually done on the Feast of The Epiphany (January 6), or when a family moves into a new home. It should be scheduled a week or
so in advance. The house need not be all "in order".
St. Mary Magdalene Orthodox Church
125 Hartsie Drive - 150 Angell Lane
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St. Mary Madgalene has its own BBS. the selection of "non-religious" and more general files is greater on STMM BBS than on HIOC BBS.

Holy Innocents hosts a retreat on the first Saturday of each month, at St. Mary Magdalene. This is an "open" retreat, without the 'rule of silence'. Grounds open at 9 AM, Divine Liturgy is at 11:15 AM, grounds close between 1 PM and 4 PM. Bring your own food, though chicken noodle soup and coffee are provided.
St. Mary Magdalene is primarily a retreat house. Anyone wishing to conduct or participate in a one day retreat for a group or an individual should call either St. Mary Magdalene, Holy Innocents to schedule. We encourage everyone to go on a retreat at least once each year - more often if possible. Talks on various special subjects can be arranged for groups in retreat, and those on private retreat will be left alone as they desire. Overnight retreats are available with "dormitory style" facilities.
Directions: Take I-10 East through Slidell. Cross the Louisiana - Mississippi State line; pass up the truck scales and take the first exit after the truck scales. This is the scenic route to the beaches. (Some people call this the Hwy. 90 exit.) Stay on the highway, pass (and curse) the gambling casino exit until you arrive in Waveland (about 17 miles from I-10). Turn right at the first traffic light, go down the road towards the beach, cross over the rail road tracks and turn left on Central Ave. which is the first road over the rail road tracks. Stay on central until you reach Coleman Ave., which is located at the first stop sign you will come to. Turn right on Coleman and you will see the beach road ahead. Turn right on Beach Road., go two blocks to Hartsie, turn right on Hartsie, travel 550 feet until the bend in the road. St. Mary Magdalene is on the left.
Or, I-10 to Miss Hwy 603 (43), also known as Kiln Rd.., then South on Hwy 603 (43) (Kiln Rd.), cross over U. S. Hwy. 90 [Hwy 603 (43) changes its name to Nicholson Ave.], to the Beach, right on Beach Road, pass Coleman Ave., and proceed as above.
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Modern medicine regularly engages in the practice of using naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants and mineral deposits to formulate drugs used to treat various medical ailments.

The past two decades have also seen an increasing interest in exploring the effectiveness of "home cures", and the traditional cures used by more primitive peoples. In effect, the knowledge of "Tribal Medicine Men", the effectiveness of Great-grandmother's home remedies, and other, non-modern and more low-tech medicinal bases are being studied in great detail.
There is even a great opposition to practices which damage the echo systems of South and Central America, due to the unimaginably high probability that more medicinal compounds will be found in the plant and possibly animal life of that portion of the world.
What is not generally knows is how knowledge is obtained as to which plants have medicinal value, and to what medicinal uses various plants can be put.
Much of this knowledge is gained from trial and error in medical laboratories.
However, even more of this knowledge is gained from interviewing native medical practitioners - what many call, Tribal Medicine Men.
The medical practices of the North American, pre-European peoples, have been and continue to be explored and assessed for effectiveness, and further investigated to determine which compounds are the agent or agents which effectuate the cure.
The treatments of Central and South American native medical practitioners has also been under close study for several decades, and many cures and treatments have been discovered through this process.
What is not generally knows is, that medical researchers, and the companies for whom they work, have and continue to regularly engaged in the practice of ascertaining the medical knowledge of the native medical practitioners, then make the appropriate laboratory tests of this knowledge, and then patent the information, compounds, and medicinal applications thereof. More simply: the civilized medicine researches pick the brains of the uncivilized witch doctors, check out the witch doctor's information, then patent the information and use of the information as a new medical discovery and pocket millions.
Of course, if the naturally occurring compounds can be manufactured, the native peoples are completely out of the financial "loop". However, many of these compounds can not be manufactured, so the plants are cultured in private laboratories wherever possible. Even then, some can only be replicated in the natural setting, and must be harvested from the natural setting.
There are individuals who have made a profession of obtaining medical information from native medicine men, and of obtaining the plants and other sources of the compounds.
The native people never see even a penny income from the medical information, nor from the plants and animals which produce the compounds. Yet the information is theirs, and the plants and animals are from their traditional territories.
When person "A" obtains knowledge from person "B" for the purpose of using that information to make a great fortune, and does not inform person "B" of the purpose, and does not share the profits with person "B", then person "A" has stolen. That this is true morally is obvious. However, it also is true under contract law, for if all parties to a situation are not equally placed, then those who are at an advantage can not legally use that advantage to the detriment of those less advantageously placed.
Rectification of the legal aspects probably would only result in various government officials raking in vast sums of money from the medicine developers and manufacturers, with the native peoples reaping little or no benefit. This would be a compound of the initial theft, which should surprise no one.
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Apocalypse Chapter 18
The fall of Babylon. Kings and merchants lament over her.
18:1. And after these things, I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power: and the earth was enlightened with his glory.
18:2. And he cried out with a strong voice, saying: Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen: and is become the habitation of devils and the hold of every unclean spirit and the hold of every unclean and hateful bird:
18:3. Because all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication: and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her; And the merchants of the earth have been made rich by the power of her delicacies.
18:4. And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins and that you receive not of her plagues.
18:5. For her sins have reached unto heaven: and the Lord hath remembered her iniquities.
18:6. Render to her as she also hath rendered to you: and double unto her double, according to her works. In the cup wherein she hath mingled, mingle ye double unto her.
18:7. As much as she hath glorified herself and lived in delicacies, so much torment and sorrow give ye to her. Because she saith in her heart: I sit a queen and am no widow: and sorrow I shall not see.
18:8. Therefore, shall her plagues come in one day, death and mourning and famine. And she shall be burnt with the fire: because God is strong, who shall judge her.
18:9. And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived in delicacies with her, shall weep and bewail themselves over her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning:
18:10. Standing afar off for fear of her torments, saying: Alas! alas! that great city, Babylon, that mighty city: for in one hour is thy judgment come.
18:11. And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her: for no man shall buy their merchandise any more.
18:12. Merchandise of gold and silver and precious stones: and of pearls and fine linen and purple and silk and scarlet: and all thyine wood: and all manner of vessels of ivory: and all manner of vessels of precious stone and of brass and of iron and of marble:
18:13. And cinnamon and odours and ointment and frankincense and wine and oil and fine flour and wheat and beasts and sheep and horses and chariots: and slaves and souls of men.
18:14. And the fruits of the desire of thy soul are departed from thee: and all fat and goodly things are perished from thee. And they shall find them no more at all.
18:15. The merchants of these things, who were made rich, shall stand afar off from her, for fear of her torments, weeping and mourning,
18:16. And saying: Alas! alas! that great city, which was clothed with fine linen and purple and scarlet and was gilt with gold and precious stones and pearls.
18:17. For in one hour are so great riches come to nought. And every shipmaster and all that sail into the lake, and mariners, and as many as work in the sea, stood afar off,
18:18. And cried, seeing the place of her burning, saying: What city is like to this great city?
18:19. And they cast dust upon their heads and cried, weeping and mourning, saying: Alas! alas! that great city, wherein all were made rich, that had ships at sea, by reason of her prices. For, in one hour she is made desolate.
18:20. Rejoice over her, thou heaven and ye holy apostles and prophets. For God hath judged your judgment on her.
18:21. And a mighty angel took up a stone, as it were a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying: With such violence as this, shall Babylon, that great city, be thrown down and shall be found no more at all.
18:22. And the voice of harpers and of musicians and of them that play on the pipe and on the trumpet shall no more be heard at all in thee: and no craftsman of any art whatsoever shall be found any more at all in thee: and the sound of the mill shall be heard no more at all in thee:
18:23. And the light of the lamp shall shine no more at all in thee: and the voice of the bridegroom and the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee. For thy merchants were the great men of the earth: for all nations have been deceived by thy enchantments.
18:24. And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints and of all that were slain upon the earth.

From the Ishtar Gate of Babylon

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2. The Angel Gabriel Announces the Birth of Christ
SIX months after this the Angel Gabriel was sent to Nazareth to a virgin, whose name was Mary, and who was espoused to a man, called Joseph. The angel came to Mary, and said: "Hail Mary! full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women."
2 When Mary heard these words she was troubled. But the angel said to her: "Fear not, Mary! for thou hast found grace with God; thou shalt have a son, and thou shalt call His name Jesus. He shall be great and be called the Son of the Most High." Mary said to the angel: "How is this to happen?"

3. The angel replied: "The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Most High shall overshadow thee. And behold ! thy cousin Elizabeth, she also hath conceived a son in her old age; for with God nothing is impossible."
4. Mary answered: "Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to thy word." Then the angel departed from her.
5. Afterwards the angel appeared to Joseph, and said to him: "Joseph, fear not to take unto thee
Mary, thy wife. The Holy Ghost has come upon her, and she shall bear a son. Thou shalt call His name Jesus, for He shall save His people from their sins."
1. To what virgin was the Angel Gabriel sent?
2. What did the angel say when Mary was troubled ?
3. What did the angel say about the Holy Ghost, and about Elizabeth?
4. What did Mary answer?
5. What did the angel say to Joseph?
3. Mary Visits Her Cousin Elizabeth
MARY arose in those days, and went with haste to the hill country to visit her cousin Elizabeth. No sooner did Mary enter into the house than Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Ghost, cried out with a loud voice: "Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. And whence is this to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me!"
2. Whereupon Mary exclaimed: "My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit rejoiceth in God my Savior. Because He has looked down on the lowliness of His handmaid: for behold! henceforth all generations shall call me blessed." Mary stayed about three months with Elizabeth; then she returned home.

3. And Elizabeth bore a son as the angel had foretold. Zachary and Elizabeth rejoiced and called the child's name John, as the Angel Gabriel had commanded. But the boy grew, and was strengthened in spirit. He went into the desert and abode there until he was called to manifest himself to Israel.
1. Where did Mary go in those days?
2. What did Mary exclaim?
3. Why did Zachary and Elizabeth rejoice?
Where did John abide?

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Comments on Reunification Efforts
(from www.reformation.org - Reformation Online)
NewsMax.com. Monday, June 12, 2000
In a surprise raid reminiscent of last month's swoop-down on Russia's top media empire that evoked fears of a government assault on press freedom, gun-toting ski-masked Ninja-clad tax police came crashing into the headquarters of a Catholic group, raising fears of an attack on religious freedom.
According to Britain's Independent newspaper, on May 11, the tax SWAT team descended on the Jesuit-run Inigo Center in Novosibirsk, Siberia, confiscating documents, videos and computer equipment. The Jesuits, who use the center's TV studio to make religious programs, were confined to a room for four hours while police searched the premises.
The tax police often carry out high-profile attacks on Russian companies suspected of tax-dodging or of having ties to organized crime. But, the newspaper reports, raids on foreign religious organizations are rare. Under Russian law, tax police lack even the right to enter their premises, much less raid them.
Since then, none of the seized material have been returned, and the government has made no explanation for the raid, but many view the incident as a new outbreak of the 1,000-year-long hostility that exists between the Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches since the great schism brought about a split between the Eastern and Western branches of Christianity.
In recent weeks, hopes that the great schism might finally be on the way to being healed rose with the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Vatican where he had an audience with Pope John Paul II. Putin's visit raised hope that the Pope might finally realize his long-held dream of visiting Russia. He was invited there 11 years ago by then-Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev but has never been able to make the trip.
But observers believe that hatred for Rome is so great among powerful conservatives in the Russian Orthodox Church that John Paul II will remain persona non grata in Russia. They say that the dispute between the world's two biggest churches centers on Orthodox charges that the Catholic Church is expansionist, snaring converts to Rome by proselytizing on traditional Orthodox territory.
"We see their missionary activity here as an unfriendly act," Maxim Kozlov, professor of the Moscow Theological Academy and an expert on Orthodox-Catholic relations, told the Independent. "Russia is not just some tabula rasa where rival religions can compete for believers. Orthodoxy is the religion of the vast majority, the religion which is most closely bound up with our history, our mentality, our traditions, and that should be respected."

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Russia Church's Rift With Pope

Special Report from Newsday, June 13, 2000

Moscow- The centuries-old rift between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church is no closer to being mended after President Vladimir Putin's recent meeting with John Paul II, and Orthodox leaders say the pope is still unwelcome on Russian soil. Though a former agent with the KGB, which repressed religion during Soviet times, Putin has developed strong personal and professional ties to the Orthodox Church. That had raised hope he would seek to smooth over relations and pave the way for a papal visit. Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and former Russian President Boris Yeltsin both invited the pope to Russia, but the pope has said he will not come without an invitation from Patriarch Alexiy II-which he refuses to offer. If Putin were successful, it would not only help reconcile two major branches of Christianity, but could produce a political windfall for the new president, burnishing his imagine on the international stage while answering critics who say that the Orthodox Church is effectively the nation's official religion despite a constitution that guarantees a secular state.

But Putin said he did not even broach the subject and nothing has changed. "Russia is not a pagan state, it is a Christian state with a long tradition," Viktor Maloukhine, director of external church relations for the Moscow Patriarchate, said even before Putin returned from Italy. "It is unclear to us if you have an Orthodox Church in this country, why do you need another church?"

Earlier this month, Bogdan Severinek, a papal official concerned with European Russia's Catholics, appealed publicly for reconciliation between the two churches, saying that the time has come because this year marks the 2,000th anniversary of Christianity. "That is what meetings are for, they help to get problems off the ground and reach a mutual understanding," he said in his call for the patriarch to formally invite the pope to Russia.

But the Orthodox Church is not prepared to forgive and to forget. The particular hostility toward the Catholic Church-as opposed, for example, to the Lutheran Church, which operates in Russia-stems from a 16th-Century dispute and a 21st-Century insecurity. In 1596 the Orthodox Church of Ukraine split from the Russian Orthodox Church. Victoria Clark, author of the soon-to-be-released book on Orthodoxy called "Why Angels Fall," said the pope was under attack because of the Reformation and launched a counter-offensive to get parts of Europe back in his fold. He tempted the Ukrainian Orthodox by allowing them to keep their customs, if they recognized the Vatican. Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, wary of Rome's influence in the region, disbanded the church. Since the end of communism, many of the churches returned to Orthodox hands, but not all, and that is a central part of the battle with Rome.
But the main issue separating the two sides is the Orthodox Church's contention that the Catholic Church wants to come to Russia to proselytize, an allegation Catholic officials here deny. Maloukhine said the Orthodox Church is still trying to re-create itself after 70 years under communism. It has little money and a short supply of priests. He said the Orthodox Church is concerned that if the Catholic Church moves into Russia, and begins using its resources to do charity work in poverty-stricken regions, it will lure Orthodox Christians to convert.

"They say the Catholics are fishing for new converts in an already Christian country," Clark said. "The idea of a private conscience doesn't go very deep in Russia. They say you have been baptized an Orthodox Christian and, if you convert, that is like a territorial invasion." Catholic officials say the Russian Orthodox Church has a "very rigid" interpretation of proselytism, and therefore is being unrealistic. "We are told that we cannot even baptize a non-christened person by our rites if the person is Russian, but we think we have such a right," Severinek said.

Orthodox Church officials announced that they will have talks with the Vatican in the fall.
(The fear with which some Orthodox view Rome is such that many Orthodox believe the Jesuits are instruments of the U. S. Pentagon and will bring the Inquisition (which actually was run by the Dominicans, not the Jesuits) into any Orthodox country. While this fear apparently has no foundation in fact, it is the belief of many, and as such, must be considered in reunification efforts. -Ed.)
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Vertically Challenged Red Riding Hood
(This satire on Little Red Riding Hood was sent to us by Fr. Allen Patterson of Alaska. We believe it was authored by Most. Rev. George B. Fincke - Ed.)
There once was a young person named Little Red Riding Hood who lived on the edge of a large forest full of endangered owls and rare plants that would probably provide a cure for cancer if only someone took the time to study them.
Red Riding Hood lived with a nurture-giver whom she sometimes referred to as "mother", although she didn't mean to imply by this term that she would have thought less of the person if a close biological link did not in fact exist.
Nor did she intend to denigrate the equal value of nontraditional households, although she was sorry if this was the impression conveyed.
One day her mother asked her to take a basket of organically grown fruit and mineral water to her grandmother's house.
"But mother, won't this be stealing work from the unionized people who have struggled for years to earn the right to carry all packages between various people in the woods?"
Red Riding Hood's mother assured her that she had called the union boss and gotten a special compassionate mission exemption form.
"But mother, aren't you oppressing me by ordering me to do this?"
Red Riding Hood's mother pointed out that it was impossible for women to oppress each other, since all women were equally oppressed until all women were free.
"But mother, then shouldn't you have my brother carry the basket, since he's an oppressor, and should learn what it's like to be oppressed?"
And Red Riding Hood's mother explained that her brother was attending a special rally for animal rights, and besides, this wasn't stereotypical women's work, but an empowering deed that would help engender a feeling of community.
"But won't I be oppressing Grandma, by implying that she's sick and hence unable to independently further her own selfhood?"
But Red Riding Hood's mother explained that her grandmother wasn't actually sick or incapacitated or mentally handicapped in any way, although that was not to imply that any of these conditions were inferior to what some people called "health".
Thus Red Riding Hood felt that she could get behind the idea of delivering the basket to her grandmother, and so she set off. Many people believed that the forest was a foreboding and dangerous place, but Red Riding Hood knew that this was an irrational fear based on cultural paradigms instilled by a patriarchal society that regarded the natural world as an exploitable resource, and hence believed that natural predators were in fact intolerable competitors.
Other people avoided the woods for fear of thieves and deviants, but Red Riding Hood felt that in a truly classless society all marginalized peoples would be able to "come out" of the woods and be accepted as valid lifestyle role models.
On her way to Grandma's house, Red Riding Hood passed a woodchopper, and wandered off the path, in order to examine some flowers.
She was startled to find herself standing before a Wolf, who asked her what was in her basket.
Red Riding Hood's teacher had warned her never to talk to strangers, but she was confident in taking control of her own life, and chose to dialogue with the Wolf.
She replied, "I am taking my Grandmother some healthful snacks in a gesture of solidarity."
The Wolf said, "You know, my dear, it isn't safe for a little girl to walk through these woods alone."
Red Riding Hood said, "I find your sexist remark offensive in the extreme, but I will ignore it because of your traditional status as an outcast from society, the stress of which has caused you to develop an alternative and yet entirely valid worldview. Now, if you'll excuse me, I would prefer to be on my way."
Red Riding Hood returned to the main path, and proceeded towards her Grandmother's house.
But because his status outside society had freed him from slavish adherence to linear, Western-style thought, the Wolf knew of a quicker route to Grandma's house. He burst into the house and ate
Grandma, a course of action affirmative of his nature as a predator.
Then, unhampered by rigid, traditionalist gender role notions, he put on Grandma's nightclothes, crawled under the bedclothes, and awaited developments.
Red Riding Hood entered the cottage and said, "Grandma, I have brought you some cruelty-free snacks to salute you in your role of wise and nurturing matriarch."
The Wolf said softly "Come closer, child, so that I might see you."
Red Riding Hood said, "Goodness! Grandma, what big eyes you have!"
"You forget that I am optically challenged."
"And Grandma, what an enormous, what a fine nose you have."
"Naturally, I could have had it fixed to help my acting career, but I didn't give in to such societal pressures, my child."
"And Grandma, what very big, sharp teeth you have!"
The Wolf could not take any more of these speciest slurs, and, in a reaction appropriate for his accustomed milieu, he leaped out of bed, grabbed Little Red Riding Hood, and opened his jaws so wide that she could see her poor Grandmother cowering in his belly.
"Aren't you forgetting something?" Red Riding Hood bravely shouted. "You must request my permission before proceeding to a new level of intimacy!"
The Wolf was so startled by this statement that he loosened his grasp on her.
At the same time, the woodchopper burst into the cottage, brandishing an ax.
"Hands off!" cried the woodchopper.
"And what do you think you're doing?" cried Little Red Riding Hood. "If I let you help me now, I would be expressing a lack of confidence in my own abilities, which would lead to poor self esteem and lower achievement scores on college entrance exams."
"Last chance, sister! Get your hands off that endangered species! This is an FBI sting!" screamed the woodchopper, and when Little Red Riding Hood nonetheless made a sudden motion, he sliced off her head.
"Thank goodness you got here in time," said the Wolf. "The brat and her grandmother lured me in here. I thought I was a goner."
"No, I think I'm the real victim, here," said the woodchopper. "I've been dealing with my anger ever since I saw her picking those protected flowers earlier. And now I'm going to have such a trauma. Do you have any aspirin?"
"Sure," said the Wolf.
"I feel your pain," said the Wolf, and he patted the woodchopper on his firm, well padded back, gave a little belch, and said "Do you have any Maalox?"
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AMNESIA: A condition that enables a woman who has gone through labor to have sex again.
BOTTLE FEEDING: An opportunity for Daddy to get up at 2am too
DEFENSE: What you'd better have around de yard if you're going to let de children play outside.
DROOLING: How teething babies wash their chins.
DUMBWAITER: One who asks if the kids would care to order dessert.
FAMILY PLANNING: The art of spacing your children the proper distance apart to keep you on the edge of financial disaster
FEEDBACK: The inevitable result when the baby doesn't appreciate the strained carrots.
FULL NAME: What you call your child when you're mad at him.
GRANDPARENTS: The people who think your children are wonderful even though they're sure you're not raising them right.
HEARSAY: What toddlers do when anyone mutters a dirty word.
IMPREGNABLE: A woman whose memory of labor is still vivid.
INDEPENDENT: How we want our children to be as long as they do everything we say.
LOOK OUT!: What it's too late for your child to do by the time you scream it
PRENATAL: When your life was still somewhat your own.
PREPARED CHILDBIRTH: A contradiction in terms
PUDDLE: A small body of water that draws other small bodies wearing dry shoes into it.
SHOW OFF: A child who is more talented than yours.
STERILIZE: What you do to your first baby's pacifier by boiling it and to your last baby's pacifier by blowing on it
STOREROOM: The distance required between the supermarket aisles so that children in shopping carts can't quite reach anything.
TEMPER TANTRUMS: What you should keep to a minimum so as to not upset the children.
TOP BUNK: Where you should never put a child wearing Superman jammies.
TWO-MINUTE WARNING : When the baby's face turns red and she begins to make those familiar grunting noises.
VERBAL: Able to whine in words
WEAKER SEX: The kind you have after the kids have worn you out.
WHODUNIT: None of the kids that live in your house.
WHOOPS: An exclamation that translates roughly into "get a sponge."
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Every Priest of Apostolic Succession is obligated to fulfill the Divine command of teaching all nations, and of Baptizing in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; and each such Priest has the authority Our Lord granted to the Apostles, except those powers which have been reserved to the Bishops. This means each Priest can forgive sins, transubstantiate bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Our Lord, and other such un-comprehensible matters, and each Priest is obligated to teach without ceasing.
In order to teach, a Priest must first learn, and he can only learn through study; common, hard work, study. The laity are obligated to learn, with their primary teachers being the Priests, for since God has ordered His Priests to teach everyone, then everyone is obligated to learn that which the Priests teach.
Two of the many things which follow from the foregoing simple application of logic are very important, for they apply to both Priests and laity. First: Intuitive so called "knowledge", and the form of so called "knowledge" obtained by osmosis, and lack of knowledge through avoidance of study, and plain and simple ignorance, are all the same, and are all impermissible when the subject matter is God and what God wants. Second: Only those with Apostolic Succession have the Divinely appointed authority and Divinely appointed right to teach. This means every minister of a non-Christian religion is wrong, and is acting contrary to God's command when they teach - and they usually teach error. It also means that ministers of those Christian religions which are not Orthodox Catholic, Roman Catholic, Coptic, Armenian, or the few other Jurisdictions which we recognize as having valid Apostolic Succession, should not be teaching for they are not authorized to teach, and they usually teach error.
The Bishop is the prime teacher of his flock. He may, and usually does, have assistants who perform much of the teaching duties, but they so do under his authority and only with his permission. The administration of Sacraments, administrative duties, and other functions within the modern world seem to devour much of each Bishop's and each Priest's time, often to the sacrifice of teaching, but this is wrong and is contrary to Our Lord's command to teach all nations.
The laity are obligated to accept Our Lord's command to His Bishops and Priests, and to study so that they can, observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you, as Our Lord instructed.
Most Bishops and Priests have and continue to study, and continually make themselves available to teach, and actually do teach at every opportunity even though it may not be a formal teaching situation. However, the influence of the lazy and incompetent Bishops and Priests has infected the laity making the laity chose to avoid study, particularly study under a proper teacher (and remember, the only proper teachers are Bishops and those they have appointed). In place of study under a proper teacher, the laity have turned to the show business glitz which passes for religion in most places of worship which do not have Apostolic Succession; they have retreated from the hard work of study and immersed themselves in the pool of feeling good - it is a lot easier to sing, "Yes Jesus loves me," than it is to study why Jesus loves me. It also is a lot easier to lead people in song, singing, "Yes Jesus loves me," than it is to study so you can teach, and then to teach.
As an example of how extensive the infection of ignorance is in the Christian community, most Christians have no concept of what the Blessed Trinity is. Many teenagers think it is the Father, The Son, and The Blessed Virgin Mary. They are wrong. Most of those who have given it some thought think of it as the state or status in which that the Father, and the Son, and The Holy Spirit exist. They too are wrong. When asked to explain the relationship amongst the Persons of The Blessed Trinity, some respond with, "The Father knows Himself perfectly, and this perfect knowledge is the Son, and the love which the Father and the Son have for each other is the Holy Spirit. These too are wrong.
Though we can not comprehend the truth about God's Nature and The Blessed Trinity, we can make a series of imperfect but accurate statement about the Blessed Trinity: The Blessed Trinity is God; God is the Blessed Trinity; the Blessed Trinity is the Father, and The Son, and The Holy Ghost; The Father is the Magisterium, the Son is Eternally Begotten of the Father, the Holy Spirit Proceeds from the Father; each Person of The Blessed Trinity is an individual Person, each with His Own Free Will, each with all the characteristics of personhood including character though in a form which is totally beyond our comprehension, each being of the unique Divine Nature; only God's Nature is Divine and there is only One God; there is only one God, and He is the only one who has Divine Nature, as compared to humans, of whom there are billions, all of whom have human nature.
If your thoughts are: "I know this stuff already", then you have been taught proper basics, but require continual study of God for no one can learn all of God even in the eternity of study. If any of this is new to you, well, what do you think you need.
References: Rom 11:33-36; Mat 28:18-20
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A lot of people do not believe in Purgatory. they believe that when you die, if you are to go to Hell, then that is where you immediately go - and in this we believe they are correct. But these people also believe that if you are to go to Heaven, then that is where you will immediately go upon death - but only Baptized babies who die are totally fit to enter Heaven. Everyone older than a little child has committed sin and has established bad habits, sinful habits, which must be corrected, and for which atonement must be made to the One who suffered for us, so that we become worthy to join Him in His suffering that was sin offering to the Father. We must become sin with Christ so that in His death inwhich sin died, sin will also die in us - it is not that we become sinful, but that sin, which died with Christ, becomes dead for us.
Very few of us will attain that state of Holiness in this life. So, since that state of life is attained through study, learning, practice, fasting and suffering in this life, it will be attained by something similar in the next life, only that process in the next life will be under the direct control of God in His Justice. That is why Saint Peter wrote, But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory in Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a little, will himself perfect you and confirm you and establish you. (1 Peter 5:10). Saint Peter is referring to Purgatory, not to suffering in this life. It will not be pleasant, but it will be better than Hell.
If you think you really are not a sinner, then you are the same as the Pharisees and scribes who condemned Our Lord because Christ welcomed sinners and dined with them. The sinners Our Lord welcomed were prostitutes, thieves, burglars, and other similar people who were generally considered skuzz buckets. If you think this kind of sin snobbery is no longer prevalent, then you have never heard yourself speak.
At a family gathering one of the members was a Priest. Something one of his sisters said triggered a memory about a situation which involved a stripper at a Burlesque club and a minister who had asked this Priest to take him to such a place so the minister could see the devil in person. The minister left the club with a new, kinder, perspective regarding such situations.
After he told the story, which had some funny elements, the Priest's sister said, "That wasn't nice. And you shouldn't be going to such places and dealing with people like that." Then she chastised her brother, the Priest, saying with indignation, "You shouldn't even know anyone (i.e.: strippers) like that!"
Not wishing to cause an argument with his sister, the Priest said, "Prostitutes, hookers, junkies, strippers, they are honest sinners and we work with them as much as they let us. We have a lot of success with them, especially the prostitutes and strippers who get hooked into it and really want a way out." What he did not say was, "They know they are in a bad situation, and their very human nature screamingly begs for a way out; but people who are not considered the scum of the earth sin even worse but do not consider themselves sinners because they are not considered scum."
He did not tell his sister that because he loves her, it might hurt her, and it definitely would do no good. She is not considered scum, so she considers her sins to be "indiscretions" but not of the magnitude of that which a prostitute does.
Prostitutes are honest sinners, for they do that which their conduct is termed. But members of more socially acceptable professions regularly prostitute themselves. Physicians refer their patients to testing facilities in which the physician has a financial interest - even though the tests are in the utmost range of precaution, which means they are not necessary according to medical standards and indications. Lawyers take cases based not on their legal or moral merit, but based on the probability of obtaining a fee. Researchers and charities seek grants for ongoing projects even though the projects or purposes are of questionable viability or usefulness. Politicians such as former President Harry Truman seek public office because they have failed in their own numerous attempts to establish a business and turn to the public coffers. Some people marry because their husband or wife will provide them with what they consider to be a desirable social or economic status or trophy. Politicians follow the winds of the political polls combined with the lowest common denominator, and lead their people into the depths of Hell and slavery instead of inspiring them to the heights of accomplishment. Little children are taught to look cute and innocent, so they can avoid punishment for wrongdoing (should a parent ever decide to get off their rump and do something), and so that they can get what they want.
In the final analysis, who is the most honest, the prostitute - stripper feeding her drug habit and having a friend watch her children while she earns a living at night, or the the two professional career persons who are called parents, who earn livings through socially accepted theft accomplished via prostitution of the purity of their professions, and whose children are taken care of during the day by that same stripper - prostitute?
Oh. And once the hookers know you are not a potential "John" they are usually nicer and kinder than the socially acceptable professionals.
References: 1 Peter 5:6-11; Luke 15:1-10
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The effects of sin are far beyond the harm to the sinner and those against whom the sin is directly made. Sin harms all of creation, and it is reasonable to believe that except for a handful of persons such as The Blessed Ever Virgin Mary, Saint John the Baptist, Elias, Elija, Our Lord - except for some very few, all humans who attain the age of reason sin. Even Saint Peter was a sinful man and confessed being such to Our Lord.
As an ancillary note: It is interesting to note that Our Lord did not tell Saint Peter that Saint Peter would cease being a sinful man. What Our Lord told Saint Peter was, Fear not: from henceforth thou shalt catch men. One who refuses to acknowledge his sinfulness can not be a servant of Our Lord, for such a one refuses to acknowledge truth, actuality, reality, and can not become sinless for he can not correct that which he refuses to acknowledge is broken. Also, those who believe they are without sin rarely follow the example of Saints Peter, James, and John, who, leaving all things, they followed him.
Why do we say all of creation suffers from the effects of Man's sin? Man was supposed to tend to all that God provided for him in the Garden of Eden, and to maintain all of nature and husband all of creation into a harmonious gift to God. The lion was to lie in the grass with the lamb, in a harmony made under the free will of Man, and in Man's free will this was to be presented as a pleasing harmony in the House of God.
God could have the lion lie in the grass with the lamb, for lions, lambs, and grass have no free will but can only do that which is in their nature, and God commands their natures. But that would not be the same as Man, who has free will and can therefore do what is in his lower nature, or can follow the Divine Nature - it would not be the same as Man deciding in his free will to unite all of Nature, all of Creation, into a harmonious gift to God. If God made it happen, then it would be a gift from God to Himself, but if Man made it happen, then it is a special gift indeed.
Now, science is a wonderful thing. It is an often wrong and incorrect wondrous thing which is always incomplete in its explanations. Scientist tell us that earthquakes and volcanoes are caused by massive continental plates sliding past each other and the Earth's molten core escaping in volcanic vents - and this is true. They also tell us that hurricanes, drought, floods, severe winters and summers, as well as desirable weather, are all caused by the effects of the sun, rotation and orbit of the Earth, and the interactions of these and the creatures and elements of the planet Earth - and they are also correct.
But scientists are incomplete in their explanations, for they neglect the effect of the Will and Direction of God, the Creator and Maintainer of all creation. Since Man was supposed to harmonize all of Creation as a gift to God, but has so far failed in this task, the harmony which was supposed to be is replaced with disharmony. And the more Man sins, the greater the disharmony.
Scientist will usually discredit sin as having an effect on Nature, but scientist often also do not believe there is a God, or if they do believe there is a God, they usually do not believe He is a Person with an active, ongoing interest, participation, and effect in and on all that He has created. Scientists tend to view God as someone who made everything, set up the rules by which it all runs, wound it up like a clock, and will let it run until the energy source runs down. So they have a tendency to ignore sin and its effects on Nature.
But, isn't pouring poison into God's waterways a sin? Just as poison kills the fish the fishermen seek, so too does sin kill the catch sought by the fishers of men.
Even private sins harm everyone and all of Nature. These sins demean that which God has created, use that which God has created for purposes which God does not intend, and disrupt any attempt to harmoniously present Creation as a gift to God. Sin keeps the sinner from being in harmony with God, and thus prevents him from presenting that gift to God. Yet Creation yearns to be presented as a harmonious gift to God, and as it is prevented from attaining this by our sins, it groans, and in those groans there are earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, floods, famine, disease, and destruction.
If your do not believe sin causes all these so called natural disasters, then pray for Faith, because you need it - for Saint Paul tells us Creation awaits our acceptance of God, our making our bodies subservient to the Heavenly Spirit, our acceptance of Our Lord's salvation, and groans in pain as we distance ourselves from God.
References: Rom 8:18-23 ; Luke 5:1-11
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Constant Spiritual Exercise Is The Only Means Of Obtaining Spiritual Strength
Our Lord Jesus Christ once gave a man this task: to push against a giant boulder every day. That is all Our Lord told the man, "I want you to push against this boulder all of the work day, every day."
The man pushed against the boulder all of the work day, every day, for many years, and began to worry and wonder, for in all his pushing and even with the fullness of his strength he never moved the boulder even one inch.
So he told Our Lord, "I fear I am not accomplishing that which you have set for me to do, for, though I push against the boulder every day, never am I able to make the boulder move even one inch."
Our Lord told the man, "I did not ask you to move the boulder. I asked you to push against it, and this you have faithfully done. As a result your arms are strong, for you have pushed with your arms. So too are your back and legs, for you have faithfully pushed with all your might. Thus your neck and shoulders, and all of you has been made strong."
The man's concern that he never moved the gigantic boulder was a natural concern, for it is natural to expect that if you are requested to push against something, that you are also expected to eventually move the thing your are pushing against, but that is not necessarily what is expected.
The boulder is the symbol of many things. As the symbol of sin, we are expected to push against sin and the temptation to sin. If we push with just our arms, we do not exert all of our selves against sin, and so not all of us becomes strengthened against it.
If the boulder is the symbol of virtue, and we do not push against it but sit with our backs to it and rest against it, are we strengthened in virtue, or do we become weak and flabby.
If the boulder is public opinion, and public opinion is in favor of killing unborn babies, or of obtaining riches and neglecting God, and that boulder begins to roll, and even though we push against it with all of our strength it rolls over us and crushes us even to injury, or even severe crippling injury, or even to death, what have we been asked to do? We have not been asked to move the boulder, but to push against it. To push against sinful public opinion means we must always oppose it, and event though it may cripple or kill us, we must never lose contact with it so that we never cease opposing it.
If we never push against the boulder of friendship, then we will never have true friends, but only acquaintances, only people we know. In pushing against the boulder of friendship, we remember those whom we once called friend, but have now neglected, or who have gone to their reward. If we do not remember the friends of our past, how can we seek them out and renew that friendship - or pray for them and seek their help if they have gone before? The one with whom we learned as a child is more valuable to us than the one whose celebrity we seek to share, yet we ignore our few true friends in favor for the acclaim of the masses - the masses who care not about us and about whom we really do not care other than in Christian love.
If we fail to push against the boulder of sneakiness and underhandedness, will we not acquire those undesirable character traits? To be forthright and act always in the light, so that all we do, think, and feel , is obvious; this is to be without guile. But, some say, guile is sometimes needed, for what would have happened if the Nazis had known where and when we were going to invade - we would have lost WWI. That type of example is meaningless, and misdirecting - and is presented with the intention of misdirecting. Being forthright does not mean we necessarily tell everything, just that we make known where we sand and what we do. The Nazis knew we were going to invade, and they knew it would be soon. If we had attempted to withhold those facts, our allies and the good people who were working against the Nazis in the occupied lands would have lost heart. In knowing we were coming the Nazis themselves lost heart for their cause. Likewise, in telling the Nipponese we were going to drop a bomb on one of their cities, and that the city would be destroyed by that single bomb, we gave Japan a chance to end the war. They did not, and we dropped the first Atomic Bomb, and it did as we said it would do. We again told Japan to surrender, it refused, and so we dropped a second Atomic bomb, and the Japanese surrendered. And ever since then the whole world knows that we have knowingly destroyed our enemies in the most complete manner possible, and our enemies fear we will do it again if pressed.
So now you know that pushing against the boulder is done to provide you with that which the boulder contains, and to protect you from that which the boulder contains, to build your strength in all members of your complete self. The boulder is a symbol for those things against which we fight, and also the symbol of those things which we need and desire. In both the things we need to acquire and the things we need to avoid we must make ourselves knowledgeable, and we must make ourselves strong in possessing them or in avoiding them, as appropriate. We do this by "pushing".
References: 1 Peter 38-15; Mat. 5:20-24
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President Clinton will be replaced by whomever it is wins the Presidential elections this month. His replacement will come non to soon; but will he be replaced by someone just as base as is he?
Clinton has "rewarded" contributors to the Democratic Party and to his and his wife's campaigns: by giving contributors invitations to State Dinners (which are paid for by the American tax payers); by over night stays in the White House, particularly the Lincoln bedroom; invitations to White House luncheons (paid for by American tax payers); letting and approving contracts which endanger American security, by way of example - approval of US firms enhancing Communist China's computer and missile guidance systems and multi stage rocketing technology (a good way to get a nuclear weapon dropped on you is via ICBM multi stage and multi war head).
It is virtually impossible to think of any means by which money could be raised using American owned assets, which has not been pursued by Clinton and his gang.
Al Gore has worked hand-in-hand with Clinton in every aspect of this sale of America. He has defended Clinton's actions, joining with Mrs. Clinton in promoting the concept that a contribution to the Democratic Party is a contribution to the United States of America. Even if this were true, it would not, could not, warrant desecration of American institutions and property by using them as pay offs to contributors.
At least a street prostitute is honest in avowing that line of work. When the President of the United States of America engages in the same type of actions, but uses publicly owned institutions and property, disgust is the only possible response.

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In all that we experience in life, in all that we observe, think, and do, we must have a concept of God, and of Divine Love, for without these we live without Hope; without these there is no reason to seek to become good and to oppose evil.
Seeking good and opposing evil for the sake of mankind is a hollow pursuit, for geology, archaeology, and the sciences tell the Godless that the human race will one day become extinct, as did the dinosaurs and other "rulers of the Earth".
It only is in Faith, which bears as its fruit Love and Hope, and in Love, which bears as its fruit Faith and Hope, and in Hope, which bears as its fruit Faith and Love, that one can find a purpose for seeking goodness and opposing evil, for it is only in these Three that one finds permanence, that one finds the promise of immortality.
Many great nations have existed and disappeared without trace, and no one remembers the great of those nations. So too will it be with the great of the nations of today. There is no permanence in history. There is only permanence in God.
Those whom God remembers with favor will live forever with Him, and those He remembers with disfavor will live forever without Him.
This is not complicated.
It behoves each of us to move for reunification of all mankind with God, through reunification of His Church without malice or gall for His Church is His instrument; and through the best examples of our individual lives.

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