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The "Sex with Abandon is not a Sin" Conspiracy, Some Current Elements of the Pro-Pedophilia Movement, including the American Psychological Association's rigged pro-pedophie "study" 9

Traitors and Infiltrators Are Valued Assets in War - That is the Why of Attempts to Infiltrate the Church with Evil 14

Take Over The Schools and You Can Teach and Get People to Believe Anything; Cornell's and other University's Promotion of Weird Courses Including pro-pedophilia academics and activists 15

Two Streams of Sanity in the Deluge of Insane and Immoral Promotion of Pedophelia, Homosexuality, and Lesbianism: 17


Mental Health Leaders Suggest Flawed Research May Promote Pedophilia 17B




What is the "Gay" Agenda, in the well planned attack on humanity through sexual perversion? REPORT ON AB 101 AND THE GAY AGENDA IN OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS BY California State Assemblyman Steve Baldwin 20


Gore Can't Get His Story Straight on 1984 Vote to Define Unborn Children As "Persons" From Conception 1A


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Satire (Hair Follicle Incontinence) 29

Non-Christian America, 28 Years of Abortion and over 54 Million Murdered Babies 29A

Corporate Irresponsibility, Outback Steakhouse 32


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Catechism 11

Attaining Holiness Through Really Acknowledging Christ By Really Acknowledging Your Sins 1


What God Offers Is Good, And Is Better That That Which You Can Provide, A Banji Story 31

One's Call to Wholeness - A Reflection, Archbishop Augustinus, S.S.B., (John A. Corcoran) Jung, God communicates Himself in Creation 32A


~ Attaining Holiness Through Really Acknowledging Christ By Really Acknowledging Your Sins ~

From + Paul, S.S.B.

To the flock entrusted into my care:

You can only attain holiness through a real acknowledging of Christ. Real Acknowledgment of Christ requires, absolutely requires, full and complete acceptance of every aspect of Our Lord's teachings, combined with total immersion of His teachings into every particle of our being, both physical and spiritual, so as to make us one with Him.

Viewing our Lord's teachings as being a good philosophy of life is not sufficient, and does not make one a Christian. Being self willed, concerned with our own welfare, desires, and often even being concerned with our own needs, will impede our real acknowledgment of Christ.

But what actually blocks our real acknowledgment of Christ is a refusal to really acknowledge our sins. Real acknowledgment of our sins requires, absolutely requires, a deep and constant contemplation of our sins even though they may have been long ago forgiven, an examination of how they effected and continue to effect ourselves and others, and a contemplation of the fact, the absolute fact, that though a particular sin is forgiven, there is still atonement which we each must make for each and every one of our sins.

Some people have a problem with atonement for sins, saying Christ suffered and died for our sins. That is an in incomplete and twisted statement which leads many to believe the lie propounded by that incomplete and twisted statement. Christ suffered and died as a sin offering to the Father, and in so doing, He enabled us to have a relationship with God which we were unable to have because of sin. He did not establish that relationship, He merely enabled it - we have to establish that relationship through Christ.

If you are to become a full and complete part of Christ's Body, then, just as Christ suffered and died and rose again from the dead, so too will you suffer with Christ. None of us can make atonement for our sins on our own, but when we make atonement with Christ as He suffered for our sins, then our atonement, united with Christ's sufferings for us, is made into perfect atonement, and thus becomes sufficient.

Contemplation of our sins is so important because we very often sin without acknowledging that we have sinned, even though in the depths of our hearts we know we have sinned.

An excellent example of such sinning is this: Many people voted for Bill Clinton for president because they believed he would provide economic conditions favorable to them. If such voters also knew Clinton was pro abortion, then they voted for a man they knew would in one manner or another promote killing babies. Such voters voted for him despite this knowledge that their vote would cause the torture murder of many millions more babies. Such voters placed their own well being ahead of the very lives of millions of babies. Such voters share in the sin and guilt of these murders, and if such voters and sinners refuse to acknowledge these sins then they will not seek forgiveness of these sins, and in not seeking forgiveness they will not receive forgiveness.

There are those who will not listen to these words; and there are others who will seek voices of authority who will say these words are too harsh and are not accurate. Such voices of authority had best make a real acknowledgment of Christ, and a real acknowledgment of their own sins, before it is too late for themselves.

There are others who will think, "I know people 'like that'," but who will not include themselves as being "like that". You are the first one who should be in your list of "people like that" - even if you did not vote for Clinton.

Remember the story about the bishop who taught his flock there was no need to worry about the hereafter - that all who died and had not been really bad, went to heaven. When that bishop died he was fortunate to attain the lowest level of purgatory, where he remained until there was no other person in purgatory. He had taught his flock to ignore worrying about the hereafter so well, that when he died there was no one to pray for him - none of his flock was worried about the hereafter.

Do not just be concerned about the hereafter - worry about it; worry about it "big time". Worry about it enough to really acknowledge Christ, and to really acknowledge your sins. Then you will be very inclined to do something about both. But you can not ignore the acknowledgment of Christ, for if you contemplate your sins without full contemplation of Christ, then you will loose Hope, you will become overly distraught, you will have no proper focus for life or eternity, and you will defeat the purpose for which you contemplate your sins.

+ Paul, S.S.B.

Ref: 2 Cor 11:19-33; 12:1-9; Luke 8:4-15


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Gore Can't Get His Story Straight on 1984 Vote to Define Unborn Children As "Persons" From Conception

By Douglas Johnson

NRLC Legislative Director


I remember reading something about a renowned Texas criminal defense lawyer named Richard "Racehorse" Haynes. Haynes explained how, in defending a client against a criminal charge, he never relied on just a single defense argument. Haynes' explanation of his method went something like this:

"Let's say that your neighbor sues you, claiming that your dog bit him at such-and-such a time and place. I will place three arguments before the jury, as follows: Number one, my client's dog doesn't bite. Number two, my client and his dog were seen at a far-distant event on the day of the alleged bite. And, number three . . . my client doesn't have a dog!"

Vice-president Al Gore has followed a somewhat similar pattern in responding to periodic "charges" that he voted, in 1984, to amend a federal civil rights bill so that the term "person" would "include unborn children from the moment of conception." In responding to this allegation in 1988, 1992, and 1999, Gore has offered three different and conflicting explanations of his vote, each of them false.

The basic facts are documented beyond dispute. On June 26, 1984, the U.S. House of Representatives was considering the Civil Rights Act of 1984, a bill to expand the reach of key provisions of four previously enacted federal civil rights laws, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Pro-life Congressman Mark Siljander (R-Mi.) offered a one-sentence amendment to revise the bill's definition of the key term "person."

The Siljander Amendment read, in its entirety, "For the purposes of this Act, the term 'person' shall include unborn children from the moment of conception."

The House conducted a straight up-and-down vote on the Siljander Amendment B which failed, 186-219. Al Gore, then the congressman representing Tennessee's Sixth Congressional District B voted in favor of the amendment.

That vote is recorded on page H-7051 of the Congressional Record for June 26, 1984. (House roll call no. 269.) It is also recorded on page 77-H of the 1984 Congressional Quarterly Almanac, a reference work available at many libraries (CQ roll call no. 242).

By 1988, Gore was a senator who was voting consistently pro-abortion, running for the first time for the Democratic presidential nomination. Appearing as a guest on NBC-TV's Meet the Press on February 21, 1988, journalist Fred Barnes asked Gore, "Didn't you vote back in 1984 to set when one becomes a person at the time of conception, which would have in effect, made abortion illegal?"

Gore responded, "No. No. I did not."

One might read Gore's flat denial that had ever cast a vote to set "personhood" at conception as equivalent to an immediate resort to Racehorse Haynes's ultimate line of defense, "my client doesn't have a dog." Two weeks later (March 7, 1988), U.S. News and World Report chief political correspondent Michael Kramer published a column in which he shed some light on Gore's defense strategy:

'"Since there's a record of that vote, we only have one choice," concedes a Gore

adviser anonymously. 'In effect, what we have to do is deny, deny, deny. . . . We've muddled the point," says the Gore advisor, 'and with luck, attention will turn elsewhere, or at least we'll be lucky enough so the thing doesn't blow into a

full-fledged problem before Super Tuesday.'" ("Super Tuesday" referred to a then-imminent date on which a number of southern states were holding their presidential primaries.)

Attention did indeed turn elsewhere as Gore's campaign faltered. With the exception of Kramer's column, the media did not pursue the question of Gore's vote for the "personhood" amendment.

On September 6, 1992, Gore -- now Bill Clinton's vice-presidential running mate -- appeared again on NBC=s Meet the Press. Host Tim Russert reopened the issue, saying, "In 1984 you voted for a law which would define the fetus as a person from the moment of conception."

Gore immediately interrupted, this time not simply to deny the vote, but to interpret it.

"Now, there's a misunderstanding about that," Gore said. "That was not what that

[amendment] dealt with; that was a measure related to public hospitals and procedures in the third trimester."

But Russert persisted, pointing out, "This would amend the Civil Rights Act to include 'unborn children from the moment of conception' as persons."

Gore responded, "Well, first of all, again, that was in the context of U.S. government-funded public hospitals for abortions in the third trimester. I think it's completely consistent with the Roe v. Wade concept, which says there's a difference between the first, second, and third trimester."

But this explanation was misleading. The Siljander Amendment was only one

sentence long, as quoted above, and it specifically said "from the moment of


Congressman Siljander did say, in House floor debate, that an effect of his

amendment would be "to deny Federal funds to any institution performing abortions." Moreover, he focused some of his remarks on late-term abortions performed in federally funded hospitals. But Siljander did not say anything to support Gore's claim that the scope of the amendment was limited to unborn children in the "third trimester," an interpretation that is flatly contradicted by the amendment itself.

Recently, Gore was again asked about the Siljander Amendment, this time by journalist Cokie Roberts on ABC's This Week, on October 31, 1999.

Roberts put the question this way: "Back in July [actually June] of 1984, when you were in the House of Representatives, you voted for an amendment that would put 'unborn children from the moment of conception' as persons under the Civil Rights Act, to be protected under the Civil Rights Act. Would you vote that way today?"

Gore responded, "First of all, that was a procedural vote in the House. And I've

always supported Roe v. Wade, Cokie."

Gore's new explanation, like the earlier two, was false. There was nothing at all

"procedural" about the vote on the Siljander Amendment. The House simply voted up-or-down on whether to adopt the amendment, and Gore voted yes.

The question arises: why has Gore thought it necessary to make such persistent efforts to deny his "fetal personhood" vote? Why doesn't he simply admit that he cast the vote, and explain that he later changed his position?

Perhaps it is because Gore knows that, if he admits that he once voted to recognize "unborn children from the moment of conception" as legal "persons," it would become more difficult for him to freely attack as "extremist" other political candidates who advocate legal protection for unborn children. Such attacks would, after all, invite the question, "And on what date did you, Mr. Gore, stop being an 'extremist'?"

[Source: The National Right to Life Comittee)]


In effect, Gore and those of like ilk believe they have the ability to create personhood by voting it upon an entity, and to deny personhood by voting to deny it to an entity. However, all unborn babies are completely human persons weather or not Gore and his colleagues have attempted to confer upon or deny personhood to them, for God confers it upon conception. - Ed.

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One of the main proponents of devious, harmful, devastation of children through sexual attacks on children is THE AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION, which issued a report in its Psychological Bulletin, that stated children do not suffer ill effects from engaging in sex with adults. The NORTH AMERICAN MAN/BOY LOVE ASSOCIATION is using the APA report to support its pedophilic promotions.




From the NARTH Pedophilia Fact Sheet of 1999-03-22, www.narth.com.

NARTH National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality Fact Sheet:

The Problem of Pedophilia

Adult-Child Sex Is Not Necessarily "Abuse," Say Some Psychologists

For centuries, Western society - under the influence its foundational Judeo-Christian roots - has considered adult-child sex to be legally, morally, and psychologically taboo. Pedophiles have been judged criminal by the courts, sinful by theologians, and disordered by the mental-health profession.

Slowly, however, that situation is changing.

A Fringe Element Begins to Enter the Mainstream

NAMBLA - the North American Man-Boy Love Association - was once the lone voice lobbying for the normalization of pedophilia. NAMBLA representatives marched in gay-pride parades as a fringe element of the gay-rights movement.

Then in 1990, the highly respected Journal of Homosexuality produced a special double issue devoted to adult-child sex,, which was entitled "Male Intergenerational Intimacy" (1). One article said many pedophiles believe they are "born that way and cannot change" (p.133). Another writer said a man who counseled troubled teenage boys could achieve "miracles ... not by preaching to them, but by sleeping with them." The loving pedophile can offer a "companionship, security and protection" which neither peers nor parents can provide (p. 162). Parents should look upon the pedophile who loves their son "not as a rival or competitor, not as a thief of their property, but as a partner in the boy's upbringing, someone to be welcomed into their home..." (p. 164).

A British university professor writes: "Boys want sex with men, boys seduce adult men, the experience is very common and much enjoyed" (p. 323) A professor of social science at the State University of New York said he looks forward to the day when Americans will "get over their hysteria about child abuse" (p.325) and child pornography.

A.P.A. Publishes a New Study Opening the Way to the Normalization of Pedophilia

The American Psychological Association did not denounce the positions advanced within that journal. In fact, just recently, the A.P.A. published a new, major study (2) written by one of those same Journal of Homosexuality writers.

This latest article appears in the A.P.A.'s own prestigious Psychological Bulletin. it provides, overview of all of the research studying the harm resulting from childhood sexual abuse.

The authors' conclusion? That childhood sexual abuse is on average, only slightly associated with psychological harm ­ and that the harm may not be due to the sexual experience, but to the negative family factors in the children's backgrounds. When the sexual contact is not coerced, especially when it is experienced by a boy and is enjoyed, it may not be harmful at all.

The article proposes that psychologists stop using judgmental terms like "child-abuse," "molestation," and "victims," using instead neutral, value-free terms like "adult-child sex." Similarly, they say we should not talk about "the severity of the abuse," but instead refer to "the level of sexual intimacy."

The authors conclude that behavior which psychotherapists commonly term "abuse" may only constitute a violation of social norms. Religion and society, these writers argue, are free to judge behavior as they wish but psychiatry should evaluate behavior by its own set of standards.

If It Feels Good, It Must Be Good

In fact, the authors of the Psychological Bulletin article propose another way of understanding pedophilia: that it may only be "abuse" if the child feels bad about the relationship. They are in effect suggesting a repetition of the steps by which homosexuality was normalized. In its first step toward removing homosexuality from the Diagnostic Manual, the A.P.A. said the condition was normal as long as the person did not feel bad about it.

Few laymen are aware that the American Psychiatric Association has already set the stage for this same transition-in the case of pedophilia-by quietly redefining it. NARTH first made this story public in its membership publication (3). According to the latest diagnostic manual (DSM-IV), a person no longer has a psychological disorder simply because he molests children. To be diagnosed as disordered, now he must also feel anxious about the molestation, or be impaired in his work or social relationships. Thus the A.P.A. has left room for the "psychologically normal" pedophile.

Theology and the Law Are Led By Psychology

If psychology indeed recognizes consensual pedophilia as harmless, then civil law and social norms will be under pressure to follow the lead of social science ... as indeed they did on the issue of homosexuality. When psychiatry declared homosexuality normal, our courts and theologians began to rewrite both civil lawand moral theology based on what psychiatry said it had discovered through the medium of empirical science.

But What is a Psychological Disorder?

The problem with the law and society being a follower of psychology, is that the majority of psychological conditions considered to be disorders are not disorders per se, but socially undesirable character traits. What is categorized as a "psychological illness" depends on psychiatry's view of the good life, and of human nature. And today, there is grave disagreement on those subjects.

So when psychiatry decided to redefine homosexuality as normal, it simply moved the condition from one category labeled "undesirable" to another category labeled "desirable." (4) It did so based on a study showing that some homosexual individuals evidence no obvious psychological abnormality (5), and, also, as a result of listening to personal testimony from gay advocates. In essence, these individuals said, "We aren't psychologically unbalanced or distressed, and we're happy being gay So psychiatry has no right to label us disordered."

Psychology Yields to the Authority of Personal Experience

The A.P.A. agreed with them. In doing so, it surrendered its authority to contradict personal experience. At the same time, it relinquished the age-old conviction that human beings are governed by certain immutable laws of nature.

As psychiatry becomes detached from its foundations, we hear more opinions such as these - expressed by world-renowned, Professor Emeritus (Johns Hopkins U.) sexologist Dr. John Money:

"If I were to see the case of a boy aged ten or eleven who's intensely erotically attracted toward a man in his twenties or thirties, if the relationship is totally mutual, and the bonding is genuinely totally mutual ...then I would not call it pathological in any way" (6).

And so we can see that a door has been opened.

Psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover reflects on the Journal of Homosexuality's "Male Intergenerational Intimacy":

"This special issue reflects the substantial, influential, and growing segment of the homosexual community that neither hides nor condemns pedophilia. Rather they argue that pedophilia is an acceptable aspect of sexuality, especially of homosexuality. Indeed, the San Francisco Sentinel, a Bay Area gay-activist newspaper, published a piece arguing that pedophilia is central to male homosexual life" (7).

Gay advocates correctly state that most child molesters are heterosexual males. But this is a misleading statement. In proportion to their numbers (about 1 out of 36 men), homosexual males are more likely to engage in sex with minors: in fact, they appear to be three times more likely than straight men to engage in adult-child sexual relations (8). And this does not take into account the cases of homosexual child abuse which are unreported. NARTH's Executive Director Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, for example, says that about one third of his 400 adult homosexual clients said they had experienced some form of homosexual abuse before the age of consent, but only two of those cases had been reported.

While no more than 2% of male adults are homosexual, some studies indicate that approximately 35% of pedophiles are homosexual (9). Further, since homosexual pedophiles victimize far more children than do heterosexual pedophiles (10), it is estimated that approximately 80% of pedophilic victims are boys who have been molested by adult males (11).

Homosexual Men Were Often Childhood Victims

Dr. Nicolosi says that many of his clients' childhood sexual contacts occurred with a trusted older person, and were perceived at the time of the abuse as loving. Other sexual-reorientation therapists report similar high rates of molestation among their clients (12, 13).

Tragically, the abused child is then more likely to become an abuser in adulthood (14). Thus, it is not surprising that we see more pedophilia among homosexual men: since they are more likely to have been victims of abuse, they are also more likely to initiate a repetition of that abuse with a same-sex child.

Which Child is Most Likely to Become a Victim?

Certain children are especially vulnerable to abuse - especially the boy who is predisposed to homosexuality. The prehomosexual boy is very often lonely, alienated from his father, and experiencing frustrating same-sex peer relationships. He quite naturally craves male attention, affection and approval.

Often the same boy is also experiencing an overly intense and intimate relationship with his mother, which makes normal masculine individuation difficult. An intimate relationship with a man is one place of separation and individuation "where Mother cannot go" (15).

When this lonely boy receives flattering attention from an older male, then a link is established between love and homoerotic sex. The boy comes to believe, "If I want love from men, I must have sex with them." Thus the normal and natural developmental need of same-sex love and approval has become eroticized. The boy may then develop a compulsive, promiscuous sexual habit pattern, which in gay life is seen fairly frequently.

Many Gay Biographies Tell the Story

In his life story, Breaking the Surface, Olympic diver Greg Louganis tells the poignant tale of his own experience with adult-child sex. He was an unusually sensitive boy, with an intense closeness with his mother, and a distant, fearful relationship with his father. Lonely and starving for male affection, he was molested by an older man he encountered on the beach. In his childish neediness, Louganis - like many victims of man-boy molestation - perceived that relationship as loving.

Who is Likely to be an Abuser?

Psychoanalysis recognizes the child abuser as typically an immature man who wants to "give love" to a boy. He makes a narcissistic identification with the child, seeing him as an idealized version of himself, and perceives himself as giving the same love which he wishes he had received from his own father. Thus the pedophile cannot understand that he is inflicting emotional damage.

Gay Fiction Presents Pedophilic Relationships Positively

Popular gay and lesbian fiction often portrays adult-child sexual relationships as fondly remembered, tender "coming-of-age" stories. Much of this fiction is pornographic - aimed specifically at teenagers - and is recommended to them on reading lists distributed by gay-advocacy groups such as P-FLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) (16), or offered to them in public-school libraries (17).

What is the Harm of Childhood Seduction?

Dutch psychologist Gerard van den Aardweg points out that "non-coerced" sex is a misnomer because there is always an element of coercion - involving a misuse of adult authority, and a misuse of the child's need for affection. If a researcher sees no harm, "it may be because he is using the wrong glasses not because there is nothing to see." Even adult-child sex which is mutually enjoyed, he says, is always an intrinsic injustice to the integrity of the person (18).

Dr. David Finkelhor, a leading U.S. researcher in the field of child sexual abuse, similarly disputes the conclusions of pedophile advocates.

He describes some of the consequences of seduction: confusion about sexual identity and sexual norms; inability to differentiate sex from love; confusion between care-getting and care-giving, with lowered respect for adult authority; guilt, shame, anxiety, lowered self-esteem, depression, vulnerability to drug and alcohol abuse, and impaired ability to judge the trustworthiness of others. We also see an age-inapropriate sexual knowledge, and sex acts sometimes reenacted with other children (19).

Victims of sex abuse also appear to be at higher risk for suicide (20), and may repeat the sexual abuse in adulthood, in order to gain a feeling of psychological mastery over the experience (21). Children who experience prolonged abuse are more likely to view the abuse as positive or neutral, suggesting that as the molestation continues, children eventually identify the molester (22).

If the abuse was homosexual, the boy is likely to question his sexual orientation; if the abuser was a male and the child a girl, she may defensively turn to lesbianism (23).

But even if pedophile advocates proved to be right that children don't often suffer psychological damage in adulthood (and Dr. Finkelhor believes they're wrong), the impact of pedophilia must not be judged simply on the basis of empirical findings.

"Ultimately," says Dr. Finkelhor, "I do continue to believe that the prohibition on adult-child sexual contact is primarily a moral issue. While empirical findings have some relevance, they are not [to be] the final arbiter."

Some slaves, he says, experienced slavery as good; likewise, many child sweatshop workers said their work was beneficial. Despite this, we know better than to conclude that either slavery or child labor are ultimately good, he argues.

Similarly, research reveals that the birth of children is correlated with a drop in marital satisfaction for several years. Yet in spite of that empirical evidence, we do not declare childrearing to be "bad for marriage." We know that psychological distress, or the lack of it, only gives us a partial understanding of any particular life issue.

Dr. Finkelhor concludes: "Some types of social relationships violate deeply held values and principles in our culture about equality and self-determination. Sex between children and adults is one of them. Evidence that some children have positive experiences does not challenge these values" (24).


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The struggle for morality in life is a war - a constant war against those who desire to lead immoral lives. If an immoral person can gain supporters of his position, he thinks he obtains vindication of his sin. This line of "reasoning" is obviously flawed, for God sets moral standards and no number of proponents of an immorality can change an immorality into something moral. But "still they try."

It is also true that one who gains supporters or even tolerators of his immorality, increases the population of potential co-participants in the "favored" immoral conduct.

Most governments do not allow discrimination against "the proponents of sin" who seek to enter various professions. Because the Church is not subject to government rule, the separation of the government from meddling in the affairs of the Church must be most strongly maintained, for the Church is the only entity which has the right to discriminate against "the proponents of sin".

The human administrators of the Church have often failed to properly exercise this right to discriminate, with devastating effect on all members of the Church, and those without the Church. Most important, any discrimination must be in accordance with The Way - wherein the sinner is Loved (not "sexed" but Loved), and the sin, hated and destroyed.


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17. Jesus Teaches His Disciples to Pray

ONE day when Jesus had been praying one of His disciples came to Him, saying: "Lord, teach us to pray ? "

2. And Jesus said to them: "When you pray, say: Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil."

3. He then said to His disciples: "Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek and you shall find, knock, and it shall be opened to you. For every one who asks, receives; and who seeks, finds; and to him who knocks, it shall be opened."


1. What did one of the disciples one day say to Jesus?

2. Say the Our Father.

3. What else did Jesus say about prayer?

18. Jesus Tells the Parable of Dives and Lazarus

THERE were also misers among the people that listened to Jesus. He said to them: "There was a certain rich man named Dives. He was clothed in purple and fine linen, and feasted sumptuously every day. And there was a certain poor man, called Lazarus. He lay at the gate of the rich man and was covered with sores. He would have liked to satisfy his hunger with the crumbs that fell from the table of the rich man; but none gave them to him. But the

dogs came and licked his sores."

2. "Now it came to pass, that the beggar died, and he was carried by the angels into the bosom of Abraham. The rich man also died, and he was buried in hell. And lifting up his eyes, when he was in torments, he saw Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom."

3. "Then he cried: 'Father Abraham, have pity on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, to cool my tongue, for I am tormented in this flame."'

4. "Abraham said to him: 'Remember that thou didst receive good things in thy lifetime, and Lazarus, on the contrary, evil things. But now he is comforted, and thou art tormented. And besides all this, between us and you there is fixed a great chaos, so that no one can pass from hence to you."'


1. Tell the parable of Dives and Lazarus.

2. What happened to Lazarus after death, and what to Dives?

3. What did Dives ask of Abraham?

4. What did Abraham answer?

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Q. 241. Could man's body be developed from the body of an inferior animal?

A. Man's body could be developed from the body of an inferior animal if God so willed; but science does not prove that man's body was thus formed, while revelation teaches that it was formed directly by God from the clay of the earth. If God reveals to us that He did develop man's body from an inferior animal, it will always be that it was done under God's direction.

Q. 242. Could man's soul and intelligence be formed by the development of animal life and instinct?

A. Man's soul could not be formed by the development of animal instinct; for, being entirely spiritual, it must be created by God, and it is united to the body as soon as the body is prepared to receive it.

Q. 243. Did God give any command to Adam and Eve?

A. To try their obedience, God commanded Adam and Eve not to eat of a certain fruit which grew in the garden of Paradise.

Q. 244. What was the Garden of Paradise?

A. The Garden of Paradise was a large and beautiful place prepared for man's habitation upon earth. It was supplied with every species of plant and animal and with everything that could contribute to man's happiness.

Q. 245. Where was the Garden of Paradise situated?

A. The exact place in which the Garden of Paradise -- called also the Garden of Eden -- was situated is not known, for the deluge may have so changed the surface of the earth that old landmarks were wiped out. It was probably some place in Asia, not far from the river Euphrates.

Q. 246. What was the tree bearing the forbidden fruit called?

A. The tree bearing the forbidden fruit was called "the tree of knowledge of good and evil."

Q. 247. Do we know the name of any other tree in the garden?

A. We know the name of another tree in the Garden called the "tree of life." Its fruit kept the bodies of our first parents in a state of perfect health.

Q. 248. Which were the chief blessings intended for Adam and Eve had they remained faithful to God?

A. The chief blessings intended for Adam and Eve, had they remained faithful to God, were a constant state of happiness in this life and everlasting glory in the next.

Q. 249. Did Adam and Eve remain faithful to God?

A. Adam and Eve did not remain faithful to God, but broke His command by eating the forbidden fruit.

Q. 250. Who was the first to disobey God?

A. Eve was the first to disobey God, and she induced Adam to do likewise.

Q. 251. How was Eve tempted to sin?

A. Eve was tempted to sin by the devil, who came in the form of a serpent and persuaded her to break God's command.

Q. 252. Which were the chief causes that led Eve into sin?

A. The chief causes that led Eve into sin were:

1. She went into the danger of sinning by admiring what was forbidden, instead of avoiding it.

2. She did not fly from the temptation at once, but debated about yielding to it.

Similar conduct on our part will lead us also into sin.

Q. 253. What befell Adam and Eve on account of their sin?

A. Adam and Eve, on account of their sin, lost innocence and holiness, and were doomed to sickness and death.

Q. 254. What other evils befell Adam and Eve on account of their sin?

A. Many other evils befell Adam and Eve on account of their sin. They were driven out of Paradise and condemned to toil. God also ordained that henceforth the earth should yield no crops without cultivation, and that the beasts, man's former friends, should become his savage enemies.


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Cornell's and other University's Promotion of Weird Courses


pro-pedophilia academics and activists

From Accuracy In Academia, article by Michael Capel © 1998

Students at Cornell University are used to courses like "Spike Lee Films," "Concepts of Race and Racism," "Whose Families? Whose Values?," "Domestic Television," "Music and Queer Identity," and "Introduction to Sexual Minorities."

Indeed, as Campus Report has chronicled, even the most cursory perusal of the Ithaca, New York school's course catalog reveals a burgeoning curriculum of frivolous, politically-charged, and downright bizarre classes. The university's administration, engaged in an indefatigable crusade for "diversity," has given free reign to the faculty to incorporate its every radical whim and every extreme agenda into the classroom. The results have been striking. There are courses at Cornell that artfully breach every imaginable -- and many unimaginable -- standard of most students.

One recent offering, however, has crossed the threshold from the merely absurd to the potentially dangerous.

The syllabus for "The Sexual Child" reads like a veritable who's-who of pro-pedophilia academics and activists. Among the authors presented in the course are Theo Sandfort, formerly on the board of directors of Paidika, a pro-pedophilia magazine based in Amsterdam; Daniel Tsang, the author of AIDS Taboo, purports to deliver an "academic" analysis of pedophilia; Pat Califia, a self-proclaimed "sexual outlaw" and author of the essay "The Age of Consent: The Great Kiddy-Porn Panic of '77" and the book Macho Sluts; and Havelock Ellis, author of "The School Friendships of Girls" and a reputed eugenicist.

Other materials in the course include the pro-pedophilia book Child-Loving, the essay "The Hysteria of Child Pornography and Pedophilia," For a Lost Soldier, a German film about the relationship between a twelve-year-old boy and a Dutch soldier, and Sally Mann's photographs of naked children. Students are enlightened with such lectures as "The Child as Sexual Object and Sexual Subject," "Big Bad Wolves," "Loving Children," and "Having Children" (for which one of the readings is Nabakov's Lolita).

English Professor Ellis Hanson, the course instructor, defends the course's content. "The erotic fascination with children is ubiquitous," he tells Campus Report. "One could hardly read a newspaper or turn on a television without feeling obliged to accept, study, and celebrate it." The course is designed, in his view, to "undermine preconceived notions about what a child is, what sexuality is, and what it means to love or desire a child." He says that the course is balanced in all areas of its treatment of the subject, with the goal of "seek[ing] to complicate our understanding of child sexuality and our rather limited strategies for interpreting it."

One of the best known readings in the course is Gayle Rubin's "Thinking Sex." This article advances a pro-pedophile agenda within academia by appealing to the familiar catch-phrases of identity politics. "[T]hose whose eroticism transgresses generational boundaries," the feminist anthropologist writes, are not to be judged or condemned. Rather, these "different sexual cultures" are to be celebrated as "unique expressions of human inventiveness."

Her stated goal is to construct a "radical theory of sex" that "must identify, describe, explain, and denounce erotic injustice and sexual oppression" that so victimizes "the community of men who love underaged youth."

"Contemporary sexual politics," she writes, "should be reconceptualized in terms of the emergent ongoing development of this system, its social relations, the ideologies which interpret it, and its characteristic modes of conflict."

Prof. Hanson, however, disputes any suggestion that the course is an effort in propaganda. The course attempts to "interrogate received opinions, not reassert them. . . The course does not 'adopt' arguments," he says. He also asserts, "Every writer in the course is opposed to sexual exploitation in all its forms." Rubin declines to define "sexual exploitation." She professes that "cross-generational encounters" can involve "affection, love, free choice, kindness, or transcendence," and does not address the criticism of pedophilia that it is by definition sexual exploitation.

She also adopts and extends to pedophiles the view of the radical feminist and homosexual movements that gender and sexual practices are merely "constituted in society and history, not biologically ordained." Hence, pedophiles are merely misunderstood and oppressed by society. She complains that "boy-lovers are so stigmatized that it is difficult to find defenders for their civil liberties, let alone erotic orientation."

Like much of today's multiculturalist canon, the piece is imbued with neo-Marxist undertones. From the premise that "sex is always political," Rubin sees the last sexual mores that remain in Western Civilization as serving only to perpetuate a corrupt cultural system "in which the state, the institutions of medicine, and the popular media have mobilized to attack and oppress all whose sexual tastes differ from those allowed by the currently dominative model of sexual correctness."

Sexuality "is organized into systems of power," according to Rubin. These "reward and encourage some individuals and activities, while punishing and suppressing others. Like the capitalist organization of labor and its distribution of rewards and powers, the modern sexual system has been the object of political struggle since it emerged and as it has evolved."

The result is that "sex shapes institutions," and so societal conflicts about sex mirror the other social struggles of the day: "The modern sexual system contains sets of these sexual populations [i.e., homosexuals, transsexuals, pedophiles, and other sexual deviants], stratified by the operation of an ideological and social hierarchy . . . the [sex] law buttresses structures of power, codes of behavior, and forms of prejudice. At worst, sex law and sex regulation are sexual apartheid."

She concludes that "sex is taken all too seriously" in our culture and that laws outlawing pedophilia represent "erotic hysteria" and are ultimately "foolish, unjust, and tyrannical."


Nowhere in the proponents position is there any consideration for the detremental moral, physical, and emotional effects on children. But read on - .


Date: 1999-07-27

Regarding the class at Cornell University titled: The Sexual Child, which was offered in the Spring of 1998, Accuracy In Academia interviewed the professor who taught it and gives comment on the contents of the class. To read about this class which "has crossed the threshold from the merely absurd to the otentially dangerous."

Below is the syllabus to the class as referred to in the Accuracy In Academia's article.

The Sexual Child, Spring 1998, Prof. Ellis Hanson

1.Introduction: The Child as Sexual Object and Sexual Subject Scenes from Bergman's Hour of the Wolf and Kerbosch's For a Lost Soldier Sherwood Anderson, "Hands"

2.Big Bad Wolves Sigmund Freud: From the History of an Infantile Neurosis

3.Red Riding Hood Mike Lew, "Incest," From Victims No Longer Judith Lewis Herman, excerpts from Trauma and Recovery Elaine Showalter, "Recovered Memory," from Hystories

4.Incest Gothic FILM: Stanley Kubrick, The Shining

5.Priests John Francis Bloxam, "The Priest and the Acolyte" Philip Jenkins, "The Discovery of Clergy Sex Abuse" from Pedophiles and Priests FILM: John N. Smith, The Boys of Saint Vincent

6.Confusion of Tongues Sandor Ferenczi, "Confusion of Tongues between Adults and the Child" David Finklehor, "Sexual Abuse as a Moral Problem" from Child Sexual Abuse Gilbert Herdt, excerpt from Guardians of the Flutes pp227-239 Gilbert Herdt, interview in Dares to Speak Michael Tournier, "African Adventures"

7.Psychotherapy: Its Cause and Cure Gayle Rubin, "Thinking Sex" DSM-IV, "Pedophilia" Edward L. Rowan, "Pedophilia" Chin-Keung Li, "The Main Thing is Being Wanted" Theo Sandfort, "Pedophile Relationships in the Netherlands" Lela B. Costin, et.al, "The Cultural Landscape of Child Abuse in the United States" from The Politics of Child Abuse in America Daniel Tsang, "Policing Perversions" "I Watch Him Like a Hawk" from New York Times

8.Crusades James Kincaid, Child-Loving (chapters 1, 10 & 11) Pat Califia, "The Age of Consent: The Great Kiddy-Porn Panic of '77" and "The Aftermath of the Great Kiddy-Porn Panic of '77" from Public Sex Nancy Haas, "Margaret Kelly Michaels Wants Her Innocence Back" John Heilemann, "The Crusader' from The New Yorker

9.Loving Children Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures Under Ground" Graham Ovendon, ed., Lewis Carroll Nina Auerbach, "Falling Alice, Fallen Women, and Victorian Dream Children" from Romantic Imprisonment James Kincaid, Child-Loving (chapter 8)

10.Epistemology of the Child Henry James, The Turn of the Screw Neil Postman, "The Total Disclosure Medium" from The Disappearance of Childhood

11.Having Children Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

12.Comparative Lolitas Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita Paula Vogel, How I Learned to Drive William Grimes, "Creating a Pedophile Who Is Sympathetic"

13.Queer Kids FILM: Anton Kerbosch, For a Lost Soldier Havelock Ellis, "The School Friendships of Girls" Alistaire Hickson, excerpts from The Poisoned Bowl Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, "How to Bring Your Kids Up Gay" from Tendencies

14.Photography as Seduction Paul Wilkes, "Unholy Acts" from The New Yorker Lawrence A. Stanley, "The Hysteria of Child Pornography and Pedophilia" from Dares to Speak Sally Mann photographs


Just the foregoing titles should make the normal, the moral, person - sick.


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From: www.sfgate.com


Debra J. Saunders

Sunday, March 28, 1999

©1999 San Francisco Chronicle

URL: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/1999/03/28/ED78507.DTL

THE AMERICAN Psychological Association's Psychological Bulletin released a study of 59 other studies last year that concluded that college students who had been sexually abused as kids were ``slightly less well adjusted'' than other college kids. Authors Bruce Rind, Phillip Tromovitch and Robert Bauserman urged psychologists not to assume that sex between nonrelated adults and minors is abusive, as children often deem the zexperience to be positive. ``In short,'' they wrote, ``the self-reported effects data do not support the assumption of wide-scale psychological harm from CSA (child sexual abuse).''

The authors want to dump the term "child sexual abuse'' when children consent to sex with adults. Better, the three argue, to call such relations "adult-adolescent sex.'' Or when the ``willing encounter with positive reactions'' involves a 9-year-old and an adult, call it "simply adult-child sex, a value neutral term.''

Last week radio talk show host Laura Schlessinger -- a.k.a. Dr. Laura -- began a crusade against the piece and the APA for printing it. She fears the piece is part of a concerted effort to get the APA to remove pedophilia from its list of mental disorders.

APA spokeswoman Rhea Farberman thinks that it is valid to criticize the piece. She reiterated the APA position that pedophilia is "a mental disorder, extremely harmful to children, is illegal and should stay illegal.''

Farberman criticized Schlessinger, however, for making a big issue of the piece. Maybe that's because the APA showed appalling judgment in printing this pedophilia propaganda.

Schlessinger attacks the study's methodology. It would be the equivalent of asking women who had been raped 10 years ago how they feel today. Then, if most say they are fine, concluding that rape is ``not harmful, in fact it might be beneficial.'' Thus the authors culled through their data on college students, then said do away with the abuse term because 37 percent of males viewed their childhood sexual experiences as positive and that males viewed their childhood sexual experiences with adults more positively than females.

No surprise, the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) has posted the "good news'' about the study on its Web page. "On average, nearly 70 percent of males in the studies reported that as children or adolescents their sexual experiences with adults had been positive or neutral,'' it stated. And, "The current war on boy- lovers has no basis in science.''

It's as if all the research about the trauma caused by adults having sex with children, all the testimony, all the tears, all the rage, never existed. Most boys liked it, or didn't mind it, which is the same to the three researchers. Some girls -- probably those they refer to as "mature'' -- liked it, too.

Heterosexual pedophiles have been making the same argument for years. The little girls liked it. The little girls wanted it.

You expect that sort of cynical excuse from a cruel pervert, but you don't expect to read it in an APA journal.

The authors had argued that their mission was to differentiate between what childhood sexual experiences with adults are most harmful -- that it is important to contrast between "the repeated rape of a 5-year-old girl by her father and the willing sexual involvement of a mature 15-year-old adolescent boy with an unrelated adult.'' Yet, they don't differentiate between boys' reactions to sex with a man and sex with a woman.

"Doesn't that make you suspicious that they have an agenda?'' Schlessinger asked.

As a matter of fact, it does.

Of course, what really makes me suspicious is any psychologist who thinks that a 9-year-old can consent to sex.

We urge you to re-read (read) the article on page 1 of this issue, regarding Al Gore's lies about his position on amending a federal civil rights bill so that the term "person" would "include unborn children from the moment of conception. The APA has attempted to rewrite its own history in a similar manner. the difference between the to is, Gore's initial position was moral but he struggles to turn it into the immoral position, while the APA's position was immoral, and it tries to remake it into a moral position. Evil is just that, Evil. - Ed.


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Mental Health Leaders Suggest Flawed Research May Promote Pedophilia

From the Dr. Laura web site

May 24, 1999

The Leadership Council for Mental Health, Justice, and the Media, a nonprofit organization (status pending) whose membership includes many of the nation's most prominent mental health leaders, is concerned that a recent study may be used to normalize pedophilia. "A recent study published in the American Psychological Association's Psychological Bulletin has the potential of being used by pedophile advocates to promote decriminalization of adult-child sexual contact." says Paul Fink, M.D., former president of the American Psychiatric Association and current president of the Leadership Council.

The study, titled "A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples," suggests that mental health researchers have overstated the harmful potential of child sexual abuse. The study's authors, Bruce Rind, Philip Tromovitch, and Robert Bauserman, conclude that behavior which professionals commonly term "child sexual abuse" may merely constitute a violation of social norms and should be considered "abuse" only if the child reacts negatively to the encounter.

In accordance with its mission to insure the public receives accurate information about mental health issues, the Leadership Council examined the study and uncovered serious flaws which call many of the study's principle findings into question. For example, the researchers conclude that youthful sexual experiences with adults may not be harmful because subjects generally did not report long-lasting negative effects.

However, the authors fail to inform readers that these findings are largely based on a single investigation conducted over 40 years ago with limited relevance to the serious forms of child sexual abuse commonly seen today. The majority of the experiences reported by males were homosexual advances during adolescence and more than half of females reported exposure to an exhibitionist. Most of the subjects successful rebuffed the advance and immediately left the area. Not surprisingly, few felt they suffered long-term emotional damage from the incident.

The authors improperly generalize these findings to all types of child sexual abuse stating: "These data imply that, in the college population ... lasting negative effects are not prevalent, and when negative effects occur, they are often temporary."

Dr. Paul Fink notes: "It is as if a study that purports to examine the effects of being shot in the head contained a majority of cases in which the marksman missed. Such research might demonstrate that being shot in the head generally has no serious or lasting effects."

In response to serious questions regarding its publication of this study, the American Psychological Association (APA) reiterated its stand that "the sexual abuse of children is wrong and harmful to its victims" and noted that publication of research in its journals "in no way" constitutes endorsement of the findings. The APA also released a statement from the study's authors who defended their findings and claimed, as researchers, they have "an ethical duty" to report them.

Dr. Fink points out that according to section 6.06 of the APA ethical principles, researchers also have the ethical duty to perform and report research in accordance with recognized standards of scientific competence and to minimize the possibility that results will be misleading. "The appearance of this paper in a leading scientific journal is unfortunate as it provides the findings with an undeserved aura of credibility," says Dr. Fink.

The Leadership Council is composed of national leaders in psychology, psychiatry, law, and journalism who are committed to promoting the ethical application of psychological science to human welfare.


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New York, NY - His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in America, who was returning by car from Boston to New York City when he learned the horrible news of the terrorist attacks on New York's World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington, DC, responded with the following statement:

"This is a tragedy of tremendous proportions with unforeseeable consequences for the entire world. The terrorist acts that took place today incite the justified indignation of all people who value human life, freedom and justice. In this difficult time I express, along with the entire Greek Orthodox Church, our deep sorrow and strong support to the families who were hurt by this unprecedented tragedy.

We fervently pray to God, the Lord of peace, love and justice, to grant to the families of the innocent victims and to the entire American Nation abundant solace and unlimited strength."

Archbishop Demetrios directed all Greek Orthodox churches throughout the country to open during this day of national crisis and directed the clergy to lead the faithful in prayer for divine protection against "the sword and enemy invasion", and for the repose of the souls of those who lost their lives in these attacks. The Archbishop furthermore encouraged those whose health permits to donate blood for the wounded survivors.

In the Archbishop's absence, the Very Reverend Savas Zembillas, Chancellor of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, led the Archdiocesan staff in prayer during a memorial service in the Chapel of Saint Paul. At the conclusion of the service, Father Savas urged those present to "pray without ceasing" for the victims, the survivors, the families who had lost loved ones, and for the safety of our nation during this time of unspeakable tragedy.

+ + +

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11 SEPTEMBER 2001 A.D.







Tuesday, September 11, 2001 A.D., was not a day of tragedy. It was a day on which a Great Evil of the most horrible purity was committed by the forces of Evil, when Evil openly declared war on mankind as it turned air liners into human guided missiles, murdering thousands of people in New York City, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania.

We must first pray for those who have been murdered, those injured, their families and friends, and those most heroic who put their lives at risk to save the injured, and those who gave their lives in that Godlike effort.

To that purpose The Church authorized the special Divine Liturgy for the Dead be prayed the Sunday of 16 September, in place of the Divine Liturgy of that Sunday after Pentecost, for the victims, survivors, families and friends, and yes, the perpetrators, of that Great Evil, and continues them in our prayers.

This was the first shot fired in this war.

All are encouraged to pray that the Declaration of War which has thus been made against the United States of America and all of the World, will be met with a firm and terrible resolve guided by an even more pure holiness, and not by unholy anger or revenge.

A terrible resolve can be a holy resolve, but revenge can never by holy. America must avoid revenge, otherwise it will become as evil as those who have just attacked her. The tools used in this war against evil must not be the tools of terrorism, for as we have seen, terrorism gives birth to great injustice and great harm of the innocent. Terrorism is a tool of evil, not of holiness.

Those who committed these evils do not represent Islam and do not represent the Arab peoples. But even if they did, Americans must not attack Arabs in America and abroad, and must not attack Moslems in America and abroad, just because they are Arab or Moslem. To so do would be to engage in an even greater evil than that which has been visited upon America and the World. The lessons which America learned in its unjust and unholy treatment of Japanese during World War II, and which it is learning in its struggles for racial justice, must not be forgotten. Just as the persons who were murdered while doing mundane office work or flying to meet family, can not be brought back, so too will it be impossible to correct any injustice and harm done to the innocent of the Arab people and the innocent of the Moslem religion.

There are some who take a form of joy in the attacks, thinking, "now Americans know what it is like to live with terrorism." Such jealousy and expressions of jealousy will bring no reward of union with God.

America itself must not allow this opportunity for holiness to pass.

Yes, there is great opportunity for holiness in this time of Great Evil. For decades much of America has turned away from God. This is a time to turn to God, to pray to Him, to beg His assistance in holy thought, action, and deed.

Which person has the better perspective on the ultimate reality: The one who, as horrible death approaches and overtakes, says, thinks, and feels, "Oh Hell", or the one who says, thinks, and feels, "God help me"?

Yet, even though many of its people have turned away from God, many other Americans have remained with God. The hero and heroine passengers and crew on the flight which crashed in Pennsylvania, fought the evil enemy servants of Satan who had taken control of their air liner, and caused the airplane to crash miles away from where it could harm anyone else. These brave men and women of God sacrificed themselves so that thousands of others would live, so that thousands of others would have the opportunity to grow in God.

The common enemy in this first manifestation during the Twenty-First Century, of the eternal war, is Satan and his followers. The common enemy is no different than the common enemy during World War II. In world War II the human leaders of Satan's forces were Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mussilini, and the Japanese Emperor. They lead their nations into moral error, and some of their peoples went willingly into their moral error. Today, the enemy is the same. Only the human leaders of Satan's forces have changed. These human leaders of Satan's forces have today, again lead some of their people willingly into moral error. But Satan will not prevail unless America also falls into the trap of giving evil for evil.

America must be filled with the terrible resolve, and must use every, yes every, instrument and asset which it possesses, to fight and overcome those who would enslave it. Holiness does not necessarily preclude the terrible resolve, but the terrible resolve must not be any more terrible than is necessary.

Who would dare say that our fathers and mothers who saved the world from the Nazi, Fascist, Tojo, the Axis, were wrong? No one. But just as America eliminated the evil people who lead Germany, Italy, and Japan, and for a while even Russia, into the pursuit of evil - and then rehabilitated these peoples; so too must America be ready to completely annihilate the evil of today, and then to rehabilitate those who followed the evil ways.

What do you tell your children of these days? The truth. You tell them that many evil men and women decided to hurt Americans and the rest of the world. When your children ask why, tell them the only answer possible - that these evil people did these evil things because they are evil, and evil people do evil things; evil people do not do good things unless it is to promote something evil. Tell them that these evil people hijacked airplanes, stole airplanes with hundreds of people on the airplanes, and crashed the airplanes into buildings killing thousands of people in the buildings and on the airplanes, because they are evil. The people in the buildings and the passengers and crews of the airplanes were not evil, the hijackers were evil.

Tell your children you can not tell if a person is evil by what they look like, or what kind of clothing they wear, or what their religion is. You can only tell if a person is evil by whether or not they do evil things. Tell them that sometimes good people do bad things, but that does not make them evil, just mistaken; but that evil people hurt other people on purpose, and do not care and usually are happy that they have hurt other people.

And this is why America must be careful as it wages the Twenty-First Century War Against Satan. For if Americans take pleasure in the destruction of the enemy and his minions, then such Americans will be just as evil as those against whom they fight.

For America and the World to succeed in this war against Evil, America must return to the moral values which created it and which made it strong.

If those who believe man can solve his own problems without God's assistance and guidance, had been influential during World War II, we would either be still fighting that War, or, more likely, we would not even be speaking German or Japanese - we would not be here - we would not have been born.

Thus it is that this terrible Evil which has so adversely effected and destroyed so many thousands of lives, can actually be a great opportunity for building an even greater America, and an even greater World. An America and a World of moral values, not ethics or family values dreamed up by immoral people, but moral values as acknowledged by so many billions of people in the caring religions of tradition. Those religions which follow and proclaim the moral standards declared and established by God.

In the past, Satan used pride, greed, and envy to obtain followers who would wage war against mankind. Now he has added hatred and despair.

In the process of this War, America and the World must eliminate the minions of Evil, and the factors which allow people to be recruited to Evil. This can not be done by seeking just justice. This can only be done by turning to God - to God unadulterated by human desires and interpretation.

We have seen that people of all faiths follow the same main tenants decreed by God. These tenants are universal and transcend all faiths, all beliefs. It is only the false religions, those which are religions of Satan, which allow and foster indiscriminate and wanton murder and destruction. No, all religions are not equal, and since God is one, there can be but one true religion. But those religions which fall somewhat short of the complete truth of God do attempt to fulfill the complete truth of God. It is the religion of Satan which opposes the complete truth of God.

Thus it is that all true religions, whether Christian, Hebrew, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Naturists, and, yes, even the multitude of Pagan religions, are founded in the same universal truths by which mankind is morally governed in its internal relationships and its relationships with the remainder of creation. And this truth will remain.

The foundation of mankind is God.

We can only succeed in our war against evil if that war rests on the foundation of God. If we succumb to unholy passions and wantonly attack, then we will have moved from the foundation of God to the foundation composed of the quicksands of Satanic Evil. If we fear to attack, then we will have stepped from the foundation of God and suffocated in the quicksands of self-interest fear which is Evil. If some complain about the very minor inconveniences they experienced on the day of the attack, they have neither the fortitude to endure this war, nor are they deserving of the delights and fruits which will be harvested in winning this war against Satan.

We have already seen the great good which is intrinsic in mankind, in the holy responses to this act of aggression against the very existence of mankind. Those who fought the warriors of Satan and caused their craft to crash rather than allow it to be used to kill thousands more in Washington, are in the bosom of Abraham. Our friends in England played the American National Anthem at the changing of the guard before their Queen, displaying for the world their God based union with America. Father Michael and his brothers and sisters in the New York Fire and Police Departments, and ordinary citizens of a multitude of countries at the site of the New York attack, offered their lives to save the lives and souls of those trapped and killed in the World Trade Towers, offering the greatest gift which one can make. Yassar Arafat gave blood for the survivors of the attack, both to assist and as an outward expression of his horror and grief. Palestinians who initially rejoiced over the attack became somber and thoughtful as they realized the magnitude of this initial attack of the 21st Century and its grave meanings, significances, consequences, and horror. People of New Orleans, a city which wealth has by-passed, collected over three hundred thousand dollars in less than an evening, to donate to the needs of those who have been harmed in the attack. And so has the world responded.

And where is Satan's present day human general, Osama bin Laden? Is he in the

Osama bin Laden and Timothy McVeigh

forefront leading his troops? No! Like Satan he is in hiding, fearing the just retribution in the Anger of God.

Though as we write, Osama bin Laden has not been proven to be the one who ordered this attack, all must decide whether each will be a cowardly follower of Satan, or emulate the example of those firemen who raised the American flag overcoming the midst of destruction. We must not cower in hell. We must raise the flag of Christ, the Holy Cross, in war against Satan.

+ Paul, S.S.B.

If we engage this war without prayer, this may be the last shot fired in this war.

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The ALA holds that: Library policies and procedures which effectively deny minors equal access to all library resources available to other users violate the Library Bill of Rights. The American Library Association opposes all attempts to restrict access to library services, materials, and facilities based on the age of library users.

The ALA promotes children connecting to the Columbia University WEB site, which has a section (easy to get to) which covers sexual topics in explicit detail, and has a special section covering the following:

genital wonderings

about men

Shoe size as predictor of penis length

Scent of an uncircumcized penis

Boyfriend's uncircumcized penis smells [Reader's Response]

Don't sweat small penis size!

[Reader's Response]

Crook in penis puts crimp in sex life

More about penis size

[Reader's Response]

Achy-Breaky Blueballs

You're so vein(y), penis

Frenulum function

Penis overuse

Penis has scar tissue?

What is priapism?

More about curved penis

Peyronie's disease

Scrotum sense

Testy testicle

Whom should I thank for my penis?

Tremendous testicles

What are testicles for?

Tired of his foreskin

Boyfriend's uncircumcised penis smells

Riding high testicle

Size of penis

Decrease penis size?

Increase penis size?

Large testicle?

Right testicle riding up?

Adult male circumcision?

Male with large nipples

The small penis club

Curved penis

about women

What should I do with her breasts?

Curious about her body -- What is my penis hitting?

Virgin is eager to use tampons, but worried about hymen

Into which opening is the penis inserted for sex with a woman?

Women's urine exits from?

Is vagina more sensitive than clitoris?

Clitoris -- Where is it? Why doesn't it work?

Changes in vaginal scent

Clitoris swells?

Where does the penis go for intercourse?

Where is the clitoris?

Hymen stretching

Is my vagina normal

Vaginal mucus or turned on?


Is this what you want your second grader exploring, especially on their own?


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What is the "Gay" Agenda, in the well planned attack on humanity through sexual perversion?


BY California State Assemblyman

Steve Baldwin

"In any campaign to win over the public, gays must be portrayed as victims in need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex to adopt the role of protector... the purpose of victim imagery is to make straights feel very uncomfortable; that is, to jam with shame the self-righteous pride that would ordinarily accompany and reward their antigay belligerence, and to lay the groundwork for the process of conversion by helping straights identify with gays and sympathize with their underdog status."

Homosexual authors Marshall Kirk & Hunter Madsen in "After the Ball: How America will Conquer its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 1990s"

"Starting from Kindergarten, again and working its way all the way through high school. This idea of talking about it one time in high school, well we know that doesn't work. We need to start tackling this at the very early ages. This is war ... As far as I'm concerned, there's no room for conscientious objectors. We've got to be involved in this war."

Dr. Virgina Uribe, Founder of "Project 10,11 a Los Angeles Unified pro-homosexual counseling program

What AB 101 would actually do to our schools:

1) AB 101 would prohibit "discrimination" in the recruitment, hiring and promotion of teachers, faculty, and school staff based on "sexual orientation". In essence, homosexual quotas will be unofficially pursued by school administrators out of fear of lawsuits by the homosexual community. While the bill is vague on whether actual quotas will be required, It is almost certain that pro-gay attorneys will use AB 101 to argue minority status for homosexuals, thereby requiring schools to adopt and implement plans for increasing the percentage of homosexual employees.

2) The defining word throughout AB 101 is "sexual orientation." However, case law (Beaty v. Truck Insurance Exchange) defines sexual orientation as referring," to a person's sexual habits, practices, predilection or compulsions with respect to heterosexuality, homosexuality, etc." This definition of sexual orientation opens the door to litigation by those who practice other sexual habits such as bestiality, sado-masochism, etc., all claiming to have special rights under this broad definition of sexual orientation.

3) AB 101 would prohibit discrimination in financial aid and specifically mentions the Cal-Grant program. This will clearly lead to quotas in the awarding of financial aid, again simply to avoid litigation.

4) AB 101 would prohibit discrimination in curriculum. The practical effect of this is that school districts will have to adopt textbooks that place the gay lifestyle on the same moral level as the heterosexual lifestyle. All mention of families in any textbooks, video, or handouts will have to include mention of gay families. Anything less would invite lawsuits.

5) AB 101 will infringe upon the first amendment rights of free speech and religion. For example, if a Christian public school teacher happens to state his opinion that he believes in the Biblical view of homosexuality as sinful behavior, the teacher could lose his job and be charged with violating the law -- even at the University level!

6) AB 101 will prohibit campus religious groups from prohibiting homosexuals from joining their group, thus leading to a scenario in which gays could take over a campus fundamentalist group. Any campus religious group that teach the Biblical view of homosexuality could lose their charter under AB 101.

7) AB 101 states that no "interscholastic athletic association, of which any public school is a member, shall discriminate against, or deny the benefits of any program to, any person on the basis of ... sexual orientation ..." This will be interpreted by liberal judges to justify the banning of all sports competition with private religious schools that teach that homosexuality is wrong or refuse to hire homosexuals. Bear in mind that many public school athletic leagues include private religious schools.

8) AB 101 prohibits a school from sponsoring "any activity that reflects adversely upon persons because of their ... sexual orientation." This language will likely be interpreted by the courts to prohibit the use of school facilities by churches (hundreds of churches rent school facilities) who are opposed to homosexuality. The Boy Scouts, due to their stance against hiring homosexual Scout leaders, could also be prohibited from meeting on school campuses.

9) AB 101 would nullify several existing sex education codes, since the bill states that instructional materials may not "contain any matter reflecting adversely upon persons because of their .... sexual orientation." This passage will nullify Section 51551 of the Education Code, Section 2(b)(6)which states that "course material shall teach honor and respect for monogamous heterosexual marriage." All sex education courses would have to describe the homosexual sex act or be accused of discrimination.

10) Many AIDS education courses today refer to certain homosexual acts as dangerous and unhealthy. Since AB 101 prohibits anything that portrays homosexuality "adversely," all such cautionary language will have to be removed.

11) AD 101 will infringe on the rights of parents to control the values taught to their children in public schools. The courts have repeatedly ruled that parents have this right (Hodgson v. Minnesota, Pierce v. Society of Sisters, etc), but under AD 101, young school children will now be exposed to constant positive portrayals of a lifestyle that is opposed by the vast majority of parents on moral grounds.


Gay youth are much more likely to commit suicide than heterosexual youth and therefore need extra protection.


This myth is traced to a report that, according to material distributed by Ms. Kuehl's activists, was published by the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services in 1989.

However, like so much of the material distributed by the gay community, it has no basis in reality. The report in question, by gay activist Paul Gibson, was simply an addendum to a official report on youth suicide released by HHS and was later dropped from the report altogether.

Nationally, Gibson's report was repudiated by HHS Secretary Dr. Louis Sullivan, who publicly distanced his department from it due to the fact it was full of factual errors, distortions, and, according to Dr. David Shafer, a leading authority on youth suicide, "was never subjected to the rigorous peer review that is required for publication in a scientific journal ..."

Furthermore, even if research does some day show that gay youth have a higher suicide rate, this is not an argument for special protection. Indeed some researchers believe that the aggressive campaign to convince our youth that homosexuality is normal via our public schools, the media, and the arts, has created a generation of youth confused about their sexual identity, thus encouraging depression. If this is true, the solution to countering a rise in gay youth would be to prohibit the promotion of the gay lifestyle within our public institutions such as schools.


Ten percent of society is homosexual, including ten percent of all students.


This figure is derived from sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, who based this number on a survey of 5,300 men which included mostly former or present prisoners, sex offenders, leaders of homosexual groups, and male prostitutes.

For anyone to suggest this was a representative sample is ludicrous. There have been over 30 studies since the late 1940's Kinsey study that have found the average percentage of men who are homosexual ranged from .5% to 2%. Women are about half that.

The most comprehensive study is the continuing study conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau since 1988 for the National Center for Health Statistics of the Center for Disease Control. This study confidentially asks around 10,000 subjects about their sexual preferences every three months and the result has always averaged to be less than 2%. Even liberal Newsweek magazine called the 10% myth "ideology, not sound science." (see attached)


"Gay students are born that way, therefore all school policies, curriculum, events, etc. should have to treat homosexuality as equal to heterosexuality."


Despite highly publicize studies claiming that homosexuality is genetic, these studies have been seriously discredited by some of the world's leading geneticists and research scientists. Dr. William Byne and Bruce Parson, research psychiatrists at Columbia University, conducted a review of all the "gay gene" studies and concluded: "Recent studies postulate biologic factors as the primary basis for sexual orientation. However, there is no evidence at present to substantiate a biologic theory, just as there is no compelling evidence to support any singular psychosocial explanation."

The LeVay "gay gene" study, the Bailey/Pillard "twin" study, the Hamer "twin" study, all had serious mythological flaws, left out key factors, or simply could not be replicated by other scientists. Hamer, a gay activist, apparently falsified some of his information according to one of his associates. Even pro-gay sex researchers Masters & Johnson and Alfred Kinsey both ridiculed the idea of a gay gene. In the course of counseling thousands of gays these researchers saw definite patterns in the lives of homosexuals, ranging from early traumatic experiences like molestation to abusive or absent parental figures.

Furthermore, if being homosexual was unchangeable, why are so many homosexuals changing back to heterosexuality after counseling? Ex-gays have established numerous groups, such as Exodus, to help homosexuals leave the homosexual lifestyle and thousands have done so. Even Masters & Johnson reported a 79.1 percent immediate success rate for their homosexual clients and a 71.6 success rate after five years as reported in the American Journal of Psychiatry (Feb. 1984). The Kinsey Institute conducted a study in 1970 that found that 8101 of 684 gays and 93% of 292 lesbians has changed or shifted either their sexual feelings or behaviors after age 12. 58% of the gays and 77% of the lesbians reported a second shift in sexual orientation; 31% of the gays and 49% of the lesbians reported a third shift; and 13% of the gays and 30% of the lesbians reported even a fourth shift in sexual orientation. Unlike biological changes, the shifts in sexual orientation began at age 18 or later for half of both gays and lesbians.

Sexual changes, five or more years after puberty, are exceptionally late and without biological precedent in development. But changes in tastes (e.g. food or entertainment) often take place around age 18.


Homosexual students need special protection in our schools against intimidation, harassment, and assault.


Existing law already protects everyone from intimidation, harassment, and discriminatory behavior against them because of, among other characteristics, their sexual orientation.


Civil Code 51.7 makes it illegal, as it pertains to civil law, to intimidate by threat of violence against people because of their "sexual orientation." Such offenses are punishable in civil law and persons can be held liable for actual damages, exemplary damages, and a civil penalty of $25,000 to be awarded to the person denied the right provided by 51.7.

Penal Code 422.6 makes it a crime to force or use threat of force, willfully injure, interfere with, oppress, or threaten any person because of, among other characteristics, their sexual orientation. Further, it makes it a crime to deface, damage, or destroy real or personal property of any person because of their sexual orientation. Offenders are punishable by imprisonment in county jail and fines.

Penal Code 422.7 and 422.75 address more serious crimes including felonies to persons or a person's real and personal property because of their sexual orientation. Offenders are punishable by imprisonment in state prison and fines.

Education Code 33032.5 enables teachers and administrators to prevent and respond to acts of hate violence occurring on their school campuses. Hate violence is defined to include acts against persons because of their sexual orientation.

Education Code 48900.3 states that students in grades 4-12 may be suspended and expelled if the pupil causes, or attempts to cause, or participates in an act of hate violence, which include acts against persons because of their sexual orientation.

Given the fact that discriminatory behavior and acts targeted at persons due to sexual orientation is addressed four separate times in our Civil, Penal and Education codes, it is clear that the argument that gay students need legal protection is a straw man. The real agenda is to force schools to advance the gay agenda.


"The homosexual viewpoint is not represented in our public schools and therefore that is evidence of discrimination."


This is totally false. In fact, the gay movement is so entrenched in our public schools that most people would be shocked. The homosexual point of view already inundates our public schools through a variety of ways:

Gay teacher organizations Labor union promotion of homosexuality Teacher workshops/in-service AIDS education curriculum Sex education curriculum County Dept. of Education efforts District promotion of gay clubs, parades, proms, etc. Pro-homosexual school counseling programs Alternative homosexual schools Pro-homosexual curriculum

Gay Teacher OrganizationsThere are dozens of homosexual teacher organizations within the K-12 system today. They have chapters, conventions, and are networked heavily with the gay movement in general. These groups have the support of the education establishment leadership.

One of the most active gay teacher groups is BANGLE, which held their annual West Coast convention just a few months ago at James Logan High School in Union City. Hundreds of homosexual teachers attended this convention which focused on how to promote homosexuality within the K-12 schools including using films, curriculum, counseling programs, AIDS education etc. Exhibition tables were present marketing books that promoted the gay lifestyle specifically designed for young children.

The keynote speaker was Superintendent of Instruction Delaine Eastin, who repeated myths about gay suicide and boasted about how California schools are doing "in-service training for teachers on how to provide services to our gay and lesbian youth." Incredibly, Eastin also stated that schools need to imitate San Francisco schools where students deemed to be confused are put in touch with homosexual faculty for "counseling."

Eastin also bashed Sex Respect, one of the most effective abstinence-based sex education programs in the state, even though state codes require all sex education programs to be abstinence based (See attached for more on Easton's comments).

Other major California gay teacher organizations include the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Teachers Network (GLSTN), Gay and Lesbian Educators of Southern California (GALE) Gay Teachers and School Workers Coalition, the Homosexual Issues Committee of United Teachers of Los Angeles and of course the Gay Caucus of the National Education Association which publishes a manual instructing teachers how to promote the gay lifestyle in our K-12 schools.

What do gay teachers groups do? According to GALE's newsletter, here is their agenda:

"Maintain speakers bureau for the presentation of sensitive lesbian and gay perspectives."

"Promote in-school programs that seek to provide counseling for gay and lesbian youth."

"Inclusion of information and recognition of homosexuality into course work in various disciplines at various grade levels."

"Promote the civil rights of lesbian and gay educators and students."

Incredibly, these groups also assist gay teachers arrested for sexual misconduct and nearly all gay teacher groups publicize the "Arrested Teachers Hotline" phone number in their newsletters. This same hotline is listed in the "Gay & Lesbian Telephone Book for Los Angeles and Orange County.,, (see attached)

Labor Union Promotion of Homosexuality

The NEA has openly promoted homosexuality within our K-12 schools for years, usually behind the backs of parents who rarely had any idea what was going on. Recently, the NEA received national coverage for its promotion of "Lesbian and Gay History Month."

Both the NEA and CTA openly promote pro-homosexual curriculum. There were 15 resolutions at the 1995 NEA convention calling for a pro-homosexual curriculum. The gay caucuses with the NEA, CTA, and UTLA are substantial and control many influential positions within those organizations. At the 1996 NEA convention, about a third of the delegates wore "NEA-GLC" buttons, produced by the Gay & Lesbian Caucus, which was co-founded by Jeff Horton, President of the Los Angeles Unified School Board.

The NEA publishes "Affording Equal Opportunity to Gay and Lesbian Students Through Teaching and Counseling: A Training Handbook for Educators." This manual advises stocking school libraries with pro-gay books, ridding libraries of anti-gay books, how to conduct pro-gay sensitivity courses for students, teachers and administrators, and how to "introduce gay/lesbian issues into all curriculum areas."

In 1985, the NEA was involved in a lawsuit in Oklahoma that supported the right of homosexuals to advocate homosexuality in the classroom.

The CTA likewise has a heavy homosexual influence. The CTA's "Human Rights Department" publishes pro-gay literature and its most recent conference in San Francisco included a workshop entitled, "Combating Homophobia in the Classroom," which was really about how to promote the gay agenda. The CTA distributes a calendar to all teachers that contains dates such as "National Coming Out Day" and "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month" (see attached). Gay activists within CTA urge school districts to sponsor pro-gay programs that revolve around these dates.

The CTA policy manual states, "Every district should develop a program which supports an environment and promotes education leading to an understanding of the diversity of sexual orientation."

Many local unions now sponsor conferences to train their gay members how to promote homosexuality within the classroom. For example, the San Diego Teachers Association (SDTA) recently announced that a "two-day workshop is being offered as a lesbian and gay educational issues conference.... to discuss student's concerns, curriculum issues, teacher training and political advocacy in action."

Teacher Workshop/In-Service

Few people realize that our schools use in-service to train teachers how to promote homosexuality.

* New Haven Superintendent and gay activist Guy Emanuele, hosts workshops for teachers which urge the following:- "Sponsor activities, assemblies, and curriculum for National Coming Out Day."

* "Identify gay, lesbian, bisexual contributors through the curriculum (history, literature, art, science, religion)."

* "Display in classrooms and on school bulletin boards, posters which celebrate the contributions of bisexuals, gays, and lesbians."

* "Bring in openly gay, lesbian, bisexual adults as resources in classes."

*"Wear LesBiGay positive button or T-shirt."

*The NEA supports "effective ongoing training programs for education employees for the purpose of identifying and eliminating sexual orientation stereotyping.... Such programs should attend to but not be limited to: accurate portrayal of the roles and contributions of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people through history....

*GLSTN, the gay teacher group mentioned earlier, is calling upon their members to "hold training seminars for school staff on how to make pro-gay changes in the curriculum."

*When a pro-gay workshop for teachers at West Covina Unified was canceled by the school board, 34 teachers filed suit and won. Judge Joseph Kalin ruled that the trustees and the administrator "restricted and censored the right of expression of teachers hired to stimulate and guide young minds." He then ordered the district to hold the workshop! Apparently, schools can now be forced by the courts to host such workshops!

*Parents of Friends of Lesbians and Gays (P-FLAG) recently boasted in their literature how they have convinced schools throughout California to hold such workshops. One of P-FLAG's success stories is the Petaluma school district, where the superintendent has not only initiated pro-gay workshops, but requires all principals to read "Prayers for Bobbie," a pro-homosexual book.

*San Ramon High holds all day pro-homosexual in-services which are required for all teachers unless they want to forego a day's salary. The presenters included a transvestite support group and a who's who of militant gay activists. Incredible propaganda was distributed, including material claiming that homosexuality is legitimatized by the Bible! The cost to the District in lost work was about $20,000 (and yet San Ramon will still beg for more funds!).

*At Logan High in Union City, pro-gay workshops are held in which teachers are given handouts that instruct them in the numerous ways to promote homosexuality in the classroom (see attached).

*The San Diego Unified School District requires that "all school and district staff" attend a pro-gay in-service so as "to increase the level of awareness of school employees about the educational and social needs of gay and lesbian students, staff, and parents." Last year the in-service was facilitated by Jan Grabowski, who won the title "Lesbian of the Year" by the gay community for her tireless efforts to promote homosexuality in San Diego schools.

*The proliferation of in-service workshops, paid for by our tax dollars, is now so common that a cottage industry has grown up around it with dozens of private groups and activist organizations all vying for contracts with school districts to teach an in-service. One organization, Institute for Sexual Inclusiveness through Training and Education (INSITE) was organized specifically to help schools set up workshops promoting homosexuality. (see attached).

*Even the American School Board Association now provides a list of resources to help schools carry out pro-homosexual in-service and other activities (see attached).

AIDS Education

AIDS education is a mandated course that all school districts must give. The common perception is that such courses are about the biological facts concerning how AIDS is contracted. However, it has become increasingly clear that AIDS education is being used by gay activists to convince students that homosexuality is a normal lifestyle that should be emulated.

Indeed, most districts now contract out homosexual advocacy groups to conduct AIDS education courses. Such presentations routinely violate our education codes but these codes, when it comes to AIDS and sex education, are rarely enforced.

The exception to this is the celebrated AIDS education controversy known as the Bruce Budnick case. When two guest speakers from a San Francisco gay advocacy group called Community United Against Violence exposed his 11 year old daughter at Everett Middle School to explicit descriptions of homosexual practices, including how to use dildos and perform anal sex, Budnick, a liberal Democrat, went on a five year crusade to revoke the credentials of the two teachers responsible. He succeeded, but San Francisco Unified did everything they could to stonewall the inquiry and subsequent investigations.

The Community United Against Violence has set up a "Lesbian/Gay Speakers Bureau" to provide gay speakers to schools. The manual trains speakers how to handle certain questions that students might ask. Here is an excerpt:

"What about man/boy love?

This question is usually not phrased in this way. Members of the audience usually ask, 'What do you think about men having sex with little boys?' or 'How do you feel about men raping little boys?' It is important to immediately label the topic as intergenerational sex', to point out that it is an issue that is not exclusive to the gay community, and to distinguish between consensual sex and forcible rape.... the media has recently given a lot of publicity to the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and almost always described that group's function as encouraging child molestation. NAMBLA's main purpose is support, not sex, and not rape. NAMBLA maybe is singled out for attack because it is a gay organization."

This handbook was approved by San Francisco Unified!

Efforts to require positive opt-in forms be signed by parents before their children are exposed to such filth failed last year in the legislature. This bill was even modified to simply require that schools use only license health professionals to present the course. It also failed!

Horror stories involving AIDS education courses in California public schools are plentiful:

Conejo Valley Unified Board member Mildred Lynch witnessed a detailed description of "fisting" by two AIDS infected homosexual males during an AIDS education seminar.

At Santa Rosa High School, homosexual advocates talked about using cellophane during group sex and said that "clear is best because you can see what you want to lick."

The San Francisco PTA president witnessed AIDS presentation at Wallenburg Traditional High School at which the speakers spoke glowing of gay sex: "I feel sorry for people who have not experienced homosexual activity. They are missing out on a great satisfaction.,, One speaker also said that "The prostate gland is located between the ass and the testicles ... you can get to it through the rectum. We massage it with the penis, with the tongue, and the finger."

A Hale Middle school in LAUSD, 12 year olds were subjected to graphic descriptions of anal sex and tips on how to dispose of used condoms so parents don't find out. A pamphlet was passed out entitled, 11100 Ways to Make Love Without Doing it."

Clair Connelly, President of the Gay & Lesbian Resource Center of Ventura County and a certified Red Cross AIDS educator, has testified before Congress that the gay community is abusing federal AIDS funds to do the following in California schools:

* Conduct explicit AIDS education programs "that encourage promiscuity" and that invite children to private "educational classes" where they are "enticed into homosexual relationships."

* "Graphically demonstrate anal intercourse ... fisting, rimming, and bondage."

* "Distribute gay and lesbian pornography to students and exchange phone numbers."

* Parental consent is rarely obtained.

* Abstinence is never taught.

California's AIDS education codes require that "instruction shall emphasize ... sexual abstinence ... " but abstinence was never discussed in any of the above presentations.

Sex Education

As long ago as 1972, the gay community has strategized about how to use sex education to advance their cause. Indeed, all the major gay groups wrote a "gay rights" platform in 1972 that called for "federal encouragement and support for sex education courses prepared and taught by gay women and men, presenting homosexuality as a valid, healthy preference and lifestyle as a viable alternative to heterosexuality."

The NEA has passed resolutions at all their conventions since the 1980's calling upon its local affiliates to agitate for sex education programs that include information on "diversity of sexual orientation." In 1993, the NEA sponsored a sex-ed workshop at the 15th national Lesbian and Gay Health Conference entitled "Gay Positive School Curricula."

There are three major sex education organizations and publishers that influence the vast majority of California sex education programs. All three openly promote homosexuality:

SIECUS. The Nation's leading sex education advocate, SIECUS produces model sex education guidelines and handouts that many districts incorporate into locally-created sex education programs. Here's the SIECUS model for sex education regarding homosexuality:

"Homosexual love relationships can be as fulfilling as heterosexual relationships ... gay men and lesbians can form families by adopting children or having their own children."

SIECUS has published articles attacking the incest taboo.

Planned Parenthood. One of the most popular sex education programs in California schools is "Changing Bodies, Changing Lives, which is promoted by PP. This text describes people who are exclusively heterosexual as extreme. Most people, the authors assert, are somewhere in between! Gay sex scenes inundate the book: "Barry, seventeen, is gay: 'I remember making out with a guy for the first time....

* ETR Associates. Based in Santa Cruz, ETR is a Planned Parenthood spin-off whose materials redefine homosexuality as a normal expression of sexuality and define all other views as homophobia. At a ETR conference in 1989, ETR leader Pamela Wilson stated, "In elementary schools we should start talking about different adult households: same sex roommates, same sex loving." ETR receives Federal Title XX funds and massive funding from the California office of Family Planning.

County Dept of Education Promotion of Homosexuality

The Alameda County Board of Education passed a resolution on October 10, 1995 which requested that all districts support equal rights for "gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth."

The Alameda County Board of Education has also held workshops for teachers to devise ways to promote homosexuality in Alameda County schools. More importantly, Alameda County Superintendent Augie Scornaienchi held a workshop at the 1995 BANGLE homosexual teachers conference about what the role of County Education Departments should be in regards to the gay agenda:

* Institute mandatory pro-gay training for teachers and administrators.

* Develop strategies to incorporate the gay lifestyle in the curriculum.

* Provide gay pride information including stocking the library with pro-gay books and posters.

* Create a "Bill of Rights" for "gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered youth.

District Promotion of Gay Clubs, Parades, Proms, etc.

Many districts are now actively promoting activities outside the classroom which advance the gay agenda:

District pro-gay advisory committees. Some districts have formed official committees whose full time task is to develop strategies to promote the gay lifestyle and coordinate all the pro-gay events and activities. The San Diego Unified School District has a "Task Force on Lesbian/Gay Issues."

Los Angeles Unified has the "LAUSD Gay and Lesbian Education Commission," which recently sponsored, "Models of Pride 111, a Conference for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth," for students as young as 15. The Gay and Lesbian Education Commission also lobbies on gay issues unrelated to education, such as the gay marriage issue (see attached) our tax dollars at work! This commission received $72,000 last year from LAUSD. Many other districts are now following the lead of San Diego and Los Angeles Unified.

Parades. Gay teachers from San Leandro High School routinely take dozens of gay students to march in the annual "Gay Freedom" parade in San Francisco.

Gay student clubs. As reported in Newsweek (11/93), gay clubs are being formed on high school campuses all over the country. Often this is done with the full support of gay teachers and faculty members. Recently a national organization was established, the Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League, based in Washington DC, primarily to assist K-12 students in organizing gay student clubs.

Gay Proms. In 1994, the Los Angeles Unified began sponsoring a gay prom which attracts gay students from 30-plus K-12 public schools in Los Angeles County. A LAUSD press release announcing the prom stated that for the first time gay students "will openly experience the magic that heterosexual students have always taken for granted. They will dance, romance, and dine without fear of exposure or rebuke." (see attached)

National Coming Out Day. Many districts are hosting gay speakers to coincide with "National Coming Out Day." For example, Montgomery High School in San Diego County issued a memo on October 11, 1995 announcing "In commemoration of National Coming Out Day and Gay and Lesbian History Month, we will have a guest speaker .... police officer Pat Cooley will share his experience working as an openly gay officer in the San Diego Police Dept..."

Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. Los Angeles Unified declares each June to be "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month" and encourages all schools to introduce children to homosexual role models that month.

Student Newspapers. Like many high school newspapers, Poway's Unified newspaper, the Iliad, annually publishes a homosexual issue "In recognition of the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Month of October." The 199S edition lists Richard the Lion Hearted, Julius Caesar, Peter the Great, Alexander the Great and numerous other famous people throughout history as gay (without a shred of evidence) and urges students to contact the Gay Youth Alliance, a San Diego-based, adult gay organization notorious for youth recruitment. This is done with the consent of Poway's administration which, as is the case with all high school newspapers, approves the content before publication.

District Political Activity. LAUSD sent 1145 young men and women form L.A. on a district-sponsored outing to Youth Lobby Day," according to a report to LAUSD by its Gay and Lesbian Education Commission. Youth Lobby Day is when gay youth from all over the state lobby legislators to support pro-homosexual bills, usually during school hours.

Pro-Homosexual School Counseling Programs While many school districts today have counseling programs that encourage the gay lifestyle, the forerunner of all such programs is "Project 10,11 developed by Los Angeles Unified in 1984.

Founded by lesbian activist Virginia Uribe specifically to promote homosexuality at the High School and Junior High levels, this program targets students believed to be "confused about their orientation," then puts them in touch with gay community groups for "counseling." Some of the questions asked to determine if a child is confused are highly leading: "Do you feel like you just don't have any information about what its like to be a gay or lesbian?"

If the student answers "correctly" to any of the questions, they are given pro-gay literature and referred to adult homosexual groups. LAUSD refers students to the "Gay and Lesbian Community Center." Project 10 literature encourages students to "find their lover at the local gay center." There is no parental consent required for counseling in California, so parents will have no knowledge of Project 10. Project 10 materials advise students not to consult with their parents until they are firmly entrenched in the homosexual lifestyle because "parents ... are part of a guilty society, a homophobic society."

The main Project 10 textbook is "One in Ten: Testimony of Gay and Lesbian Youth" which actually describes the seduction of children by gay teachers. Here is one passage:

"I am a sixteen-year-old lesbian. I have been a lesbian since I was twelve. I had known my dance teacher for three years before I was asked to give a special dance presentation in another city.... 'I want to make love to you. Let's go to bed. (my teacher said). She positioned me on the bed with my head on a pillow and my legs spread as wide as she could get them. Before long she was getting her face closer to me and kissing me; using her mouth and tongue on my c .... I became a lesbian and a woman that weekend...

Project 10 distributes literature which clearly encourages promiscuity. This is illegal and punishable by law.

The LAUSD allows Uribe to work only part time so that she can travel the state training other districts how to set up Project 10 style counseling programs.

Pro-homosexual counseling programs are now being aggressively promoted by the Unions. The NEA publishes a flier titled, "Teaching and Counseling Gay and Lesbian Students," which states, "The Association further believes that every school district should provide counseling by trained personnel for students who are struggling with the sexual/gender orientation."

The flier, dated 1994, then goes on to claim the 10% figure as the amount of population that is gay, even though it had been widely discredited by then, and goes on to recommend placing progay books in the library, use pro-gay curriculum, and "work with the school district and community groups to develop a list of organizations and agencies that can assist or provide referral for gay and lesbian students..."

The last point means that K-12 students would be put in touch with adult homosexual groups, a common feature of all prohomosexual school counseling programs.

Many California Public schools have pro-gay counseling programs, but there is little outcry since most people are unaware of such programs. As mentioned previously, no parental consent is required. We do know that, in addition to Los Angeles, Project 10 type counseling programs are active in schools throughout the Bay area and in San Diego Unified.

Alternative Homosexual Schools

Most of America's big cities have established public schools for gay students taught by gay teachers and administered by gay administrators. New York City was the pioneer in this regard, when they founded the Harvey Milk School. Los Angeles Unified has now followed suit.

Called the Eagles Center, it is a totally gay alternative high school with two locations -- West Hollywood and East L.A. -- and it will soon be opening another branch in the South Bay beach communities.

Funded by both Federal and State funds, Eagles Center was founded in 1992. Nearly all of the teachers and counselors at the Eagles Center come out of the adult gay community. Eagles Center received $3,000,000 last year, meanwhile many students in Los Angeles Unified do not have textbooks.

Needless to say, the students are subjected to unrelenting homosexual propaganda with no info allowed about programs that have successfully counseled homosexuals to return to the heterosexual lifestyle.

Pro-Homosexual Curriculum

The ultimate goal of the public school homosexual agenda has always been to control the curriculum. This has already been accomplished with both sex and AIDS education curriculum, but the main target is now classroom instructional materials. This is illustrated by a column titled "Recruit, recruit, recruit!" by Donna Minkowitz in "The Advocate," the nation's leading gay publication:

"'Next, we'll hear from a gay woman who say it's all about recruiting, Montel Williams announced. That gay woman was me I was about to go on Williams shows and talk about children, sexual choices, and the reason we need pro-gay curricula in our public schools ... I am increasingly impatient with the old chestnut that our movement for public acceptance has not increased and will not increase the number of gay men and lesbians in existence.... Firmly believing this, I wanted to go on the show to argue the morality of teaching kids that gay is OK even if it means that some will join cur ranks." (See attached)

And the gay community now has help in high places. While ten years ago those who advocated pro-gay textbooks were on the fringe, today the major players in the education community have all decided to promote pro-gay textbooks. The NEA, CTA, American School Board Association, American School Counseling Association, American School Health Association, and most importantly, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) have all issued position papers or statements to the effect that they support the homosexual agenda regarding textbook development.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development ASCD is the nation's most influential organization when it comes to curriculum and has had a tremendous impact on our public schools. In recent years however, ACSD has been dominated by those who openly advocate pro-homosexual curriculum. Gay teacher organizations recently announced that "ACSD.... has made a commitment to maintain an on-going list of organizations and curriculum materials for educators ... 11ACSD is listed as a resource by virtually every gay group.

The ACSD Bible is "Equity, Education and Safer Schools, Colleges and Universities," a massive directory of gay teacher organizations, gay curriculum items, gay videos, gay publishing houses, etc.

Multi-culturalism/Diversity Curriculum

A major vehicle for bringing the gay agenda into the classroom is by way of "multi-cultural" and "Diversity" curriculum which are currently the rage in California's public schools. Homosexuality is always tagged onto such curriculum.

Los Angeles Unified School District, for example, distributes a "Educating for Diversity" curriculum, a mandatory curriculum that parents can not opt their children out of. The curriculum contains all the usual pro-gay propaganda and lists as a goal: "Homophobia will be identified and challenged."

Union involvement with pro-gay curriculum

The teacher unions often hold workshops on how to infuse the curriculum with pro-gay themes. Los Angeles Unified official Kathy Gill stated at a United Teachers of Los Angeles "Elementary Curriculum Workshop," in 1994 that educators need "to include gays and lesbians in the curriculum as early as pre-K."

Lesson Plans

Much of the gay agenda is not just in textbooks but in lesson plans that are usually developed by the district office and revolve around specific themes or events. For example, Los Angeles Unified sent "Board Memorandum #8111 to all schools as a directive to follow a pro-gay lesson plan to "be used during June, Gay and Lesbian Pride Month," but added that the lesson plans "are intended for year-round use" (see attached). The same directive announced a new poster, "What is a family," that portrays homosexual couples and is designed for all schools, including elementary schools.


Pro-gay handouts are frequently used in the schools because, unlike textbooks, they can be collected each day, thereby avoiding angry parents. Project 10, the pro-gay counseling program, produced numerous fliers that have been distributed in schools all over the state. One flier is about how Abraham Lincoln was supposedly gay. The flier quotes heavily from a book on Lincoln by a gay activist who maintains:

"Lincoln's sexual imagination is tinged with asshole images .... for his taste in men, Lincoln was clearly an ass rather than a crotch man... "(see attached article)

A popular series of fliers, each lionizing a famous gay person, is now appearing in various California schools. The intention, of course, being to convince students that you can still be famous even if you are gay. The people profiled include body builder Bob Paris, movie mogul David Geffen, Harvey Milk, musician K.D. Lang, tennis star Martina Narvatilova, and RuPaul, the famous transvestite (see attached).


Pro-gay videos are becoming more commonplace in the schools. Two of the most popular ones are "Out of Suburbia, the Stories of Eleven Lesbians" (see attached). The current hottest seller is "Its Elementary -- Talking About Gay Issues in the School," which was recently promoted by Assemblywoman Sheila Kuehl at a State Capitol screening. This film is a training film which trains teachers how to educate children as young as six on issues regarding homosexuality. The film shows gay advocates demonstrating how to teach children that being gay is no different than being black or Jewish, a totally false analogy which has been repeatedly rejected by the Supreme Court. This film is being aggressively marketing to school districts around the country with the suggestion that districts mandate it as an in-service.

Most homosexual videos are now ordered over the Internet thanks to numerous web sites set up by the gay community, in particular a group based in Oakland called "Project 2111 which is a project of GLAAD, a gay teacher group. The web site is operated by the "Gay, Lesbian and Straight Teachers Network," (www.glstn.org/respect/) and contains a large array of gay books, gay videos, and other resources for public school teachers.


Project 21 is also very active in promoting pro-homosexual books to school districts over the mail, through the internet, and at various teacher conference and workshops. Project 21 markets books by Alyson Press, a outfit which also sells pro-pedophile books (see attached).

Alyson Press is also one of the most popular publishers of gay books for school children and are the publishers of the infamous "Daddy's Roommate," and "Heather has Two Mommies." Based in Los Angeles, Alyson Press publishes many other books such as "Gloria Goes to Gay Pride," "How Would You Feel If Your Dad Were Gay," and "Young, Gay and Proud."

Alyson Press, being the advocates they are, gives their books to school libraries for free. But the dark side to Alyson is that they also publish pro-pedophile books that glorify sex with minors. Here's an excerpt from a Alyson book dealing with how to "minimize the risk" for "men who are involved with partners under the legal age of consent.":

"Avoid situations where a number of men have sex with the same boy, or group of boys, over a period of time."

Alyson Press publishes "The Age of Taboo," an anthology of pedophile writings and the publisher, Sasha Alyson, maintains that "man/boy" love is a "civil rights" issue. Who would have ever thought that our schools, whom we trust with our children, would help maximize the profits of those who promote pedophilia? Incredibly, such views have not stopped the gay community from promoting Alyson Press as the nation's premier publisher of gay textbooks for youth.

Project 10 also distributes lists of gay books to school districts.

Steve Baldwin represents the 77th Assembly District located in san Diego County. The district stretches North from El Cajon South to Chula Vista.


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Suffering from hair follicle incontinence, nose picking urges, extreme intractable hardheadness and unreasonable position taking, teaching children to pass examinations but not to learn, or near terminal flatulations? If YES, ask your doctor to prescribe Spiffybutin.

Spiffybutin is an experimental and non-approved medication produced by the Carbolic Smokeball Prophylactic Pharmaceutical Corporation.

When compared with a placebo there was absolutely no difference found in the performance of the placebo and Spiffybutin.

Side effects of Spiffybutin have been found to include loss of little toes, ear lobes, an arm and a leg, your immortal soul, and the entire contents of your bill fold - which ever is more important to you; and may be avoided by not taking Spiffybutin.

So, the next time you see your physician, ask him to prescribe Spiffybutin, because we have a really nifty commercial.


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The 22nd of January, 2001 A.D., marked the 28th anniversary of legalized abortion in the United States of America. In those 28 years, abortion has changed from something which is permitted by the government, into something which is approved, promoted, supported, and paid for by the government. In those 28 years over 54 million babies have been murdered in abortion. Those children who have not been killed have been taught through the practice of abortion, that human life is without value, and as children and as adults they practice the lesson they have been taught. They think of no one but themselves, and destroy and kill anyone by any means for any reason, and for no reason.

They worship money and whatever it is that they want at any given moment. They lie, cheat, steal, and expect to have their every wish fulfilled by someone else without any effort on their part other than perhaps scheming. They expect to pass in school without having to learn, and expect their children to pass in school without having to learn. They get handicapped parking permits when they are healthy. They get salaries equal to that of forty people, just for playing sports or acting in a movie, and then teach children to use drugs, to have any kind of sexual relations they want, and to live evil lives and to ignore what God wants.

In furtherance of this evil policy of destruction of the human race, the Satanic pro abortionists have bribed the voters of the USA into considering Satanists such as Al Gore, Bradley, Mrs. Clinton, and others of like evil intent, as being the only viable political candidates.

The USA is fast approaching the status of being Pagan instead of Christian. But there is still Hope for a moral America if YOU work at it too.


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A Banji Story

You can avoid sin, and that can be good, and you can do good for others, and that also can be good, but avoiding sin and even doing good things for other people only rate the potential or possibility of being good. What determines whether or not avoiding sin, or even doing good works, actually is good, is the reason one does them. Faith is the determining factor, and and one of Banji's friends is a kind of example.

Banji (he is the person who could not pronounce his own name, Benjamin, when he was little, so he called himself Banji, and the name "stuck") had a buddy named Bro. Bro was short for Breaux, which is a little strange because the names sound exactly alike, but are spelled differently.

Bro did not believe in anything he could not see or experience in some way. He believed in gravity, the force that keeps us on the ground, because even though he could not see it, he could see it at work. You jump up and come down; throw a rock up and it comes down. He could not see the wind, but he could see it make the trees and grass move, and feel it in his face. He had never been in a space ship, but he believed the astronauts really traveled into outer space because he saw astronauts enter a shuttle, blast off into the air, and transmit on TV, and one evening he even saw the shuttle fly through the air like a fireball on its way to land, and he saw its landing on TV.

But Bro did not care to even think about God, because he had never seen God, and did not think he had even experienced something from God.

Banji asked Bro how Bro thought he, or anyone else, happened to be in existence, and how the planet, and for that matter, the whole universe, was here, and how it stays here. Bro said it did not matter to him hay anything was here, or how it stays here. Bro just was interested in what ever turned up for him from moment to moment, and in doing what he wanted to do and seeing to what he wanted for himself.

Bro would often do nice things for other people. Sometimes he did nice things because he liked seeing other people happy, but he never did nice things for other people just because that was the thing to do. As Bro got older, he really stopped doing nice things for other people just because he liked to see them happy, and eventually only did nice things for other people when there was the potential for "something in it for himself".

This was very strange, because Bro was a very kind and good person at heart. He was very loving and tender, and deep inside he believed in God, but there is a difference in believing in God and having Faith, and Bro did not want to have Faith because then he would have to believe that he would be accountable to God for the selfish things he had done throughout his life. He knew if he had Faith, and did not try to live like God wanted him to live, that he would be acknowledging he had been wrong and had lived in an wrongful manner. But deep inside Bro knew he had lived in a wrongful manner.

When the disciples saw Jesus change the water into wine at Cana, they wanted to have Faith, and so they believed in Jesus and had Faith in Him, and their Faith was strengthened and confirmed by the miracle. This gave them reasons for doing good works, and avoiding sin, without their obtaining anything from other people. What was their main reason for trying to avoid being bad and their reason for trying to become good and to do good? Their reason was, that Jesus asked them to try to do these things.

And this same thing, Faith, is the reason some of the people who saw Jesus work miracles believed in Him and followed Him and tried to do what He wanted. And not having Faith is the reason some people did not try to do what Jesus asked, even though they had seen the same miracles those with Faith had seen.

It took a long time for Banji to realize his friend, Bro, had rejected the gift of Faith that God had offered to Bro. Banji would sometimes become very frustrated because he loved Bro very much, and knew all the good that was really within Bro, but he did not know any way to get Bro to accept the gift of Faith that God had offered to Bro. Banji prayed for Bro, and he still prays for Bro today. He prays that Bro will accept the gift of Faith from God, and then "square" himself with God, but that is all Banji knows to do for Bro, because not even God will force someone to receive the gift of Faith.

We must always remember that God the Father has given us many gifts, chief amongst them are the Gifts of His own Son, Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Spirit. He has also given us three beautiful Gifts to make everything else work: the Gifts of Faith, Hope, and Love. Love is the greatest Gift, for without Love, Faith is without Hope. But Love can only exist in the emotional - physical - intellectual plain, unless there is Faith. Faith is the thing that allows Love to grow into the spiritual plain, and Love with Faith make Hope change from a shadowy and vague thing, into a viable, living part of our life.

Ref: Rom 12:6-16; John 2:1-11


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What God Offers Is Good, And Is Better Than That Which You Can Provide

A Banji Story

There was a family that lived about two blocks from Banji (his full name is Benjamin, but when he was little he pronounced his name Banji, and that is what everyone still calls him). This family, their name was Blowit, was very close knit, every person in the family being very supportive of other family members, and somewhat suspicious of people who were not part of their family. When one of the Blowit's would get older and marry, they would buy a house close to the houses of the other members of the family, and after several years the Blowits populated several houses for a couple of blocks on the same street. They even had the name of their part of the street changed to Blowit Place.

When the houses around Blowit Place were originally built, there was no central sewerage and drainage system, so everyone had septic tanks and the streets drained into ditches on the side of the road. As more families moved into the area, the people began experiencing problems with their sewerage systems and street drainage. Septic tanks designed for a family of four could not handle the load as more children were born, and the toilets would occasionally back-up. When it rained very heavily the streets sometimes flooded because the ground could only hold a certain amount of runoff from the drainage ditches.

The people who lived in the area decided to get together and install a central sewerage system, and a central street drainage system, but not one member of the Blowit family joined with their neighbors to have the systems installed. the reason the Blowits did not join with their neighbors is the Blowits decided to install their own sewerage system just for their family, and since they owned all the houses on each side of the street for two blocks, they decided they could handle the rain water runoff for just their houses without any problems.

All the other people in the neighborhood wound up paying about one month's income for each house for the sewerage and drainage system, because while there were more pipes and capacity that had to be installed for several hundred houses than for just the Blowit families, still, the cost was spread out over several hundred families. However, the Blowit families wound up paying almost five months income for each house for their system, because the smallest system they could purchase was designed for a neighborhood, not for just a few houses.

The Blowits are the kind of people who think they know more than anyone else, and that they never make a mistake. They think their ideas are better than anyone else's ideas, and they do not like to work with people who are not part of their family. And they seem to be unable to ever admit they have made a mistake, even when it is staring them in the face.

When the roads in the area needed to be resurfaced, the government offered a grant to help the neighbors if they would all agree to have concrete roads installed instead of the gravel and clam shell road surfaces that had been installed originally.

The Blowits just could not believe that the government would provide a grant, and pay one-half the cost, even when it was explained to them that the government wanted to have the roads paved because it would improve all of the area. So all the Blowit families did not accept the grant money, and when everyone else had paved streets, the Blowit families still had muddy, gravel and clam shell streets.

When the Blowits finally realized they had all paid much more than they had to pay for their sewerage and drainage systems, and that everyone else had paved streets but they still had bumpy and rutted unpaved streets, they became jealous of all their neighbors. They would make nasty remarks about their neighbors, and if they could find a way to hurt their neighbors or to hurt their feelings, the Blowits would do the hurtful things.

However, a few members of the Blowit families began to realize their way of doing things was not a good way, that it was actually a harmful way of doing things. They began to realize it was not right and was not nice to be hateful towards other people just because the other people were not members of their family, and because the other people were willing to work together for everyone's benefit while the Blowits were not. These members of the Blowit family eventually moved away from Blowit Place, and changed their last names - some called themselves the Browns, others used Blanchard, and names like that.

But the people who stayed on Blowit Place hated their relatives who left, and called them traitors to the family.

The Blowits and their neighbors are like those people who decide not to listen to Jesus, and those who decide to listen to Jesus . The ones who listen to Jesus and try to do what He wants, get the good things God has to offer, sometimes in this life, but always in the next life. The ones who do not listen to Jesus wind up getting stuck in the mud, and their spiritual toilets back up.

Ref: Rom. 12:16-21; Mat. 8:1-13


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OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE has a TV commercial where two men at a campfire wish to increase the campfire to a barn fire, so they use chain saws to destroy a neighboring house and burn the pieces. As they feed their barn fire, a party develops. Then one man asks the other if he knows whose house they have destroyed. The other man answers that he does not. This is all done in a jocular tone. While the commercial may be unlikely to induce anyone to tear down a neighbor's house and burn it, the commercial does promote irresponsible behavior and does make very light of it. We do not need inducements to irresponsible behavior. Because of this commercial, Outback Steakhouse is an irresponsible corporation.


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One's Call To Wholeness--A Reflection

Archbishop Augustinus, S.S.B.

(John A. Corcoran)

When considered in Jungian terms, the perfection of man's inner image is the primary task confronting man as he sets about to perfect the world. Indeed it is a technique of Carl Jung, analytical psychology, that provides the method of operation whereby man can perfect his inner image; this involves an empirical. approach to the sphere of the psyche. For Jung, the psyche is as real as the physical, and although it is not observable as a material phenomenon, it is still to be completely experienced. The psyche has its own structures, with its own particular mode and means of expression, and it is through the psyche that we come to a knowledge of the world and a knowledge of our being. It is the agency by which man has any possible understanding of history, culture, science, nature, biology, the Scriptures, as well as an understanding of himself. Jung's system is a "practical science" rather than an academic one. He means by the psyche something more than is generally regarded as soul or mind. Psyche is "the totality of all psychological processes, both conscious and unconscious." Jung's aims and goals are to investigate the psyche as the organ with which we are endowed for comprehending the existing universe, to observe its phenomena, to describe them, and to bring them into a meaningful system.

The intention of Jung's analytical psychology is to bring the individual to a state of wholeness, of psychic health, of knowledge and perfection of his personality, and it intends to do so in a practical way, encouraging the individual to find the means of his own healing. Wholeness of personality is attained when the two parts of the psyche, the conscious and the unconscious, are joined together and stand in a living relation to one another. This is the ideal of Jungian psychotherapy. The analyst plays an important role in the healing process, but only as the analyst is willing to actually live with the difficulties of the other person. The psychotherapist can bring those whom he leads only so far as he himself has come; this implies an active, dialectical relationship with the patient.

However, psychic wholeness is always a relative notion, a realization of man's being which is an objective to be grasped during the entire life of man. Jung, in his Integration of the Personality (N.Y.: Farrar & Rinehart, 1939) p.287, asserts that "The personality as a full realization of the wholeness of our being is an unattainable ideal. Unattainability is, however, never anything against an ideal; for ideals are nothing but signposts never goals." The full realization of personality can never become a historical actuality because the unconscious can never be made completely conscious and because the unconscious contains the greater amount of energy. Jung's impossible ideal brings with it the potentialities for man to become truly human. It means that man accepts the call of destiny found deep within his own unconscious. Only then does he become a personality; only then does he possess the ability to become part of a community - a living organism that receives life and The realization of oneself, in both the ideal sense and the realistic sense, in both an individual sense and a collective sense, is what Jung terms the way of individuation, that is, becoming an individual being and, in so far as we understand by individuality our innermost, final, incomparable uniqueness, becoming one's own self. Hence, the objective of wholeness is man's recognition of his uniqueness in relationship to his collective responsibilities, and also his recognition of his uniqueness in its place within the whole. This process of individuation is an intense analytical effort. Jung describes it as the approach of the personality toward a psychic totality. It brings one ultimately to recognize oneself for what one by nature really is and not what one would like to be. This process recognizes the scientific character of the unconscious elements in the psychic development of personality.

The way of individuation, or the objective of self-realization, is the highest task that man can set for himself. For oneself it means that one anchors oneself in the eternal and indestructible, in the primal nature of the objective psyche. The individual places himself in the eternal stream, in which birth and death are only stages on life's way, and in which the isolated ego is no longer the sum total of life's meaning. Man is related in a new way to his fellow man, in a way of kindness and compassion because he himself has experienced the darkest side of life. He is related differently to the collective, too, because he can present to the collective an individual who is maturely responsible for the obligations assigned to him by his place in society. Jung's analytical objective is the whole person, the person who can stand in responsible relationship to both an individual consciousness and to the collective.

The way of individuation, determined by Jung, is a process involving archetypal symbols. The first stage leads to the experience of the shadow, which is the archetypal figure of the "other aspect" of the personality. Man may meet his shadow side in several ways: when his functional and attitudinal type are made conscious, that is, when he has differentiated only his principal function and attempts to apprehend inner and outer realities solely with his experience; or, he may encounter the shadow in an inner symbolic figure, in a dream representing one or more of the dreamer's mental traits in personified form; or, it can represent an outer figure, someone taken directly from one's own environment; or, the shadow may be a positive figure and may be the personification of the content of the psyche that has not been lived or has been excluded or repressed during one's life. The shadow bars the way to the creative depths of the unconscious with the dark mass of experience we have never admitted into our life. To confront one's shadow is to come to terms with one's own nature - the darkness that is within us, we accept as fact.

The second stage in the process of individuation is characterized by the encounter with the "soul image." It is the meeting of the anima with the animus, the meeting of the image of the other sex that we carry in us, both as individuals and as representatives of a species. While the mother is the first bearer of the soul-image, later it is those women who excite the man, whether positively or negatively. Jung affirms that when one has seen the contra-sexual function within one's own psyche - the recognition of which Jung assures his readers is an achievement of maturity -then one has one's emotions under control.

The third stage is the appearance of the archetype of the old wise man, the personification of the spiritual principle within man; the corresponding material principle is within woman. Jung believes that we can get back to the essence of man, that is, to the primordial image of an essential human nature. Man is characterized as principally spiritual in his essential nature. The individual is truly free only when he begins to recognize his own true individuality.

Finally, in the process of individuation, there is the self - the archetypal image that represents the union of both the conscious and the unconscious. It is indeed the last stage on Jung's way of individuation; it is what he calls self-realization. When man reaches this point, then he may be considered a whole man. He has then integrated his inner and outer selves into one basic reality. Life for man is completely transformed. He recognizes the impulses which have come from his unconscious; he has made them conscious and has acknowledged and recognized their reality. Here it is well to remember that the individual personality is never without its conflicts. Suffering pertains to life, and one must never attempt to escape from conflicts in a false or artificial way. Suffering which results from a genuine experience always carries with it the feeling of significance - later to be realized - and of a spiritual enrichment.

The self is the point in time and space about which our psychic life revolves; it is at the same time the goal of our conscious and unconscious lives. The self, therefore, can be psychologically justified but never scientifically verifiable. It represents that in the psyche which is unfathomable but also the indispensable presupposition for the conscious life of man. It can function as an ethical objective in terms of the goal of self-realization. One can also speak about the self in religious terms as the image of God in man. It may be likened to the Christian ideal of the kingdom of God within man. For Jung, the self is that point within the human being where God's likeness to man can be most distinctly recognized.

The way of individuation is a way bf self-knowledge and self-control in a prospective sense. It intends the construction of a psychic totality within the individual which is entirely new and which attempts to restore the individual's faith in God, or in himself, or in the meaningful and purposeful quality of life. It is Jung confronting the serious disorientation of modern life by projecting the goal of the totality and unity of all of life, including the conscious and the unconscious sides of man's being. The way of individuation is a spiritual act, an act of illumination; it confers a new spirit on man, similar to the Christian rite of baptism. Individuation makes man a transcendental being, a superior man, the man who realizes the Christ symbol within himself. His consciousness is heightened as he becomes aware of the new world in which he lives, and the broader horizon which has come into view.

The archetypal symbol of man's transcendent power is the unifying symbol, which represents all of the partial systems of the psyche integrated into the self upon a transcendentally higher plane. The unifying symbol represents the resolution of opposites, the unification of the different pairs of opposites in the psyche into a higher synthesis. This is not a metaphysical transcendence but a functional transcendence, in which the personality has been transformed, and at which point the process of individuation reaches its end. Equilibrium has been reached between the ego and the unconscious.

Jung interprets the experience of the self and the realization of the self in terms which are religious and theological. The experience of the self is similar to the experience of God. The goal of individuation enables man to experience the Godlike or Christlike quality within himself. Christ becomes for Jung the archetypal symbol for the full integration of personality. But God and Christ are found within the soul. Meister Eckhardt's "God must for ever be born in the soul," was much favored by Jung. For him, God will appear in man by means of the process of individuation, and redemption becomes a spiritual journey in which the self comes to terms with itself and with the world outside of itself. Jung awakens within man the need to find again the meaning of life, a meaning which for many can only be derived from the historic Western religions of Judaism and Christianity. He criticizes the rigidity of dogma and ecclesiastical institutionalism but not the spiritual deliverance and freedom that Judaism and Christianity hold out as moral and spiritual objectives for man.

For Jung, the various world religions give information about the mysteries of the soul. They are symbolic expressions of the process of individuation, but lack the qualities of what Jews and Christians mean by revelation. The events of biblical revelation can never be more than symbolically appropriated; if they offer health, they do so only in internal and spiritual ways. But the process of individuation is found already within the Christian faith tradition. It is specifically the Christian mystical tradition (Ref. Meister Eckhardt), that Jung holds up as normative for the Christian experience, but this is inadequate to the rich diversity of experiences possible within the Christian faith tradition.

The favor with which Jung looks upon the Christian mystical tradition is not extended by him to the Church. In fact, the Church comes in for his greatest criticism. He asserts that the total life of the collective unconscious has been absorbed into the dogmatic archetypes of the Church. For him, it was not speculative philosophy that created Christianity but an elemental spiritual need of the masses who were vegetating in the darkness. The Christian faith is that symbolic attempt to provide unity to the collective unconscious. Psychologically, the process of individuation leads the individual to knowledge of the unknown through an inner experience, whose validity is affirmed only by the individual who has experienced the unknown. Here, Jung might be considered to have brought us to the point where knowledge of the divine is attained by private means. However, with respect to an individual's wholeness to which he is called and at which he arrives through the process of individuation, these now need to be considered in the light of Scripture.

The individual is one who is capable of knowing and loving God. But he has been made with this potentiality only because he is also capable of receiving God's communication, in knowledge and love, in and through the world around him. If God's essence is love, as Judaeo-Christianity reveals to us, then He is always seeking to share His being by communicating His presence to us, whom He created according to His image and likeness (Ref. Gen. 1:26a) through His Word. God becomes a God-towards-others by communicating Himself in Scripture and in the gifts of creation, through His Word and His Spirit of love. The entire world around us is being created in God's burning desire to give Himself in faithful communication to us, through His Word. God is filling the universe with His loving Self. "He loveth righteousness and judgment; the earth is full of the goodness of the Lord. By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth" (Ps. 33:5-6).

Not only does God communicate Himself in creation, but He is a sustaining, directing God. He evolves His presence that is locked into His creation through His Word that is continually being communicated down through the centuries. No human being can complain that God has never spoken in Scripture, as His Word, to him, or to her. Paul clearly shows the universality of all human beings in God's revelation of Himself in all creation: "Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened" (Rom. 1:19-21).

Of all the millions of creatures made by God, man and woman alone remain incomplete. Our human uniqueness consists of being made in the image of God. Through possessing an intellect and a will, we are able to enter consciously into communication and ultimately communion with God, to share His very own happiness and nature as being love. This is the wholeness to which each individual is called. We are being summoned by God continually, in every moment of our existence, in each event, to receive actively God's word. We are called to be listeners of God's Word, to understand and believe in His Word as set down in Scripture. But we are not propelled into our uniqueness as individuals by a pre-determined guidance on God's part. His only determination is to invite and call us to accept our existence by means of a decision to live according to His Word, and thereby, answer our call to wholeness.

God calls us to receive His love through the communication of His Word in His Spirit of love. But the language of love is silence. Jesus speaks of the necessity of our entering into our "closet" when we wish to express our love in prayer, and there we are to pray in spirit and in truth to our Heavenly Father: "But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly" (Mtt. 6:6). Scripture and the early Christian writers referred to this innermost self as the heart. It is into our heart, into the deepest reaches of our consciousness, that we enter in order to come face to face in silence with God.

God reveals Himself through His Word as found in Holy Scripture. We approach listening to the Word of God in Scripture, with humility and gratitude, but above all, with child-like faith that God's Word made flesh will be with us unto the end of the world in His revealed Word: "Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world" (Mtt. 28:20). Such listening to Scripture is not merely a dry study, an intellectual exercise, but it is a conscious heart-to-heart encounter with Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and always (Ref. Heb. 13:8). This living Word speaks to us of the Father's infinite, tender love for us individually, and for the entire human race, called to form the Body of Christ.

To realize this is to attain self-realization, to arrive at wholeness, to experience true happiness. We can pray to God as we yearn for this experience, but it is only through the attentiveness within, over all one's thoughts, that one can succeed in praying as Paul exhorted the early Christians: "Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you" (I Thess. 5:16-18). Thus, one's will becomes always one with God's will. One will have become whole. This is how one can truly fulfill the purpose of one's life: to love God with your whole heart, your whole soul, your whole mind and all your strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself. Paul urges us to know the will of God through the release of the Spirit: "Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is. And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit" (Eph. 5:17-18). The Spirit of God's great love dwells within us: "But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you" (Rom. 8:9a). It will surely lead us into all truth, through conscious and right discernment, if we are only sincere enough to rely on Jesus' promise that he will release his Spirit to keep us from all error and sin.


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Commonly called "Mass Cards", these 4 1/4" by 5 1/2 " (folded) Icon cards feature the above Icons, and open to reveal prayer intentions for the living and for those who have Fallen Asleep in The Lord.


For those who have Fallen Asleep in The Lord, Icon # 19 graces the cover, with the following text (reduced here to fit in this column) inside:

General Intentions For the Living, for weddings, illnesses, general need, and for the sake of prayer itself, etc., cards, have Icons nos. 4, 7, 11, and 26, and a photograph of the Icon of Our Lady of Soufanieh showing the olive oil dripping from the bottom of the Icon's frame, are available on the covers. All the Icons are full color printed cards, except Our Lady of Soufanieh, which is a color photograph.

The text on the inside of the cards for the living is given above, again reduced here to fit inside the column.

These cards are very beautiful, light gray or bamboo in color, but they are only a product - something to induce you to make a donation which we use to support the various works we provide, including publication of REUNION.

To have a person included in our prayers and at Divine Liturgy, send us a note, or fill out the form in the right column of this page and send it to us. There is no fee for the prayers and Masses, that would be Simony. These cards are also available without prayer intentions, and can be used for regular note or religiously oriented note stationery.

Consider obtaining a small supply, and send the prayer request slip which accompanies the cards when you actually use the card.

Like Monasteries which obtain donations for their Icons, or sell Icons and other items, the donations we receive from these cards are of great use to us. Your help is always appreciated.


If you wish someone to be included in our payer and Divine Liturgy intentions, please just fill in the form below and send it to us - but do not send any money. Prayers are free, the cards cost money.

Dear Fr. Paul,
Please include and remember
_____________________________________________ in
the Divine Liturgy and Prayers for the (living - dead) at Holy
Innocents Orthodox Church and its sister and mission places
of worship during the next thirty days, beginning
_____________________, 20_______, on the occasion of
Requested by (optional)
(City, State Zip)
Please mail this slip to:
Fr. Paul
Holy Innocents Orthodox Church
311 Hickory Avenue
Harahan, Louisiana 70123
or telephone (504) 738-3502
[Please note that prayer requests are also normally posted in REUNION BBS (504) 738-2681]
No charge for Divine Liturgy, just send the slip.

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Soufanieh _________ $3.00 $____________

Icon Stationery Cards: (same as Mass cards but without inside inscription, packs of 10

cards and 11 envelopes)

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Icon #7 _________ $15.00 $____________

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Icon #19 _________ $15.00 $____________

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Liturgical Calendars: (may contain errors, we try to correct them as we receive notice)

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