Text Box: Volume 13 No. 3           OF THE CHURCH
Text Box:     OF MAN WITH GOD September, 2005 REUNIONText Box: Text Box: THE ETERNAL NOW OF GOD  

The lives of Saints Peter and Paul provide a good example of how God exists in the eternal now, with what we perceive as past, present, and future, existing for God all ďat the same timeĒ in the eternal Now.

Saint Paul began his relationship with Our Saviour and His Church by persecuting Christ and persecuting the Body of Christ on earth, which is the Church.  Saint Paul was convinced of his righteousness in this persecution, and prayed with fervor.  His prayers Text Box: SOME ASPECTS OF GOD

It is very important that we comprehend as best we can, several very important aspects of God.

Only God does not change.  Everything of which we know, which we can investigate, which we can measure, which we can comprehend, changes.  Water becomes ice when the temperature drops, and becomes vapor when the temperature rises.  Humans grow, get taller, longer, wider, older, gain knowledge, add to themselves with food and eliminate waste, make mistakes, and even change their minds, opinions, and desires.  Continents are washed away and created.  Planets are formed and are destroyed.  That which does not change is the Creator who is God.  Nothing about God ever changes.

God is, in the eternal now.  Though it sounds grammatically incorrect, a better way of saying that is to say, God bees.  Another, less accurate, way of saying this is to say God exists in the eternal Text Box: ~ NAZI DEATH CAMPS, ABORTION CLINICS, STEM CELL RESEARCH, MORAL GERMAN CITIZENS, AND YOU ~

From Metropolitan Archbishop Paul, S.S.B.
To the flock entrusted into my care:

There is a real connection amongst the Nazi death camps, where some six million Jews and some eight million other people were murdered during the Nazi reign, abortion clinics of today which Text Box:  The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil 
(The Basilians - The Basilian Fathers )
Text Box: When you do not obtain what you desire, do not say that God must not have wanted you to have it. You know Godís mind?!

Too often we seem to ignore God as someone who will help us to be good. While we have our own concepts of what is sinful and what is not, if we think - and we do not have to think very carefully - we also know where our own concepts differ from what God has stated. This means that if we Text Box: CONSUMED BY THE LIGHT OF CHRIST
Bidding the World Farewell

Each of us contains the Light of Christ in varying measure; very few of us possessing it to any significant extent.  But it is an amazing light, for just a little actually illuminates the way for most of us during our whole life.  That is why most of us stumble and fall on the road of life.  But there are many who look to us for we illuminate the path we all must travel with that little light we possess - and our illumination seems to some of them to be much greater than theirs.  When we gather in worship or even just in general socialization, the accumulative effect Text Box: EVIL ENSLAVES BUT CHRIST FREES

If we live seeking things of the flesh; the the things, desires, and glories of this world, then that is all we can expect to receive, and we will live in bondage to the things of this world.

But if we have God as our focus, and attempt to live for God, then we have the Hope of living free from the slavery which the things of this world impose on those who seek this temporary world.

Anything of this world which you obtain will immediately begin to cost you money, will deplete your worldly Text Box: THE WATERS OF TRUTH

The truths, way of life, and needs of salvation given to us by God, taught by Christ, and made possible by the Holy Spirit, are like a pool of refreshing water.  The pool is at the bottom of a natural well, with walls that slope so one can climb down and up but with difficulty.  The water has no current for it never changes.  It is clear, pure, begins and sustains life, and is complete in and unto itself.  When we drink of it, we are filled with the pureness and clarity of God.  The

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