Text Box: Volume 13   No. 4          OF THE CHURCH
Text Box:   OF MAN WITH GOD December, 2005 A.D.

It can not be that God is the God of some people and not the God of others, for He is the only creator, the only God, and therefore the God of all.

Quite simply, until the Son of God became man, no man could attain union with God, no man could attain heaven.  The holiness of Moses, of Elias, of Noah, Israel, and Abraham, even though it allowed them to speak with, experience, and see the manifestation of God, did not allow them to attain that for which mankind was designed.  It did not allow them to attain union with God.

The Ever Virgin Mary was the perfect vessel for The Eternally Begotten Son of God the Father, to take and combine total human nature into Himself so that He has both the Divine Nature and human nature, Divine Will, and human will.  Upon being requested by God, she freely accepted being the mother of God.  Her perfection was dependent upon the perfection she was to bear, the perfection to which she was to give birth.

The Bearer of God awaited the coming of the Messiah just as all mankind had awaited His coming, for even in her perfection she required the coming of the Messiah who was to reestablish the ability of mankind to attain salvation.

We too anticipate the coming of the Savior, not awaiting His actions as Savior, for that He has accomplished.  Text Box: ~ HURRICANE KATRINA (and RITA) ~
From Metropolitan Archbishop Paul, S.S.B.
To the flock entrusted into my care:

We all know hurricane Katrina caused extensive damage in every State of the United States of America which borders the Gulf of Mexico. Mississippi, Louisiana, and Eastern Texas were the hardest hit.

Text Box:  The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil 
(The Basilians - The Basilian Fathers )

How short are our memories when it comes to things of God? Very short.  Saint John the Forerunner was asked if he was the Christ, and he answered that he was not, that he was the voice of one crying in the wilderness, make straight the way of the Lord.

Every Jew knew the prophets had foretold the coming of the Christ.  When Saint John was asked if he were the Messiah, the Jews were looking for an Earthly savior from the rule of the Roman Empire, but they were not Text Box: WHAT TO EXPECT FROM CHRISTíS COMING

What should we expect from Christís coming, be it His birth which has come, or His teaching, which has come, or His second coming, which is yet to come?

We know that our Redemption is at hand; indeed It was born some two thousand years ago although It is eternally begotten of the Father.  We know that the signs we see today which are sometimes referred to as signs of the end of the world, have existed in some measure in every human age, so we can not know if today is the end times.  We should therefore live as Text Box: New Orleans survived hurricane Katrina. It did not survive the ineffective operations of the federal, state, and local governments.

The mouth of the Mississippi River must be kept clear of silt to allow shipping to pass through the Riverís passes. For many years this was accomplished by dredging the channels (which, by the way, is still done today). Eventually a system of jetties which direct the force of the River in a manner to keep the passes fairly clear was developed. Before the jetties were developed, the silt from the river built up in the passes and flowed into the marshes on either side of the River. Dredging did not greatly effect the build up of silt into the marshes. The silt flowing into the marshes kept the marshes healthy, built them up, provided the material required for the marsh lands to expand, and built barrier islands off of the coast. When the jetties were built they dramatically increased the speed of the water so that the silt was carried into the Gulf of Mexico instead of being allowed to flow into the marshes and settle into the marsh. The levees which were built along side the River also prevented the silt from flowing into the marshes, thus preventing the natural replenishing of the marshes. The barrier islands did not receive the silt, and began to vanish.