Text Box: Volume 15 No. 2          OF THE CHURCH
Or, Why I Killed My Baby

“But if the enemy be hungry, give him to eat; if he thirst, give him to drink. . . . Be not overcome by evil: but overcome evil by good.” Rom. (12:20 - 21) If everyone in the world followed this instruction we would continue to have mothers killing their babies through abortion, contraceptives, day after pills, as well as the less common, repeat, less common, forms of murder which women use such as poison, beating, drowning, stabbing, shooting, and strangulation.

Those nice, wholesome, dependable, and respected people whom we call mothers, as a group, today are responsible for more deaths than have occurred in all of the wars in the history of mankind, including the NAZI death camps.

Mothers are supposed to be the heart of the family, and through being the heart of the family, they are supposed to be the heart of society, the people who hold family and society together. They have traditionally been the ones who teach children religion, holiness, Text Box: ~ WHERE ARE THE MILKING MACHINES ~
From Metropolitan Archbishop Paul, S.S.B.
To the flock entrusted into my care:

The most prevalent attire of women on television almost always includes exposure of breasts to the maximum extent possible without the women actually being totally uncovered. When a large number of women are all thus exposed at the same time on one television show, it reminds one of a herd of cows wandering towards the barn to be milked. The only thing missing from these programs is the milking machines.

Obviously the intent is to appeal to prurient interests.

But prurient interests are always totally and completely spiritually destructive; much more spiritually destructive than heroin, cocaine, or other narcotics. One can be totally dependant on narcotics without there being of necessity a detrimental effect on one’s spirit. 

As an example, in England heroin is often prescribed to repress pain associated with cancer. It allows the patient to function fully and completely, without pain, and, if the cancer goes into remission or is cured, the heroin dosage is reduced as the pain decreases. Thus the patient is fully functional, while using a severe narcotic.

In what is considered the lower class or vulgar strata of society, drugs are often a part of every day life. Cocaine, meth and other drugs which destroy the body and the mind are easy to obtain and in common use. The life style is a sub-culture, often involved in criminal activity focused on obtaining money sufficient for the next “fix”. Yet, even within this culture, it is not uncommon to find the children of the drug users well taken care of. It also is not uncommon to find the drug users have an extremely strong desire to stop using drugs, but lacking the support structure necessary to attain that goal, and to maintain a drug free life if it is ever initially achieved.

But sexual lust?

In a culture of lust one often finds the children inculcated into that culture. There rarely is evidence of a desire to escape the practices and activities. Rather, there usually is every attempt to intensify the lustful experiences. Very often the sexual escapades degrade from animalistic sensual experiences, into sadistic and masochistic practices. Use of mechanical devices and animals is not uncommon. Sexual activities between persons of the same gender become common for three main reasons: first, the “thrill” of the social “taboo” which is being broken; second, as a means of escaping the brutal dominance which often accompanies heterosexual excesses; third, it is totally unnatural and therefore one of the most extreme forms of attack on the Divinely established true natural law and therefore an expression of disregard for, and an attack against, God. All of which is very unnatural. All of which leads to lustful excesses in areas other than the sexual.

The effects of this obsession are always destructive.

As an example, recall the situation of the Israelites under Samson as Judge before he Text Box:  The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil 
(The Basilians - The Basilian Fathers )

It does not seem likely any of us will ever undergo the brutalities which Saint Paul and other holy men and women suffered; nor does it seem likely we will ever attain anything even similar to their great accomplishments. But what seems likely is not actuality for in living our everyday lives we undergo brutalities just as severe, and in those everyday lives we have  opportunities