Text Box: Volume 17 No. 1          OF THE CHURCH
Text Box:     OF MAN WITH GOD   September, 2007 REUNIONText Box: GRATITUDE

When we feel gratitude towards someone for some good which they have done for us, or for assisting us in some manner, the measure of gratitude is usually correlated to the difficulties we were experiencing. The effort and inconvenience to the one who assisted us also is a factor in the measure of gratitude we feel.

If you are carrying a package out of a store, and someone opens the door for you, your gratitude will be of the pleasant polite social situation type. If the person who opens the door for you is on crutches, your gratitude will be greater for the person who assisted you Text Box: YOUR SENSES SHOULD BE A BLESSING

Your eyes should be blessed for they see God’s works; your ears for they hear His creation, your touch for it grasps all that was made all of which was made for good to you; your nostrils for they smell and thereby notify you of both that which is for your benefit and that which can harm you; your tongue for it advises you that you may distinguish that which is healthful and that which is harmful.

But too often our senses are used in perverse ways; to pursue the perverse; to perverse God’s intent. 

Eyes seek out that which is not for them to see. They seek out forbidden pleasures. They seek out the weak that advantage may be taken of them. They seek to satiate the mind with images of reality that the mind may be delighted without having to fulfill the obligations which accompany that fulfillment.

Text Box: ~ SPIRITUAL VALUE Vs. MATERIAL VALUE, The Loss of a true friend as opposed to the loss of material goods ~

From Metropolitan Archbishop Paul, S.S.B.
To the flock entrusted into my care:

If a man sow in the flesh he will reap in the flesh; if he sow in the spirit he will reap in the spirit. What is reaped in the flesh will spoil, become corrupt, and quickly become unusable. But what is reaped in Text Box:  The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil 
(The Basilians - The Basilian Fathers )

How do we compare the reaction of a mother of today to the murder of her son with the reaction of the widow of Naim to the death of her son?

It is most likely the widow of Naim cried at the death of her son for love of him, for loss of one loved with the love of a mother.

In some instances of today the sorrow Text Box: GOD IN SERVICE TO OTHERS

One of the multitude of activities which is common to God the Father, Jesus Christ God and Man, and God the Holy Spirit, is service to creation, and especially service to mankind. God not only seems to be, but actually is, continually giving us help at all levels and in ways too numerous to list. If you can think of a situation in which a person can be, there will be a corresponding mercy given by God. It may be that the person receiving the mercy will not recognize it as being a mercy, or as being a gift, especially if the mercy from God does not remove some physical malady or adverse Text Box: POSTAGE INCREASE

The recent United States Postal Service regulations changes have increased the cost of mailing each copy of REUNION from eighty four cents to one dollar and fourteen cents. This will have an effect on the circulation of our publication.

REUNION is sent via first class mail so that we do not have to be concerned about content meeting bulk rate or non profit institution mailing regulations. This is the only means of insuring the government has no control over the content of REUNION.

Circulation is via two distinct methods: Text Box: “YOU WON’T GO TO HELL FOR EATING THAT HOT DOG ON FRIDAY”, HE SAID
But he is wrong.

“You won’t go to Hell for eating that hot dog on Friday,” the stout middle aged man said to the Priest as they both waited for the automobile repair service representative to return to the counter.

The former member of a Roman