Text Box: Volume 20 No. 3          OF THE CHURCH
Text Box:     OF MAN WITH GOD September, 2010 REUNIONText Box: been resolved.

Archbishop Andres, now Archimandrite Andres, and Bishop Fernando, now Archimandrite Michael, were instrumental in bringing the jurisdiction under and within the Ecumenical Patriarchate. The reception states in part, "the OCCG which was received in its entirety, including their former clergy, seminarians, lay ministers, catechists and affiliated membership into the canonical family of the Text Box: A CHURCH JURISDICTION MUST HAVE TWO BISHOPS AT THE VERY LEAST, OTHERWISE IT WILL CEASE TO EXIST

Small Jurisdictions which have only one bishop must seek a bishop from outside its jurisdiction to consecrate another bishop. While this is not uncommon, it opens the requesting church jurisdiction to the request it reciprocate, without the ability to determine the worthiness of the person to be made bishop - a “quid pro quo”.

If a jurisdiction has but one bishop, should he fall ill or die, the priest under his authority are unable to function since a priest may only function under the authority of a bishop.

While consecration of a bishop by just one other bishop is possible, it creates canonical problems and violates tradition. Consecration of a bishop usually is by one bishop consecrator and two co-consecrators, though just one co-consecrator is often acceptable.

Divine honor therefore requires no bishop abandon his jurisdiction without adequate provisions, and that a bishop who suddenly finds himself the only bishop of his jurisdiction immediately attempt to provide for his priest and laity.

From Metropolitan Archbishop Paul, S.S.B.
To the flock entrusted into my care:

I rarely write in the personal in this column but this topic requires the personal.

This may be the last time I use the above title, and I only use it on this occasion for the sake of formality.
Text Box: For many years I have been seriously concerned with how to protect the clergy and the laity of our jurisdiction, to provide for their ecclesiastical needs upon the event of my becoming incapacitated or my death. This concern has been not just for those in The United States, but also for those in Guatemala, Mexico, and elsewhere.

That serious concern has now Text Box: PARAMETERS OF “LOST” AND THEREFORE OF “FOUND
Well . . . a few of them.

Rejoicing because that which had been lost has been found is a concept all normal people are able to comprehend. All normal people are also able to comprehend the desire to find or reacquire that which has been lost, and likewise understand and relate to the various mental and physical activities in which a person will engage to find or reacquire that which they have lost.

The value which a person places on Text Box: THE DESIRABLE NECESSITY OF THE HOLY GHOST IN YOUR LIFE

When we anticipate the coming of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost we anticipate something different from manifestations of the Holy Ghost which occurred prior to Pentecost.

It is quite proper to think of the events of Great Flood and Noah, The Exodus and Moses, securing the Promised Land, the activities of Elias and other Prophets, the Incarnation, the Baptism