Text Box: Volume 21 No. 3           OF THE CHURCH

The basis or foundation of the initial or original temptation of Adam was the temptation of pride, and that temptation is an aspect of every temptation every human experiences. Adam could not know, and the word “know” is very important, Adam could not know temptation of the flesh before his fall Text Box: THE INITIAL AND CONTINUING FOCUS OF TRUE CHRISTIANITY IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM THAT OF ANY OTHER “THING” CALLED A RELIGION

When the various religions are contemplated, including the various false religions which term themselves Christian, all but one share a multitude of aspects including their basic foundations. That one, the true Christian religion founded by Jesus Christ, that true Church, is so markedly and extremely different in its foundation that its very difference is often overlooked, missed, and not comprehended by the other religions. It also is so basic as to be presumed to be understood by the followers of the true religion and members of the True Church.

Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, as well as the various offshoots of Text Box: ~ WHAT KIND OF “GUY” IS JESUS? ~

From Metropolitan Archbishop Lee S. Mc Colloster, S.S.B.
To the flock entrusted into my care:

The Law established by God for mankind can not in and of itself give eternal life, although in and of itself, if followed, it will establish the most just, fair, merciful, stable, and perfect society it is possible to establish under the Natural Law. It also facilitates making the Two Great Commandments an intrinsic aspect of a person’s essence, and a person’s inclination and ability to and actual performance of operating divinely and attaining eternal salvation.
Text Box:  The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil 
(The Basilians - The Basilian Fathers )
Text Box: But all of these matters are best considered in the light of example given to us by Christ Himself - in that seemingly impossible to attain phrase, “Imitation of Christ”.

Imitating Christ is much more simple than most believe, much less inhibiting and much less restrictive than many believe, and much more taxing and restrictive than many wish or desire. Our concupiscence may lead us not only to the more readily acknowledged sins of the flesh, such as sexual desires and gluttony, but also to the less readily acknowledged but equally devastating emotional sins such as desire for celebrity or power. Our concupiscence may also lead us to intellectual sins, which often satiate emotional desires, such as imposing Text Box: FORGIVENESS OF SINS AND OUR MOST IMPORTANT TASK

Empirically - that is, simply by casual observance - it is obvious that, generally, most of those who populate this world at this time have little concern about the commission of sins. Generally, those committing sins are not concerned about the sins they are committing, and those who happen to not be actively sinning at the time are not concerned about the sins they observe being committed.

This is very much not in concert, not in tune, with God’s concern regarding Text Box: SAY, “GOOD NIGHT LORD”

Something most people rarely do, or fail to do with sufficient frequency, is to be thankful - thankful to God, of course.

We can begin our thanksgiving not just for what we have, not for what we do not have, but for our existence. For every person God has created there are billions of billions of people He could have created, but He did not create them. Perhaps He loves the ones He created more than the ones He did not create - that is a Divine criteria to which we are not privy.

A person’s thanking God for creating Text Box: DO NOT ACCEPT A FIGMENT AS THE REAL GOD

The followers of the devil are persistent, roaming wherever they are able, seeking to capture and to lead astray every person possible, especially the elect - especially those of the True Church.

There is absolutely no difference amongst the followers of the devil. What difference is there between the actor or actress who displays