Text Box: Volume 21 No. 4          OF THE CHURCH
Text Box:     OF MAN WITH GOD   November, 2011 REUNIONText Box: place Him in the arms of His Blessed Mother. She holds Him to her breast. Saint Mary Magdalene cradles His feet washing His blood from His feet with her tears. You - kneel before Him in His Blessed Mother’s arms and pick up His lifeless right hand from the ground. Press His arm against your chest and hold His bloody fingers in a kiss against your lips. His peace will flood you as you find yourself in the arms of the risen Christ..

 ++ Lee, S.S.B.

God, please help me love You

We each have the primary vocation of living in accordance with God’s instructions for the sake of God, and in concordance therewith uniting ourselves as best we are able with God, and all others as well as best as we are able, and all of creation as well as best as we are able, as an offering to God for love of God.

We may have occupations which are tasked with this vocation, especially if one is a Priest or a religious. If such is the situation, when one such individual, in the course of their occupation, transgresses their vocation, as did the doctor of the law who attempted to tempt Our Lord, or the Pharisees who were in conspiracy with the doctor of the law, then a great blasphemy is committed.

But one need not be a Priest or religious to have an occupation which is tasked with the primary vocation of living in accordance with God’s instructions for Text Box: ~ WHEN THE “SOMETHING” ONE CAN NOT DESCRIBE COMES UPON YOU ~

From Metropolitan Archbishop Lee S. Mc Colloster, S.S.B.
To the flock entrusted into my care:

There are times when something which is not quite capable of being described comes upon us; as if it were a form or type of need, but it is not. 

Some think of this “something” as the need to be hugged. It is not. Some think of it as the need to hug. In a sense it is. But hugging just anyone does not Text Box:  The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil 
(The Basilians - The Basilian Fathers )
Text Box: begin to do anything to or with this “something”. Hugging your spouse is better but that also does not accomplish what is called upon by this “something”. Hugging your child(ren) or grandchild(ren) is better, but that too does not approach nor does it complete what the “something” seeks.

When you are blessed with this occurrence, you may wish to do this. Place yourself before the dead Christ crucified on the cross. Assist Saint Joseph of Arimathea, Saint Nicodemus, and Saint John, as they lower Our Lord from the cross and Text Box: ADVENT - THE TIME BEFORE THE EVENT - A GOOD TIME TO CONTEMPLATE THE EVENT

Advent is the time of anticipation of the celebration of the event of the birth of the Incarnate only Begotten Son of God. It is a very good time to reflect on this historical event which is equaled in importance only by the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of the same Word Incarnate - Jesus Christ.

This event had been anticipated for thousands of years by mankind and all people, human and angelic, since the Text Box: THE REDEMPTION - A SERIES OF ARTICLES EXPLORING ASPECTS OF GOD AND OF MAN REVEALED, EXPRESSED, AND MADE EXPLICIT IN THE REDEMPTION



Whenever we attempt to justify what we do, have done, wish to do, have omitted or not done, or to justify what we think, or an attitude we have, the attempt at justification often is supported on a foundation based in the concept that we are “finding”, expressing, exploring, maturing, our own psyche, personality, personhood . . .

Contemplate this genre of philosophy, this line of thought, in light of the reason man was created in the image and likeness of God - that reason being that each human glorify God by an homage of love.