Text Box: Volume 23 No. 2          OF THE CHURCH
Text Box:     OF MAN WITH GOD   May 2013 A.D.
REUNIONText Box: Think of the saintly people of whom you have been aware who have lived during your life. They have influenced you, have shown you it is possible to be holy, even if you seem to yourself to only be slightly holy and then only from time to time. Even though in your own eyes it seems to you that you fail miserably in your quest for holiness, those who observe your seeking to become holy are influenced positively so that they too are inclined to seek to become holy themselves. Perhaps this is part of Godís design - well, since this is an actuality it also obviously has been designed by God.

As we rejoice in the opening of the single, small, difficult to enter door to eternal life and joy with God, remember that as you attempt to enter there are very well experienced and powerful proponents of dankness and evil, who are well practiced in inducing humans to go to Hell.

For each of us the battle of our own eternal life, and the eternal lives of all whom we touch in any manner, is already engaged. If we do not wield the weapons of the Sacred Eucharist, wear the defensive armor of all the Sacraments, and follow the battle plan of the virtues, beatitudes, and works of mercy, we may well lose our own war. But if we do wield the weapons of the Sacred Eucharist, wear the defensive armor of all the Sacraments, and follow the battle plan of the virtues, beatitudes, and works of mercy, we will be victorious. We will stomp on Satanís tail while the Blessed Ever Virgin Mary Mother of God crushes Satanís head beneath her heel.

  ++ Lee, S.S.B.

God, please help me love You

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Parish, and Retreat House for
 The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Text Box: CONTENTS ARE LISTED ON THE LAST PAGE
From Metropolitan Archbishop Lee S. Mc Colloster, S.S.B.
To the flock entrusted into my care:

We celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord as a victory over sin and the effects of sin, as well as proof of the Divinity of Christ. We know we must also do our own part in attaining eternal life, that eternal union with God is not automatic.

There is another aspect of our relationship with God in this life which we will be well served to always remember. It is that Satan and the evil angels will oppose our seeking, attaining, and our maintaining any aspect of holiness.

You can be assured that for every prayer you pray an evil angel is throwing a temptation or some form of spiritual stumbling block your way. Every time you indicate in any manner any reverence for the Sacred Eucharist, or an intention to receive Holy Communion, a spirit of darkness is in your presence attempting to counter your efforts.

Attempting to avoid these evil powers and their attacks is impossible for anyone who desires to become holy or who seeks holiness. The powers and forces of evil are always watching for someone to attack, and those who desire to be with God are the ones whom they wish most to attack.

If you never pray, never consider the Sacred Eucharist, and generally do not attempt to attain holiness, all in an attempt to avoid the attacks from evil ones, you may possibly find success - Text Box: but only because you will have in fact abandoned the quest for holiness and have succumbed to and accepted being evil yourself.

Some people are most fortunate in that God provides them with some form of spiritual insulation against various forms of these evil attacks. Sometimes there seems to be an irregular cyclically applied holy barrier.

Overall, the reality is that as we manage and from time to time overcome our own innate sinful inclinations, the devil and other evil spirits launch attacks against us using everything from entertainment, news, government, and everything in the world including even seemingly chance encounters with other people - even people whom we do not know. The attacks may be couched in something of which we correctly spiritually approve, or some policy which we correctly spiritually oppose. Our proper opposition to something such as the Supreme Court legalization of abortion may be used by the spirits of darkness to induce us to entertain immoral means of opposing abortion - or even to induce despair of overcoming the evil of abortion - or even of considering those women who die or who suffer medical injury while having an abortion as receiving their just deserts, which of course, are immoral or evil positions and attitudes.

If we seek to avoid the evils of the world and the temptations and attacks of the spirits of darkness by going into seclusion we may attain some level of success. But the devil will find anyone who hides in this world. And anyone who hides also makes it impossible that they will be a holy example for others to follow; they will not be readily known to more than just a few people and therefore will not serve as an example of someone who attempts to be holy.