Text Box: Volume 24 No. 1           OF THE CHURCH
Text Box:     OF MAN WITH GOD  January 2014 A.D.
REUNIONText Box: Holy Innocents Orthodox Church
Parish, and Retreat House for
 The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil 
[Within the Ecumenical Patriarchate]
Text Box: ~ Did You Get What You Wanted For Christmas?
From Metropolitan Archbishop Lee S. Mc Colloster, S.S.B.
To the flock entrusted into my care:

Did you “get” what you wanted for Christmas?

I did.

How do I know? It is Midnight of Christmas morning. Did I open my presents early?

No. I knew, and therefore know, what I “got”, what I am going to “get”.

I “got” blessed and I did not dodge the blessing.

I was given the Savior, complete with instructions, and even the energy source was provided - batteries were neither required nor was there a need to obtain them separately. The instructions were in simple language, clear, easy and enjoyable to follow, and all the parts were there.

He is exactly what I wanted, exactly what I needed, and much more and better than I expected or ever imagined.

There is enough of Him to go around for everyone to have their full measure and more.

I hope you “got” Him too.

 ++ Lee, S.S.B.

God, please help me love You


Many Christians seem to have a finely tuned sense of justice and propriety. This sense of justice and propriety is based in the Natural Law bolstered by They Way taught to us by Jesus Christ God. There is a danger this finely tuned sense of justice and propriety may lead people to perceive mainly what is wrong with society and culture inducing them to fail to appreciate what is good - not just what is good in culture and society but what is good - period. 
All aspects of life in this world would benefit from massive moral repairs. But the sense of disorder often diminishes a person's perception of the good aspects of life. It may even induce a person to forget or no longer realize there is much joy in God's creation. There is much in this life which induces one to rejoice, to be happy, to experience joy, and this should not be overlooked. 
Europe, Eurasia, portions of the Middle East which have a Christian history, the Americas, Australia, and other portions of the world have an historical Christian background culture. It is this cultural background which combines the Natural Law bolstered by They Way taught to us by Jesus Christ, and enables the realization that the next world will be better than this for those who follow Christ, and worse for those who reject Christ. At the same time it activates the realization of how wonderful this life could be if The Way of Christ were followed. 
Other cultures - those without an historical Christian background or basis - only have the Natural Law to indicate a potential path for a better