Text Box: Volume 24 No. 2           OF THE CHURCH
Text Box:     OF MAN WITH GOD   March, 2014 A.D.
REUNIONText Box: miscarriage - is also able to pray to that child . . . even if the child was not named. 

But if he discovers his wife is using birth control pills he has no means of knowing whether or not he has any deceased children.

There are some husbands who, upon discovering their wife is using birth control pills, abstain from sexual relations because God has instilled in the husband a true sensibility and respect for human life.

But how do you pray for such babies when you do not know if they ever were? You can pray for Baby John who died at birth, for Baby Without Name (but whom you call Jane) who died in a miscarriage after four weeks, for Baby Without Name (but whom you think of as Joseph) who was killed in a surgical abortion. But how do you pray for a baby or babies who might have been conceived and were killed by birth control pill abortion? Do you pray, “for any children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, and other children of whom I am unaware who were killed by birth control bill abortion”? 

Very few people pray for babies who died through a miscarriage of which no one was aware. They are in a fashion included in general prayers for the dead.

But how do you pray for babies who may have been, and who if there were, were intentionally killed? How do you pray for someone whom you are not sure is?

 ++ Lee, S.S.B.

God, please help me love You

Text Box: Holy Innocents Orthodox Church
Parish, and Retreat House for
 The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil 
[Within the Ecumenical Patriarchate]

From Metropolitan Archbishop Lee S. Mc Colloster, S.S.B.
To the flock entrusted into my care:

Anyone who prays for the dead, especially those who pray for deceased family and friends and the deceased families of their friends, must contend with having no ability to know the extent of this population of the deceased, of having no ability to know whether or not they have included everyone they wished.

When a child is stillborn, or miscarried and dies, very often the death is known. The death certainly is known when caused by surgical abortion. Prayers may be offered for these children, if not by  name, at least by identity.

Only when the death occurs very early in pregnancy, very early in the physical development of the child, is it possible, normally, for the death to be unknown because the conception was unknown.

Virtually every death by birth control pill - more properly termed murder - is unknown because the conception is unknown.

How is one to pray for these unknowns?

Yes, it is simple to pray for all those killed by birth control abortion. But what if one is praying for their own descendants who have died: children, grandchildren, even nephews and nieces?

Text Box: When we pray for our dead, our specific dead, we pray by name, or, if the name is unknown, by identity. By way of example, if a relative has a miscarriage and the baby dies, normally one would not ask if the baby was named - the sorrow is simply too great. But in praying for the baby one knows for whom the prayers are intended. 

[ As an aside: Those who do not pray for children who die in such manner forget the child usually died without Baptism, which is the Sacrament of entry into the Body of Christ, and the kingdom of God. Ignore them in your prayers if you will, but in ignoring them you omit seeking God’s assistance for them. If you believe seeking God’s assistance for them is unnecessary, is it not better to seek assistance in such circumstance and discover seeking assistance was unnecessary, than to not seek assistance and later discover there was benefit to be obtained - for the child or even for yourself - in seeking assistance. Besides, who died and made you God?]

How does one pray for babies who may have been conceived and killed by birth control pill abortion, when one does not know if any such baby has been conceived?

A sexually active woman who takes birth control pills, then later stops taking them, and eventually begins to wonder whether or not she conceived and the baby(ies) was killed by the birth control pills she took, has no means of knowing whether or not she conceived.

A husband who knows his wife has miscarried knows they have lost a child. He is (and they are) able to pray for that child, and perhaps hoping the child is with God in Heaven - perhaps the baby was Baptized during the