Text Box: Volume 24 No. 4           OF THE CHURCH
Text Box:     OF MAN WITH GOD   July 2014 A.D.

We are readily able to conceptualize character traits which relate to the title and name Father which God has instructed us to use when referring to the First Person and Magisterium of God the Blessed Trinity. Likewise regarding the Word, with both the name and being Son of God, only begotten of the Father.

Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, is different. We know what a father is and we are therefore able to mentally touch on the concept of the omnipotent and perfect Father. We know what a son is and are therefore able to mentally touch on the concept of the omnipotent and perfect Son. But we are befuddled by a spirit. And to complicate matters, this is the omnipotent and perfect Spirit.

We do know that each Person of the Blessed Trinity is a Person and therefore each has His own will. Since there is but one God, the wills of each Person of the Blessed Trinity must be in perfect harmony so-as-to appear to our imperfect minds as to be one will.

We know the Father sent the Paraclete, the Holy Ghost, to us, in Christ’s name. We know the Holy Ghost teaches us and brings to our minds all that Christ said to us, all that Christ told us, all that Christ taught us. And He does not teach us anything which has not already been told us by Christ. (Which is interesting for it informs us that all dogma has been told to us by Christ during His time on Earth by word, deed, and any other means of informing or communicating.)

Text Box: Consider what happened on Pentecost. Those events need not be restated here; they should be general common knowledge. Considering what happened it is obvious the Holy Ghost is the enabler of humans doing that which God alone is able to do.

While the Holy Ghost does not instill in us anything which has not already been taught to us by Christ, the Holy Ghost does go where He will, enable whomever He desires, generally does what He wishes to do, all humanly totally unpredictably.

There are numerous accounts of the Holy Spirit indwelling entire communities where no one had yet been Baptized. And many of these not yet Baptized individuals exercised numerous gifts of the Holy Ghost. When this occurred during Apostolic times the Apostles hurriedly sent disciples to Baptize those people. This seems odd to those bound to the centuries old practice of Sacramentally Chrismating / Confirming only after Baptism; but it should serve as a reminder that the Sacramental imposition of the Holy Ghost in Chrismation / Confirmation is but a shadow of the Holy Ghost’s deciding to indwell in a person.

The indwelling of the Holy Spirit prior to Sacramental Baptism should put all creatures on notice: that it is impossible to persuade, control, command, cajole, restrict, or otherwise influence the Holy Ghost. Period.

Those who project the concept they are able to control or command the gifts of the Holy Spirit, or exercise the gifts of the Holy Ghost at their own discretion, are therefore liars. Examining the application of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, it appears the exercise of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, particularly the more spectacular applications, are spontaneous events