Text Box: Volume 24 No. 5           OF THE CHURCH
Text Box:    OF MAN WITH GOD  September 2014 A.D.
and a caution against engaging in corruption in the course of carrying out - fulfilling - our commission

Our Lord and God Jesus Christ has given us the commission to teach all people all things whatsoever He has commanded us. What we are to teach is not simply a list of things to do and things not to do. It is a way of life wherein all aspects of life are inseparably interwoven in Charity, which in our limited mental abilities we know as Divine Love - this is what we are commissioned to teach. This way of life is continually espoused to us unchanged, as it was told to Our Lord by God the Father to be continually presented and promoted to us. The Holy Ghost, God, is continually with us to  remind us of our commission and to assist us in executing our commission, to assist us in following The Way, and to assist us in teaching, promoting, and instilling The Way as the exclusive way of life for all of mankind - which for the politically correct is all of humankind.

God is very lenient and kind to us in that He does not demand we be constantly perfect in following The Way - nor are we to be lackadaisical. But He does expect us to follow The Way, to, as it were, remove the beam from our own eye so that we will be able to better see to remove the mote from our brother’s eye.

While God is lenient He also is the ultimate in justice and propriety. Very many people corrupt themselves through greed, selfishness, laziness, desire to control - to usurp God from Text Box: His throne, and a multitude of other evils. Many of these people, when they die, are so corrupt that there is nothing good left to purify. Many people, when they die, reject purification. Amazingly, there are great numbers of such people. They go to Hell for all eternity.

Part of our commission from God is that we attempt to persuade or somehow “get” these people to decide to follow The Way. God did not create them desiring that they go to Hell. He created them desiring that they be eternally happy with Him in Heaven.

It does not require a super detective or a genius logical observer to deduce that, on the surface, there are more people who seem to be determined to go to Hell than there are who seem to be determined to go to Heaven.

Unfortunately, it probably is accurate to state: the determined to go to Hell people have infiltrated every branch and level of every government, and every religion, religious organization, religious community, political party, union, neighborhood group, organization, association, club, and are in every family. Many of these people do not think they are determined to go to Hell, but they are determined to do what ever it is they desire despite what they desire being contrary to God’s instructions. This means, ultimately, they are determined to go to Hell.

Part of our commission from God is to assist these people to comprehend the foregoing, in the hope that in comprehending the foregoing they will decide to follow God’s instructions; in

The Christians must remember, we may never engage in sin for any purpose. Very simply, the ends do not justify the means, whether it be prayer with non believers to attain peace or killing of abortion doctors to protect yet to be born babies.