Text Box: Volume 24 No. 6           OF THE CHURCH
Text Box:    OF MAN WITH GOD  November 2014 A.D.
But, why anticipate Christmas?

Christmas really is the celebration of the real historical and factual birth of Jesus Christ.

Prior to His Incarnation, prior to the Annunciation during which the Blessed Ever Virgin Mary agreed to be His mother provided she would “no not man” - that is, remain a virgin - and that her motherhood would be through the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit - which in itself is an awesome factual concept - prior to this He Whom we call by the name Jesus Christ was the Word. His nature was Divine Nature, and in the workings of God best known and comprehended only by God He was as He remains, God, and What we reverently refer to as The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

The Incarnation itself is astounding. In the Incarnation the purely Divine Word remained totally Divine and also became flesh, a true and complete human being.

Then, after the normal human period of gestation, this one Person of not-created eternal Divine Nature and created totally human nature, was born. This birth was the birth of the Son of God, Son of Man, Jesus Christ.

A family which is desperate for the birth of a child anticipates that event with great focus, preparation, and Text Box: perhaps some anxiety. Whether it was aware of it or not, the material world was desperate for this the birth of the Saviour. Without the Saviour there was no complete access to God. Those who had died in holiness probably had a pleasant enough existence in the afterlife, but no union with God. The difficulty of living in holiness without the access to Grace which we have through the Sacrifice of God to God, through Divine Liturgy - Mass, is something no person of today should wish to experience.

The Angelic world anticipated the Birth of God whom these very Angels had known since the instant of their own creation. The Angels at the very least knew God desired this birth and this Person’s life in the material world which would follow. Perhaps some of them, or most or all of them, grasped the importance to humankind and not just the material world but all of creation - material and spiritual. Whatever the extent of their knowledge and comprehension, underlying their joy and anticipation was the knowledge this was the will of God Whom they all loved and served.

We focus on the event of the Birth of Jesus Christ, as it were, reminiscing our envisioning of the event in focus on Baby Jesus and the events which occurred at the time of His birth and shortly thereafter.

We do this with knowledge of His life, teachings, Passion, Sacrificial death, and Resurrection which made holiness accessible to us.

By His birth, Jesus began that which is the only means by which we are able to attain true peace, love, and that which is truly of value.

Ref: 1Cor:4:1-5; Luke 3:1-6