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"Remember thou keep Holy the Lord's day" and "I AM the Lord thy God; thou shalt not have strange gods before Me."

Are these idle words, do we believe them, do we even know what they say, what they mean?

Keeping the Lord's day Holy has a long tradition of being a day of and for prayer, and a day of rest for the worker, as well as many other aspects. What is the tradition of the vast majority of society, today, in keeping the Lord's day Holy?

Just twenty years age it was virtually unheard of in most parts of the USA, for most businesses to be open on Sunday. Grocery stores opened, if they opened, for between three hours and a half day; hardware and building supply stores were closed, pharmacies were usually closed but had provisions for emergencies, department stores were closed; virtually every business and occupation except those of emergency personnel (firemen, policemen, hospitals, etc.) were closed and had a day off on Sundays. In some areas the Jewish and Christian communities had tacit understandings regarding "covering for each other" in certain businesses and professions from Friday evening through Saturday evening for the Jewish observances juxtaposed to the Sunday Christian observances.

Professional sports were often played on Sundays, but the athletes were playing more for the enjoyment of the sport, the professional athlete salary often being used as a spring board into establishing some other business and not being greatly out of line with the salary an average worker received.

If people engaged in physical labor on Sunday, normally it was not for profit or employment, but rather to take care of things around the house. The most common physical labors were eating and gardening, with the gardening (as opposed to farming) serving to relax the gardener.

In general, the Lord's day was being kept Holy with worship and rest, and what we would call today "family quality time".

The only "strange gods" that were before the real God, were followed by pagans who actually worshiped "strange gods."

Today virtually every type and kind of business is open on Sundays. Many people do not have the ability to attend Church on Sunday because their employers require they work. There are federal laws which require an employer accommodate an employee so the employee can worship on Sunday, and which penalize an employer who fires or discriminates against an employee who seeks thus to practice his religion - but those laws are normally as effective as a concrete life jacket on the TITANIC.

And God help the employee who refuses to work on Sunday because he believes he is not supposed to work on Sunday. Just think of Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Home Depot, A&P, Shoneys, 7-11, and thousands of other businesses, and you get the picture.

Sports today is big business, and a significant amount of it is "played" on Sunday, with a large per centage of the population in attendance physically or via TV.

These two views, that of the society of yesterday and of today, are not complete, not even an overview, but they are both sufficiently accurate for our purposes.

Yesterday the business community was not just set-up in a manner which allowed a person to practice his faith, the business world was subservient to the practice of religion. Religion played one of the most important roles in most people's lives.

The average person of today may attend church on Sunday, but recently published statistics indicate attendance has sharply decreased. Many people prefer to engage in activities other than worship, on Sunday, or even to exclude worship.

Obviously, voluntary neglect of Sunday worship is not 'Keeping the Lord's Day Holy'. Such neglect also places "a false god before God". By intentionally not worshiping God, the miscreant places something other than God, in a position ahead of God. God is replaced with a false god.

Even if a person worships God, how is the rest of his Sunday spent? If a man voluntarily engages in business activities on Sunday, has he not violated keeping that day holy? If he forces one who works for him, to work on Sunday, has he not forced that employee to violate keeping Sunday holy? If a person goes to a place of business and makes a purchase on Sunday, and the purchase is not of a necessity or could have been done before or after Sunday, has not this customer participated in the forced Sunday labor?

How many people do you see at places like Home Depot, or the nursery, on Sunday, buying building material or gardening merchandise? Lots of them.

Could not these purchases have been made on Saturday, or during the week? (This, of course, excludes emergency situations.)

But, you say, Sunday is the only time you have to build the new play room! Big deal. Just because you desire to build a play room is no reason to buy your material on Sunday. Buy it during the week; let others rest on Sunday even if you do not.

You say you are only buying plants for the garden. Buy them some other day.

You can only get to the place that sells what you need on Sunday. Find a way around that - and it probably is not true anyway.

Let us look at the great Sunday winter tradition, football.

Players make phenomenal salaries. Most work very hard, but many are paid far beyond all reason. Some, it is true, play for the love of the sport, the fame and recognition, but for most the money is a very important factor.

The owners schedule football games for Sunday, because that is a common day off for many people, and the public can therefore be induced to go to the game, or watch it on TV. So, again, we have people working on Sunday, because the employers have found a way to make money on Sunday.

Sunday football is different from other Sunday business activities, however. If non-essential, non-emergency. Sunday retail activity stopped, most if not all businesses would experience no net loss, for the purchases made on Sunday would be made on another day. Businesses such as restaurants probably would feel the loss, but the great majority of businesses would not.

Football is not like a shirt or a 2x4. It is not on a shelf somewhere, it has to be provided. If football, and most sports, were played on another day, attendance and viewership would probably fall, and with that fall great sums of money would not be made by owners, players, and franchise employees.

Yet, were it not for the fact that the general public is willing, even eager, to have players work on Sunday, solely for the purpose of providing enjoyment for this consuming public, the games would not be played on Sunday.

Well, you do not care about the fact that some football player is working on Sunday, he gets well paid for it, and besides, you have to have some entertainment on Sunday. You do not see anything wrong with watching football on Sunday, and besides, you are not forcing the players to work on Sunday, and they can get another job if they want; you say their greed is what makes them work on Sunday, and besides, it is a sport, not really working.

Every excuse you come up with is invalid, even the excuse that the game is going to be played no matter what you do, so you might as well watch.

If you were watching a farm team play baseball, these arguments might be valid. Most farm team players play with the hope of hitting the big time, but play mostly for the love of the sport. Playing the sport is entertainment and, after a fashion, relaxing for them. It is a thing of love.

But big time professional sports is a business activity done, for the most part, as a main means of income, and rarely engaged in solely or even primarily for the love of the sport.

In this sense, the players are like those who work on Sunday not because they are forced to in order to earn a living, but because they want to make money. They have prostituted themselves.

So, now the real labels have been applied, and in terms easy to understand.

Does this mean that every one who watches Sunday football is going to hell. Of course not.;

But one MUST remember that God's law, His word, must be taken seriously. He did not give us the Commandments, the Ten and the Two, for us to ignore them.

Every action or omission has an effect, and every act or failure to act, every thought and desire, is either in accordance with God's will, or against it.

When you set aside what God has asked of you, in favor of something else, you have made something other than God more important to you than God is. In human terms, as the Psalm tells us, ". . . God is a jealous God." If you put Him in second place, or third, or last, in your life, where will you wind up in His life?


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(You should read RELIGIOUS ARGUMENT before reading SECULAR ARGUMENT - Ed.)

The RELIGIOUS ARGUMENT in the opposite column, is typical religious hysteria. Next thing you know, they'll be saying real estate agents should not show houses on Sunday, because that is working. Is there no realization in the religious right, that some professions require working on Sunday. What is the typical real estate agent supposed to do, limit themselves to hoping they can sell property after most people get off from work, or on Saturdays?

Sundays were made for man, not as something which was to bind him but as a day during which he could do what he pleased. If a person wishes to build a house, and wishes to do it only on Sundays, that is a right he has, and no one can take that right away from him. For many people that is the only day they have to do such things.

Activities such as gardening are often started on the "spur of the moment". If the nurseries were closed on Sundays, people would not be able to engage in these activities which really do relax them.

And of course, FOOTBALL; to compare watching football with being the customer of a prostitute is totally out of line. There is no active participation of the football fan in the game itself. He is merely a spectator. The fan may get emotionally involved, but he is not on the field, and is not forcing the players and coaches to work on Sunday.

Any comparison with actually working, or forcing some one to work on Sunday, and watching football, is totally ridiculous.

Yes, people should worship God, but each person has his own separate view of God and of who and what God is, and no one has the right to impose their view of God on anyone else.

If the two Commandments are accepted, for the sake of argument, as being accurate, isn't it up the the individual as to how he keeps the lord's day holy? Watching football, or building something, or any other activity on Sunday, is beneficial to the participants, and that is keeping the lord's day holy for it is a day made for mankind.

Such activities are not placing a strange god before God, they are not idolatry.

The religious right would keep people from going on a picnic on Sunday if they had their way, because going on a picnic is an activity which requires a lot of labor, a lot of work.

The religious right has got to be reasonable in its approach to and imposition of, the practice of religion.

Those who work on Sundays are merely exercising their right to earn a living, or to make some extra money. The minister does not ask where the money in the collection basket comes from every Sunday. If the religious right feels so strongly about not working on Sunday, perhaps they should consider not accepting contributions which are tainted by having been earned on a Sunday.

Comparing a business that is open on Sunday, to a rapist, is totally uncalled for. In the reality of today's business climate, a business whose competitors are open on Sunday, will suffer severe economic loss to the competition if it is not open on Sunday. the employees therefore have only the choice of working for a business which has a reasonable chance of staying in operation, or of eventually not having a job at all because their employer could not compete.

The illogic of the religious right is shown in the logical extension of their position. From the "no work on Sunday" position, it logically falls that going to a restaurant to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary would be wrong, for you and your spouse would be a cause of the restaurant's employees having to work on Sunday. The religious right, in the companion article, essentially calls such happily wedded people, "Johns", customers of a prostitute, if the eatery employees are working on Sunday voluntarily, and rapist, if the employees are working on Sunday because of job requirements.

In a society were marital fidelity and bliss are rare, it seems strange the radical religious right would attack such good people just because they want to celebrate their wedding!

Earning a living, relaxation, following your dreams, are God given rights. Not only is there nothing wrong with watching football, or earning a living, we should actually encourage such positive activities. End

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Yes, it has been several months since REUNION was last published. Hopefully, with the new layout, type sizes and styles, those who had difficulty reading prior issues will find the wait worthy.

With the new computer publishing system, you should find fewer spelling errors, an easier to read format, and some advantages we did not have before. This issue will be somewhat rough around the edges, but this will smooth out in later issues.

We now have access to a fax machine which is supposed to be able to receive faxed material, text as well as pictures and graphics, and (remember this is supposed to work) then allow this faxed material to be transferred into the publication itself.

We have not yet done this. It took a lot of time to learn how to use the basics of this machine, and we leave the adventuresome activities for a future time (like, as soon as someone calls and asks for the fax number - call 504 738-3502, ask for Fr. Paul, and you will be given instructions on how to fax. The first caller will be the Guinny Pig.)


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FALLEN ASLEEP IN THE LORD: Donald Jensen; Comm. Loyola Alison, John McGowan, Clinton Hagans.

GETTING OLDER: Patricia, Rennet, Elise, Ladd.

ILLNESS/INJURY: Toney Frosch, John Jackson.

LOTS OF WORRY: Joleen (John Jackson's daughter).

JUST NEED: William B.




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Why did God make: roaches, mosquitoes, red ants, broccoli, fungus (except for stuffed mushrooms), final exams, sand flies, wasps, hornets, having to get home before midnight, limits on the length of time a good record will be played on the radio, rib-eyes go on sale during Lent, eye sight go down the tubes with increased age - just when we are equipped to best comprehend what we are reading, tooth aches, bad sinuses, mushy butter beans, green peas for that matter, bar-b-que ribs to go on sale during Lent, cigarettes - still can not kick the habit - need help with that one, dust (so dust bunnies would have something to do, of course), glass not be a solid (it is a liquid that flows v e r y slowly), me to write this paragraph instead of filling it in with an Icon.

Fr. Paul. +

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Of course Sunday has not been murdered. Secular forces are very strongly attempting to remove observance of Sunday as a Holy Day, a day set apart for God and man, just as the French Revolution attempted to kill religion by going to a ten day week, thus attempting to obliterate the Lord's Day.

There are serious considerations we must make in reviewing our conduct on Sunday. Each of our actions has an effect. Do we contribute to forced work on Sunday when we use business services on Sunday, even just watching TV? Yes we do! This, of necessity, means we contribute to forcing people to work on Sunday, when we use the services or purchase the products sold by these employees. I personally am guilty of this, as I imagine most of us are.

This being the first time I have really contemplated this matter in depth, my personal reactions and future actions are still being formulated. Gut instinct tells me buying lumber on Sunday is wrong, as is shopping in a department store, or similar activities, for such activities force people to work on Sunday, and that is wrong. Buying ribs, or two No.4's with hickory sauce, or a pizza, on Sunday, also forces people to work on Sunday.

The fact that they would be working on Sunday anyway does not lessen the effect my purchasing the products or services has. I am still either forcing them to work, or participating in the process which forces them to work, on Sunday. My watching a football game on Sunday is participation in the process which forces TV station employees and football players to work on Sunday, or allows them to work on Sunday.

God's Law is ABSOLUTE. How it is to be applied in this type of situation is a matter for each of us to ascertain in that cold light of Divine reality with which He has illuminated His desires to us.

Advice: prudence says, tend to the strict interpretation. Fr. Paul



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Mar 1 Tue (W) St. David (BC); (E) Ven. Mar Eudocia; Ven. Marterius of Zelenets; MM Marcell, Antonia.

Mar 2 Wed (W) St. Chad (BC); [C] Comm. Falling Asleep in the Lord of Fr. Edwin Ellison West, SSB. 2 Mar 1969; (E) Prodigal Son; Heyschius, Theodotus; St. Arsenius, Bp. of Tver.

Mar 3 Thu (W) Third Friday in Lent, Way of The Cross (v); St. Marinus of Caesarea (MM) (r); (E) MM Eutrope, Cleonis and Basilisc; Hieromar, Theodoret.

Mar 4 Fri (W) St. Adrian (M) (r); (E) Ven. Gerasim of Jordon; Gr. Pr. Daniel. W/wkr; Tr. relics St. Vaclav.

Mar 5 Sat (W) St. Gerasimus (Abt); (E) Ven Mar Conon.; Disc. rel Pr. Theodore; Mar John Bulgar.

Mar 6 Sun (W) Third Sunday in Lent (v); SS Perpetua and Felicitas (MM) (r); (E) 42 Mar. of Amoria; Finding of Holy Cross and Nails by Bl. Helena.

Mar 7 Mon (W) St. Paul the Simpleminded (C); (E) Sac MM of Chersonese: Basil, Ephraim, Eugene, Capito, Etherius, et al.

Mar 8 Tue (W) St. Felix (BC); Comm. of the Holy Prophets of the Old Testament; (E) Ven. Theophylact, Conf., Bp. - Nicomedia; Ven. Lazarus.

Mar 9 Wed (W) St.Gregory of Nyssa (BC); (E) 40 MM of Sebastea: Cyrion, Candide, Com, et al.

Mar 10 Thu (W) Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, Armenia (M) (r); (E) MM Quadrat and Companions: Cyprian, Dionysius, Anectus, Paul, et al.

Mar 11 Fri (W) Fourth Friday in Lent, Way of The Cross (v); St. Theophanes the Chronicler (C); (E) St. Sophronius, Patr. Jeru.; S. Euthymius, Abp. Nov; St. Sophronius, Bp. of Vrach.

Mar 12 Sat (W) St. GREGORY THE GREAT (Great Doctor of the Church) (w); (E) Ven. Theophanes, Conf.; ST. GREGORY Dialagos; Ven. Simeon, New Theologian.

Mar 13 Sun (W) Fourth Sunday in Lent (v or rose); St. Euphrasia of Egypt (V); (E) Tr. relics - St. Nicephore, Patr. of C/ple; M Christians of Persia.

Mar 14 Mon (W) St. Sophronius of Jerusalem (BC); (E) LENT BEGINS; Ven. Benedict; St. Theognostes, Kiev; St. Euschymon, Conf.

Mar 15 Tue (W) St. Tharasius of Constantinople (BC); (E) (Holy Ascetics) MM Agapius and companions: Pleius, Romil, Timolaus.

Mar 16 Wed (W) St. Julian of Antioch (BC); (E) MM Sabin, Papas, Julian; St. Serapion, Abp. Novg.

Mar 17 Thu (W) St. Patrick of Ireland (BC) (g); (E) Ven. Alexis, Man of God; Ven. Macarius of Kaliazin.

Mar 18 Fri (W) Fifth Friday in Lent, Way of The Cross (v); St. Cyril of Jerusalem (BCD); [C] Comm. Falling Asleep in the Lord of Fr. Thomas Hill, SSB, 18 Mar 1959; (E) St. Cyril of Jerusalem; Mar. Trophim.

Mar 19 Sat (W) Fifth Saturday in Lent, Veiling of Icons and The Cross (v); ST. JOSEPH, SPOUSE OF THE THEOTOKAS (w) [(T) (HD)]; (E) MM Chrysanth, Daria and Companions: Claude, Hilaria, Jason, and Maurus.

Mar 20 Sun (W) Fifth Sunday in Lent, PASSION SUNDAY, Passion Time, first week in Passion Time (v); St. Cuthbert (BM) (r); (E) Vv John, Sergius, Patrick, et al, lsain in St. Sabbas Monastery.

Mar 21 Mon (W) St. Benedict (Abt) (T) Transitus of St. Benedict, founder of Western Monastasticism; St. Seraphion of Thumis (C); (E) Ven. James Bp.-Conf.; MM Philemon, Domin; St. Thomas I, Patr. C/ple.

Mar 22 Tue (W) St. Basil the Blessed (C); (E) Sac M Basil, presbyter of Ancyra.

Mar 23 Wed (W) St. Edward (KM) (r); (E) Ven. Mar Nico and 190 MM; Ven. Mar. Luke.

Mar 24 Thu (W) St. Gabriel, Archangel (w); (E) Antefete of Annunciation; S. Artemias.

Mar 25 Fri (W) Sixth Friday in Lent, Passion Friday,Way of The Cross (v); (T) Seven Sorrows of the Theotokas; THE ANNUNCIATION of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Theotokas (w or b) (T) The Incarnation; [C] Comm. Falling Asleep in the Lord of Patriarch St. Tikhon of Moscow and all Rus., 25 Mar 1925; (E) THE ANNUNCIATION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, THE THEOTOKAS (GF).

Mar 26 Sat (W) St. Herbert of Cologne (BC); (E) Synaxis of Archistrategus Gabriel; Ven. Malchus of Syria.

Mar 27 Sun (W) PALM SUNDAY [GF], Second Sunday in Passion Time, Sunday of Holy Week, Blessing and Dsitribution of Palms (v); St. John of Damascus (CD); (E) Ven. Matrona of Salonica; MM Philetus and Lydia; Ven. John See of Egypt.

Mar 28 Mon (W) Monday in Holy Week (v); St. Stephen the Younger (C); (E) Ven Hilarion the New; Ven. Stephan, Conf.; M Bojan, Pr. of Bulgaria.

Mar 29 Tue (W) Tuesday in Holy Week (v); St. Mark of Aratheusa (C); (E) MM Mark, Bp. Arethusa, Cyril Deacon, et al; MM Jonas, Barachisius.

Mar 30 Wed (W) Wednesday in Holy Week (v); St. John Climacus (CD); (E) Vn. John of Climacus; St. Sophronius.

Mar 31 Thu (W) Thursday in Holy Week, Maundy Thursday (v), HOLY THURSDAY, EASTER TRIDIUM, Liturgy (Mass) of the Lord's Supper (Last Supper), Liturgy (Mass) of the Chrism (Holy Oil), silence of the Bells, Procession of Reservation of the Eucharist; Striping of the Alter, Washing of Feet, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament [Before Mass (v), Mass in (w), then (v)]; St. Benjamin of Persia (C); (E) Ven. Hypatius; St. Jonas; Vn. Acacius.


Apr 1 Fri (W) GOOD FRIDAY (black), Way of the Cross, Unveiling and Veneration of the Cross, Communion of the reserved Sacrament; St. Maurice the Wonderworker (C); St. Samcas the Elder (C); (E) Ven. Mary of Egypt; Ven. Euthymius, Suzdal; St. Mar. Abraham, Bulgar.

Apr 2 Sat (W) HOLY SATURDAY, Blessing of the New Fire, Blessing of the Paschal Candle and Procession of Lights, Blessing of Baptismal Water, Baptism of New Born and Catechumens and Renewal of Baptismal Promises; MASS OF THE EASTER VIGIL (Unveiling of Icons and the Voice of the Bells) (v then w); St. Mary of Egypt (V); (E) Ven. Titus, Wonderworker; MM Amphian & Edesius; Vir. Mar. Theodora.

Apr 3 Sun (W) EASTER SUNDAY, THE RESURRECTION OF OUR LORD (GF) (HD) (w); St. Irene and Companions (MM) (r); Commemorate of St. Joseph; (E) Ven Nicetas, Conf.; Mar. Elpidiphore; Mar. Illyricus.

Apr 4 Mon (W) Easter Monday (w) [PT]; St. Isidore of Seville (BCD); (E) Ven. Joseph Hymnogr; Ven. George Maleum; SM Nicetas of Serres.

Apr 5 Tue (W) Easter Tuesday (w) [PT]; St. Richard of Chiuchester (BC); Theodule, Agathopod; Ven Plato Studite; Ven. Theodora.

Apr 6 Wed (W) Easter Wednesday (w) [PT]; St. Lucius; (E) St. Eutchyes of C/ple; Ven. Method, Abp. Moravia.

Apr 7 Thu (W) Easter Thursday (w) [PT]; St. George of Mesopotamia (BC); [C] Second day of Comm. of Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow, Chief Progenitor of American Orthodoxy; (E) Ven. George, Bp - Mitylene; MM Calliope & Aquiline; Vn. Daniel of Peregiaslav.

Apr 8 Fri (W) Easter Friday (w) [PT]; St. Dionysius of Corinth (BC); (E) Apb. Herodion, Agabus, Rufus, Asyncritus, et al; St. Celestine.

Apr 9 Sat (W) Easter Saturday (w) [PT]; St. Mary Cleophas (C); (E) Mar Eupsyche; Sac Mar Badimus, Archimandrite of Persia.

Apr 10 Sun (W) Octave of Easter, Low Sunday (w) [PT]; St. Dionysius the Great (BC); (E) MM Terence, Africanus, Pompius, Maximus, et al; SM Gregory, Pat. C/ple.

Apr 11 Mon (W) St. Leo the Great of Rome (BCD); (E) SM Antipas, Pergamos; St. Calinic of Cernica; Vv Tryphamia, Matrona.

Apr 12 Tue (W) St. Zemo (BC); (E) V. Basil, Cf., Bp. Parion; V. Anthusa, Virgin; Ven Athanasia.

Apr 13 Wed (W) SS Carpus and Papylus (MM) (r); [C] Comm. Falling Asleep in the Lord of the Mitered Achpriest Edward W. Franks, SSB, 13 Apr 1991; (E) Ven. John Climacus; M Artemon of Loadicea; MM Theodosius and Zollus.

Apr 14 Thu (W) St. Justin Martyr and Apologist, Palestine, 163 A.D. (M) (r); (E) St. Martin, Conf. of Rome; MM Anthony, John, Neomar Demetrius.

Apr 15 Fri (W) St. Valerian and Companions (MM) (r); (E) Mat Crescens, App Aristarch Pudens; SM Leonidas, Bp. - Athens.

Apr 16 Sat (W) St. Hermenegild (M) (r); (E) Vir. MM Agape, Irene, Chionia, Charissia; Mar, Leonidas and Companions.

Apr 17 Sun (W) Second Sunday after Easter (w) [PT]; St. Anecitus (BM) (r); (E) SM Simeon, Bp-Persia; Zosima Heg Solovetsk; St. Agapitus.

Apr 18 Mon (W) St. Apollonius the Apologist (C); (E) Ven. John Decap.; Neo M John of Ioannina, Cosmos, Bp of Chalcedon.

Apr 19 Tue (W) St. Alphege of Canterbury, 1012 A.D., (BM) (r); (E) Vn. John of Old Laura; H Mar Paphnuty; St. Tyrpho, Pat C/ple.

Apr 20 Wed (W) St. Theodore the Great (C); (E) Ven. Mary of Egypt; Vn. Theodore Trichina, Ap Zacchaeus.

Apr 21 Thu (W) St. Dismas the Penitent (C); (E) Sac Mar January, Bp.; MM Proclus, Sasius, Faust, Disiderat.

Apr 22 Fri (W) SS Soter and Caius (BBMM) (r); (E) Vn. Theodore Syceon; Tr. Rel Pr Vsevolod, Ap Nathaniel.

Apr 23 Sat (W) St. Gregory the Great; (E) Gr. M George the Trophy Bearer; Mar Lazar, Bulgar.

Apr 24 Sun (W) Third Sunday after Easter (w) [PT]; (St. Mellitius (BC); (E) Mar Sabbas Strat; Vn. Elizabeth Thauma; SS Iorest and Sabbas.

Apr 25 Mon (W) ST. MARK, APOSTLE-EVANGELIST (M) (r); [(T) *Greater Litanies held on the 25th day of April or if the 25th is Easter Sunday or Easter Monday, then on the Tuesday after the 25th]; (E) Ap. and Ev MARK; Vn. Sylvester Obnora - C/ple icon M.G.

Apr 26 Tue (W) SS Cletus and Marcellinus (BBMM) (r); (T) Our Lady of Good Counsel; (E) SM Basil, Bp. Amasia; St. Stephen or Perm.

Apr 27 Wed (W) St. Gebert (C); (E) Ap/Sac Mar Simeon, Kinsman of the Lord.

Apr 28 Thu (W) St. Vitalis (M) (r); (E) Nine MM of Cyzicus; Ven. Memnon W/wkr; St. Cyril of Turov.

Apr 29 Fri (W) St. Erconwald (BC); (E) Apps. Jason and Sosipater; Vir. Mar Cercyra; St. Basil of Ostrog.

Apr 30 Sat (W) SS Marion and James of Lambesa (MM) (r); (E) All Holy Lady Theotokas of the Lifegiving Fot.


Sun Should always contain intention for parishioners

Weekdays The Mass of the preceding Sunday

Mon Mass Of The Holy Trinity

Tue Mass Of The Angels

Wed Mass: Of St. Joseph; Of Saints Peter and Paul Apostles; Of All The Holy Apostles

Thu Mass: Of The Holy Spirit; Of The Most Holy Sacrament Of The Eucharist; Of Our Lord Jesus Christ The Eternal High Priest

Fri Mass: Of The Holy Cross; Of The Passion Of The Lord; Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

Sat Commemoration of The Blessed Virgin Mary



BILL CLINTON, AGAIN: It just might be that Bill Clinton is a lot smarter than we give him credit for. Perhaps Hilary is not the driving force, but really a dupe. With the White-Water situation, did Bill tell Hilary, "Darlin, you handle that matter, cause you're familiar with that type of transaction." This would enable him to keep clear of any controversy, by saying he did not know what was going on because he did not handle that matter. Isn't this his standard line?

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Mother Theresa is right. If a child does not have its life respected by the mother who is carrying it, then how can we expect society at large to have any respect for any life.

There is, what we have over the centuries called, a Maternal Natural Instinct, the instinct of a mother to protect her children. If a woman can over ride that instinct which was placed there by God, if she can actively participate in the killing of her own child, then how can we be surprised that great numbers of people also have no respect for life. [We do not speak here of those situations where a woman is forced to have an abortion, such as where a young girl is forced by her parents to kill her baby. That sin is on the grand parents. And this does happen.]

The next debate over legalized murder is already on the docket, that of assisted suicide.

Note, in debating assisted suicide, the forces of evil have side stepped the issue of suicide itself.

Killing is wrong. God did not say, "Thou shalt not kill, unless you are in great pain or in danger of becoming a burden>" He just said THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

But now the debate is on physician assisted killing.

If physicians are allowed to assist in killing their patients, then how far off is physicians killing people who do not want to be killed, and the physician saying the person stated they wanted the physician to assist in killing them.

No measure of safeguards will prevent this from happening.

An excuse for supporting having abortions is, the quality of the life of the yet to be born child. If the child is to be born into abject poverty, or with severe medical problems, so the argument goes, then it is best to see to it that the child does not suffer, and killing it is the charitable thing to do.

BOLDERDASH! Who has the right to decide that the unborn child would be better off not being born?

Why, the same person who will eventually decide that a sick person or a person in pain really would be better off if they were "assisted" in committing suicide. After all, the physician knows what the person really wants, doesn't he?

The warnings were made in the late fifties and early sixties. Artificial birth control would lead to abortions, and abortions would lead to assisted suicides, and now we warn, assisted suicide will lead to the government or its designee deciding who will live and who will die.

On birth control - I told you so.

On Abortions - I told you so.

On suicide - I told you so.

The record is perfect to date. If each of us does not only fight against physician assisted suicide, but also fight against abortions, fight against the philosophy which places personal pleasure and objectification of persons of the opposite sex above morality, then, when it is your buns that are being injected with the death delivering drugs, I told you so.


Then, there was the little boy who saw the deacon with the large Book of Gospels, and asked, in a panic"Is he really going to read that whole thing?"




You already know the answer

If we oppose Medicaid paid abortions because it uses our tax money for purposes we consider immoral, should not the use of insurance premiums for insurance company paid abortions also be opposed?

Does this impose upon us a new duty, that of ascertaining whether or not our health insurance company (if we are fortunate enough to have health insurance) pays for abortions? It appears the obligation is imposed.

Already your tax money is being used to kill unborn children at the will and whim of the mother. Also, for years, many insurance companies have included abortion as a "health" benefit. The real reason probably is that it makes a greater profit if it kills the unborn child, rather than have to provide coverage for the minority of the child's life.

As is so often the case, determining exactly what you should do, can place you in a quandary. Will another insurance company provide you with coverage. Are you expected to go without coverage if you can not get coverage from an insurance company that excludes abortions? +

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Is There Any Difference ?

Is there any difference, really, between someone who steals a TV set during a riot, because the store has already been broken into and the TV is going to be stolen anyway, and saying you might as well go shoping at the lumber yard or department store, because the store will be open anyway?

Is there a difference between taking money you see fall out of the back of an armored car, and stealoing the purse off of an old lady's arm?

Is there a difference between saying you can not impose your morality on someone else, and therefore you do not have the right to protect unborn life by prohibiting abortions, and actually assisting someone to have an abortion, or forcing someone to have an abortion, or forcing people to assist in the payment of someone else having an abortion? NO, there is no difference!

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THE CROSS BEARER He who would be saved, let him pick up his cross and follow Christ

St. Theophan the Recluse (Russian, 1800'ds) wrote, "One can not go after the Lord, the Cross Bearer, without a cross." All who follow the Lord, without exception, carry a cross. Where there is no cross, there is no Christian. Where there is a Christian, there also is one carrying a cross.

We may think someone's life seems to be without a cross; yet there is more about each of us that no-one knows, than there is that is known. Too, what would not be a cross for you, is a heavy cross for another, and vica-versa.

Yet, we also know that the Lord's burden for us is light, and His yoke is easy. This is only so, however, if we accept Him, and His Will. If we continually strive to bring our wills into accordance with His, to know what He wants and to make that what we want too, then the burden is light and yoke, easy.

When we fight against His Will, then we pull in the yoke against the path He is pulling us along, and the yoke bights into our shoulders; the burden becomes heavy, too heavy.

Remember, He is in the yoke with us, and does most of the pulling and carries most of the load. If we are wise, we work in harness with Him, because He is going to arrive at His goal, and we can either accompany Him, or go elsewhere. Elsewhere has a lot of occupants, and is governed by a real nasty guy.

Now, only the mentally sick enjoy suffering. Yet, suffering can be turned into a joyous occasion.

One has to be worthy to suffer with Christ, before He will grant them that privilege. The ordinary suffering we experience is partially from the loss of Eden and the Divine Plan lost by Adam and Eve. A life without sorrow of some sort is a sign we are not spiritually strong enough to sustain suffering. A life which contains suffering, which is dealt with in a spiritual manner, is a sign of favor with God. As St. Peter told us, God will not give us so much that He withholds the means of overcoming the burden - be it temptation or suffering.

There are those, of course, who suffer because they have removed themselves from Christ. For these, the suffering is caused at one level, because of that which is happening to them. But the intensity of the suffering is enhanced, and a new, separate sorrow, instituted because of the separation from Christ. It is in this separation that the unbearable sorrow and suffering is rooted, yet how often does the sufferor not understand his sorrow would be bearable would he only obey and honor God.

The ancients thought the sins of the father were visited upon the son. Thus the expression, the son grates his teeth because his father ate sour grapes.

Some few may be chosen to bear the effects of the sins of others, but in reality, that burden has been carried by Our Saviour. Were one to enter into a special arrangement with Our Lord, and share His burden which He has already carried, then one is only doing now, what we all will do at some time or other. For, to be united with Christ, is to not only share in the awesomeness and majesty of his glorious divinity - the good stuff; it is also to totally share in all of Him, in-so-far-as a diefied human nature can. This, of necessity, involves sharing in Our Lord's eternal NOW self existence, and in that which He experienced in His human nature while here on Earth.

Elia got out of this life without dying. There are not many Elia's in all of history; and none apparent in the world of today. There are many who are close, but none on target four square. And even Elia suffered. Read about him. Read about St. Seraphim, St. Feofil, St. Paul, Our Blessed Lady.

All experienced great suffering. Can those who are so much less than these great ones, expect to experience life without suffering. It is not necessarily true, that where there is no suffering there is no Christ; but where there is suffering, He can Be.


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In the TV show, Married With Children, and in the show, Rozanne (spelling uncertain), what used to be termed "making love" is now termed "having sex".

Pornography is designed to arouse sexual urges and drives, and does so in a manner which objectifies the person presented in the pornographic material. It treats the person not as a creation of God, but as an object, a thing designed for the pleasure of the observer. The vast amount of pornography which has permeated the world, has served to thus objectify people, to the point where "having sex" may actually express that particular relationship better than "making love" would - in this society, that is.

We believe God made each of us, and made each of us in His Image and Likeness. "Making Love" was a term which expressed certain intimate relationships between men and women, which were reserved for persons married to each other, and only illicitly engaged in by others. Yet, the expression itself, expressed the desired relationship, and was indicative of the requirement of at least a level of emotional attachment, of at least a poor second cousin to love.

Having sex, however, is something entirely different.

Having sex is like scratching an itch. Any living creature can have sex. Only immortal creatures, and then, as far as we know, of those immortal creatures, only humans, can "make love". All immortals (God is Eternal; we, and Angels, are immortal) can Love, have love, express love, be in love. But only humans are known to be able to make love, to express love for another in a most beautiful manner.

Pornography has had a devastating effect. It has demeaned the Divine Image, the Divine Likeness, found uniquely in humans, removing the perception of the Divine. The Divine remains, but it remains un-perceived. Do you want to have sex, or make love? +

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End of the Commandment Series for REUNION Children's Page

The Ninth Commandment of God is, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife", and the Tenth is, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods." What do these mean?

To covet, in its simplest sense, means to want. It is not just in the taking of something that we can sin, like taking a bicycle that does not belong to you. It is in wanting it in the wrong way, that we can sin too.

If you know of a computer game that someone has, and you would like to have the same game, that is OK. Wanting to have something is all right, provided we keep that wanting to have in proper bounds. It is when we let that desire reach improper strength that we sin.

If it is not just the computer game you want, but the particular computer game your friend has, the very one in his possession, and one just like it from the store will not suffice, then your desire for the game has gone beyond proper bounds.

If you feel jealousy towards someone because they have something, or a relationship with a person, and you want that particular thing, or a relationship with that particular person, the you have COVETED; you have desired improperly, and that is wrong.

So, wanting the particular item or relationship with the particular person, that someone else has, and wanting it too much, is wrong; but just wanting to have something just like someone else has, or a relationship just like someone else has with another person, that is OK as long as you stay reasonable.

Some people try to say that these two Commandments only apply to your neighbors, and not to strangers. You must remember, that we all are neighbors, even that we are all brothers and sisters which is closer than neighbors, when you look at things from God's perspective. That means these Commandments apply to everyone.

Can you imagine what kind of would this would be, if everyone was jealous of everyone else. If each person wanted the things and relationships that each other person has. Matters would get out of hand very quickly.

If you think about it, perhaps that is one of the problems with the world today. A lot of people want everything they see on TV, and want it now, and are not willing to work to get them, or, are not willing to accept there will be some things and relationships they will never have.

If more people obeyed the Ninth and Tenth Commandments, and kept their desires in check, kept them at reasonable levels, perhaps the world would be safer and happier.

If you think about all the Ten Commandments, you will find that if everyone did their best to obey all Ten, then all of us would be much happier.

Perhaps God really knew what He was doing when He gave us the Commandments. Perhaps He was giving them to us for two reasons: so that we could do the things He wants us to do, and so that we could have better lives while we wait to join Him.


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End Vol. 4 No. 1 REUNION