Saints Marian and James of Lambesa (Lambaesis, Numidia) 30 April

Saints Marian and James of Lambesa (Sometimes Marion, and Lambesa sometimes Lambaesis, Numidia) (and companions), 30 April

(Sometimes Marion, and James) (and companions),

Saint Marian was a Lector and Saint James a Deacon in the same church.

They were savagly tortured with many other Christians in an attempt by the legatus of Numidia, probably C. Macrinius Decianus, to persuade them to apostatize during the persecutions of Valerian.

During their imprisionment with a multitude of other Christians at Cirta Iulia (later Constantina, Algeria), the chief city of Numidia, each separately had a vision of his own triumphant martyrdom, which visions strengthened them.

They were put to death at the military town of Lambaesis (Lambesa) in Numidia, with others victims so numerous that they were drawn up in rows and the executioner passed down the ranks striking off heads. (d. 6 May 259 A. D.)

Their martyrdom is known by the account of a man who was imprisoned with them, but later released.