The Miracle of Damascus - Our Lady of Soufanieh
Video Excerpts

This file, SOUFEXC.MPG, contains excerpts from the three videos of approximately one hour each, of the Miracle of Damascus, Our Lady of Soufanieh. There is much more presented in those three hours than can be summarized here, but basically, The Blessed Virgin Mary, and our Lord Jesus Christ, have both appeared to Mirna on several occasions. The main message: Love, and reunite the Church - have one common day Pascha/Easter - NOW. Click on the picture to play or download; playing time is approximately 37 minutes, 636.4Meg,

or play/download in four sections of 140 to 180 M and approximately 10 minutes each.





We apologize for the poor quality of these clips, but they are taken from an old, well used copy. We hope the entire 3 volume video will once again become readily available. We do have the entire 3 volumes (approx 3 hrs) on 13 CDs in MPG format, approx 25 minutes and approx 450 Meg per CD. We also have the three video volumes copied onto one VHS video tape, and the equipment needed to reproduce it. What we do not have is someone available to make copies. So it probably would be a good idea to download what we do have available.

Revised 5 February 2002 A.D.